My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 8


Hii guyz…i am back with anothet ff.

At swara’s room.
Swara:what will i wear after bath..i dont have any,i think everythng lost in accident.

Rags:adjust for 2 or 3 days…take my will fit u.


She comes wearing ragini’s sari
Everyone compliments.

After 4 days.Swara has become very close to maids also.

in the hall.

Lessi:mom ,can we go to park today?

rags:ohh…mom has to go with mausi for shopping.we will go some other day.

Swara:no problem.we will go tommorrow.

Rags:no swara..u have benn adjusting for 3 days.

Swara:no dii..we will go tommorrow.

Swara,rags,sanky,ramya n lessi goes to park.they enjoy there.

The n8.

Swra was sleeping.she gets dream.
She was sitting near the pool n someone comes n hugs her from behind.

Swara only have black n white flashes.

She gets up sweating.

Swara:who was that?may be maddy?

THat whole n8,she couldnt sleep thinking about her past.she wanted to remember that.

The next day.

At some hospital.
A boy open his eyes like he was sleeping for long.
Boy:where am i?what happened to me?nurse..

Nurse:u got consious…

Doctor comes.

Boy:doctor,who brought me here?what happened to me?

doctor:u had an accident.some people brought the way,whats ur name?

boy:i am laksh maheshwari.

Nurse:ohh..the bussiness tycoon,brother of sanskar maheshwari can i go?

doctor:u have injuries.but if u want,u can..bcoz the major injuries are healed.

At 11am.
He is distarging.the doctor give him the things he had at the time of accident.when he was paying the bill,he luked at the photo in his wallet.

Laksh pov
Who is the girl?how it came here?

He keeps it back n pays the bill.

Swara n ragini goes for shopping.lessi was playing outside.the ball went to road .she ran behind the ball.ramya also went behind.laksh was driving.he noticed lessi.he applied break in time n came out.

Laksh:are u okay?

Lessi:ya uncle.
Ramya comes n take lessi.
Ramya:thank u sir for saving her.

Laksh:welcome.whats ur name bacha?

lessi:i am lessi.

Laksh:nice careful next time
Ramya takes lessi towards house.laksh looks at the house n think.
Its bai’s home.who was she.may be that maid’s daughter.anyway i have to find rags before that.then i will go to bhai.i am srry bhai..i love u rags.

No precap…..srry…i am busy

Credit to: jasmine

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