My Soulmate (swaragini) promo 2


Hii guyz..i am not at home…so i cant update today.i will give u a short promo..i am srry for the delay in the episodes.

Swara opens her eyes.she is in hospital..someone is near her.she luks at him n smiles.


Sanky:are u fine?

swara:ya…thanks for helping me…where is di?

rags:i am here

Swara:i know u r not my di…thanks for helping me.

Rags luks at her confusingly

Swara:ha di..i got my memory.i have to go to kolkata soon..i have to go to ma n pa.

At sanky’s home.

Rags is doing aarti.strong wind blows.someone opens the door n goes to rags n hugs her.rags push him.

Rags:just stay away laksh…now i am ur bhabhi….

Laksh:rags…how can u cheat me like this.

Rags smiles n slaps him hard..

Swara’s home.

Swara was luking at some photo.

Swara:i know maddy..u r alive.

It was her n maddys foto.

Swara:i know u r my true love n i will get u.

She gets heart with the glass in the photo frame.she has tears in her eyes

Swara:no..this cant happen..maddy cant do it.

What happened to maddy?is he actually dead?what will be rahul’s next plan?will ragini forgive laksh.?

guys..i am going to end it will have only 3 or 4 episodes..
Byeee till next update

Credit to: jasmine

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  1. Awsm promo….dont end it….

  2. Thanks dear….i will try not to end..but my classes will start on20

  3. Thanks dear….i will try not to end..but my classes will start on20

  4. Eagerly Waiting for next episode dear and don’t end soon. Plz continue

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