My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 9


Hii guys..i am back.

Laksh pov
Where r u ragini…i miss u alot…its been 4 years that we met..but i had my own reason.i cant even take bhai’s help.He dont know about this matter.I dont even have her photo.idea…i will make a sketch of her.i will find her anyway,she may be waiting for me.Then i will surprise bhai.first,i have to do some shopping.

Swara n ragini enter mall.Swara sees baskin n robins.

Swara: dii…can we have icecream.


They goes there.they r having icecream.Just then laksh enters.he sees icecream n goes towards it.same time,swaragini turns to go.he doesnt see their face.

Swaragini comes to dress shop.
Swara starts selecting shorts an shirts.rags is shocked bcoz she thought swara is very traditional.
rags:swara,u wear these types of dress also.

Swara:is it not gd? I dont remember what i used to wear before memory loss

Rags:its gd.i was just asking.u try n luk if u r comfort in it.

Swara goes in.rags is waiting for her.she takes time.

Rags:swara…i have to try my dress also.i will be in the next trial room.
laksh sees rags from far.he runs towards her.but she goes in the trial room swara comes out n is waiting for rags.laksh come in the shop n doesnt see her.he goes back.

Swara sees someone n luks at him.she gets some flashes.
swara pov
Whats happening to me?my head is paining.i feel like i knew that person before.i will go n ask him.

She starts running behind him n comes ou of mall.she was about to call him,but someone closes her mouth n pulls her aside to parking.
Rags comes out of trial room n starts searching her.

Outside the mall.
Swara:who r u?what r u doing?

boy:comeon baby..dont act infront of me.

Swara(angrily):i asked who r u??

boy:come na..we will go.swara,dont angry me.u escaped from me last time.but not today.Today,i will make u mine.

Precap:boy misbehaves with swara…someone saves her.

Who was the boy? Is he an enemy or frnd? it boring? If it is ,then i will stop…i am really srry.

Credit to: jasmine

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  1. Laksh will save Swara and he will misunderstand that Ragsan are really married and that they have a daughter . Rough road ahead for Raglak I guess. But would also like to see Swasan bonding.

  2. Nyc but don’t do that with sanky dear he l be broken pls its a request

  3. nice….

  4. Is itboring guys..i think u guyz r not liking it
    Actually,i am a student n i am very weak in writing n english.i just got an idea n wrote…srry,if boring.

  5. I agree with priya…its not boring…..

  6. It’s not boring and plz continue

  7. It’s not at all boring please don’t stop and pls if possible make ragsan and swalak

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