My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 7


Hii guys..i am back

Ragini turns n finds sanky staring at her.

Sanky:what r u doing?

rags:nthng..just thinking about our first meeting n all.


Rags:its been 4 years that we r living in fake world..with fake relation..fake smile,

Sanky:yaah..can i ask u sthng?

rags:i know sanky..u want to start ut own family..u want to live ur life..u r free..u dont need to fake this relation anymore..we r frnds n will be frnds.

Sanky:nthng like that..i was asking…

Rags:dont lie..i know u want to marry.i will make lessi understand everythng.once swara get fine,i will leave to usa with lessi.

Sanky was shocked.she starts leaving,but he pulls her close.

Sanky:i was asking…can we make this world true?can we make our relation true?

Rags;what u mean?

Sanky:rags,can we marry ?

Rags:what r u saying?its not possible

Sanky:why not posiible?best frnds can be best partners..its been 4 years we r faking this relation,we know that we r not married.but think about lessi,she is growing.i love her.

Rags:its all ok..but how can we marry?

sanky:dont u love me?


Sanky:dont u feel anythng when i touch u?

he cups her face.she luks at him.


He move closer to kiss her.they have an intense eyelock.


He is really close now.rags slaps him hard across his face he is shocked.

Rags(shouts):sanskar,what was u doing?

he realizes what he was doing.

Sanky:i am really srry srry

Sanky leaves.rags cries thinking about the moment.

In the hall.

Sanky pov
What was i doing?chii..sanky,chii.U was going to kiss her.

Sanky:but what can i do rags..i couldnt control myself when u said u r leaving.

He remembers all his moments with her.
Sanky:i love u rags..i love u,..i started liking u from the first day..i dont know when i fall in love with u..i want to live my whole with u..i want to make our relation true,i know u have some bitter past..but i will make everythng r8.

Someone taps his shoulder.He turns n find its swara.

Sanky:do u need anythng?

Swara:no..i was not getting sleep.what r u doing?


Swara:can u tell me story?

she sits on the couch.

Sanky:are u kidding swara?its midnight n u wanna hear story..what the hell?

swara:i was asking about di n u

sanky :ohh.
He tells abot how he saw her unconsious on the road?how he brought her home?how he came to know about her pregnency?how he saw her on the street?how she started to stay in the homen how they became mr. N mrs. Maheshwari.

Swara:so filmy..

Sanky:Mm..but she is very gd.(smiles ).

Swara:do u love her?

sanky:no..she is my bestiee.why??

Swara:ur face was glowing when u was saying about her

Sanky:nthng like that.

Swara:do u know jiju?

sanky:no..but he was a cheater.she cries whenever i ask about him.

Swara:hm..what she like the most?

Sanky:choclate cake..she gets mad,when she saw it.


Sanky:now can i ask u sthng…u had a memoryloss..u didnt remember ur name,but how do u remember maddy?who was that?

Swara:i dont know how i remember that name

Sanky:May be he was very close to u…ur brain may not remember him,but ur heart remembers.

Swara:may be..i dont remember his face,but only have some flashes.


They talk for hours n bcome so close frnds in that n8.she falls asleep on his shoulder.He also sleeps.


The sun rays fall on swara’s face n she wakes.she finds herslf on sanky’s shoulders.she goes to her room.

Rags room.

Rags wakes up.she remembers n8 incident she feels sorry.after bath,she calls lessi.
She looks for sanky at his room.she doesnt find him .she comes to the hall n finds him sleeping on the couch.she decides to make coffe for him n keep srry note.
When she goes to kitchen.she was hell shocked.the kitchen was full mess.she wondered that how it came that much mess with flour n watr on the floor.she doesnt find anyone.suddenly swara comes from under the drawyer.
Ragini:swara,u scared me

Swara:srry..i was making sth for u


swara takes somethng from the oven

Rags:whats it?

Swara:choclate cake..
She luks at it n get was full burnt.

Swara:i am srry di..i tried to make choclate cake.

Rags:is this choclate cake?why did u make it?

swara:i forgot recipie becoz of memory loss.i know u like it.

Rags:who told u

Someone was sanky.

Rags hug swara
Rags:thank u swara

Swara:welcome..sanky,i will make coffee for u

Rags :no.i will make.

Rags make coffee n give it to sanky.

Rags:i am srry..

Sanky:for what?

rags:for slaping u

Sanky:no.i was wrong…i am really srry.

Lessi comes.rags give her coffe.

Swara:have my cake plz

Rags:is that cake?i will teach u

She teaches her the recipie n bonds well.sanky luks at them n smiles.he stared at rags.
They cut the cake n have fun

Precap:swara in shploping mall…rasika accident.

Credit to: jasmine

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