My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 6


hii guyz i am back.

*fb continue*

sanskar is shocked that ragini is leaves saying to take care of her.

sanskar:what is ur name?

ragini:ragini gadodia.

sanky:u rest. i will come with sthng to eat.

rags;no..i want water.

he gives it.

rags;thanks for saving i will go

she stands up to leave,but gets dizzy.

sanky:u rest here..can go in the evening.

rags:i am fne..i have to go

sanky:kk..then i will drop u.

they leave.rags asks sanskar to stop at xyz place.he drops her.

at n8.

she was sleeping on the street bench.sanky was passing by.he saw her shivering.he brought her home.

at mrng

rags wake up with sunrays falling on her face.maid comes with tea,

rags:how i came here again?who brought me.?

sanky enters

sanky:i brought u here. u were sleeping in the street.are u mad/its not gud for ur child.

rags:why u care?let it be4

sanky:i am human.tell me ur exact address …i will dro u.

rags:no.. i will go myself.

sanky:no i will drop u..otherwise u will sleep on street itself..tell me ur adress

rags;i said na ..i will go myself

sanky:no..i will drop u.

they start their mouse n cat fight.atlast rags get angry n says:
where will u drop me mr.maheshwari?when i dont have any home.
tears flow from her eyes.

she continue:mere sab kuch bhikar gaya..ghar,pyaar sab kuch……….meri zindagi aisi baki hi kaun jiski wajah se mein jiyu..iss zindagi se acha marna hi hain.

sanky puts finger on her lips.

sanky:dont talk about mein problem zaroor hota hein,lekin,hamhe unse ladna chahiye…morover,u r expecting.

rags remembers that she was pregnent.she hugs him n cries hard.

rags:mere saath hi aisa kyu bagwaan..

sanky:whats ur problem,u can share with me if u want.

rags:life mein heartbreaking moment tab hota hai..jab hum pyaar karne waale humain dhoka deta hein…my love cheated me sanskar ,,my love cheated me.

rags cries more.he wipes her tears.

he luks at her sindoor n mangalsutra.

sanky:so u r married.

rags:no ,i was married.

she wipes her sindoor n breaks the mangalsutra.she wipes her tears.

rags:why am i sharing this with u?who r u to me?

sanky:everythng becomes easy by sharing .aur hum frnds ban sakte frnds

he shakes hands with her.she smiles.

ragini(mind):he is very gd..i am happy to have a frnd like him

sanky:so now u r my frnd n u can stay here.

rags:how can i stay here with u?u r alone here.what people will think.

sanky:dont care about about ur baby.

sanky n rags became thick frnds.he takes care of her very well.

after 5 months,

rags now have a little bump n people starts to taunt her n call her character less.

one day when she went 4 walking.some boys come,

boys;heyy love..humein bhi entertain kar lo na..hum bhi tumhe aise hi gift dhoonga..

they smiles,people surrond n taunts her

lady:aisi ladkiyon ko aisi hi hote hein..bhina shaadi ke bacha paita karne wala he..bhesharam..characterless

sanky comes n shouts.

sanky:dont dare to call her characterless..she is ragini sanskar maheshwari..aur yeh mera bacha hai.

all were shocked so as ragini.from that day,she became mrs.maheshwari..but only 4 the world.

ath home they were gd frnds..they were not married,but rasika thought sanky as her dad,

*fb ends*

ragini s thought was disturbed by coughing sound.she turned to find sanky staring at her.

precap:…..nthng important…same as yesterday,

srry guys..for short update

Credit to: jasmine

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