Soulmates can never be separated (manmarziyan) (episode2)


Hai friends..
Sorry for not updating my ff these many days..Actually I was busy with my exams.
This week onwards i will try to post daily but it will be short updates as iam not only writing this ff.Iam also writing ffs on Swaragini and yeh vaada raha .So i hope you guys will adjust with short updates.
Precap:Entry of Neil and Meher.

After an year
neil and meher are sitting together in the canteen and having their lunch.
Meher: Our third year class tour discussions are going on.what is your opinion about it.
Neil : Opinion..?why should i have an opinion about it.iam not even interested in such stuffs.Our first internals are arriving..And i wonder why these people are not worried about it.
Meher in mind:Gosh,what kind of man he is ?
Meher’s phone rings and after the call ends,Her eyes were filled with happiness.
Neil : What happened.
Meher :I have told you about my school-time best friend Abeer, right.. He is going to join here this week itself.
Next day morning
neil is searching for meher in the whole college and finally he found her in the canteen with someone.
Meher also see neil.
Meher: Neil..this is Abeer. And abhi… This is neil.
Meher is jumping with happiness while talking about Abeer.
Neil is little shocked to see that.
Episode ends

hope you all liked today’s episode.
Waiting for your feedbacks.

Credit to: Amy Jake

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  1. nats(NATASHA)

    Nice epi

    1. Thanks..

  2. makes no sense worst ff on here its best to end it so that you don’t waste your time. No offence just the plain truth ?

    1. Thank you so much for your support and love u loads and keep commenting..❤❤❤?

  3. hey amy dear Just wanted to say it to u that u bring all the character under one place and its such a heavy task but u take it and I am very happy to read this ff dera

    I love the trio neil abeer meher

    yes, dear just update next episode and then another this is a full fledge story we all can’t give each and every episode with twist turn and always parties .

    But really loved the flow of writing in ur story I can relate the characters and I loved the story dear

    don’t stop writing because it is the way of expressing ur feelings of heart .

    Love u dear always with u tilll that day I am on tu ki galliyaan

    love u by heart

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment…Actually I was little sad reading cool ff’s comment but you made my day by supporting me..
      Thanks again..

      1. Oops so sorry didn’t mean to make you sad sorry for that i just thought if i told you the truth you will concentrate on your other better fan fics instead of wasting time that’s all. hope you forgive me please. Take care.

  4. Dear Cool ff,
    Iam not going to stop my ff because of your comment.
    So you better stop commenting on my ff and stop wasting your time.

    1. Yes please don’t stop your ff i take my comment back and i wont comment again sorry for hurting you. Hope you forgive me, goodbye ?

  5. Very nice episode…Abeer n meher seems like very old friends…neil feeling awkward…something fishy….I’m eagerly waiting for Sam’s entry n rxn on neil n meher relationship. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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