My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 5


Hii guyz….i am back….i know u people r confused with pair…atlast it will have only 2 pairs n that will be revealed soon…

The girl comes n hides behind rags.Rags smiles at her childishness.

Rags:Rasika,what is this?

Rasika:mumma,ramya aunt is chasing me.
Ramya is made in sanky’s home.she is very close to everyone.

Rags:mumma ki bachi,what is in ur hand?

Rasika(lessi):mumma..wo…wo (smiles naughtly)choclate.

Rags playfully beats her.she runs.

Rags:why u give it to her?

Ramya:wo didi…she didnt listen to me n took it.


Sanskar takes swara to guest room with him.

Swara:who was that?

sanskar:she is ur nephew…rags daughter.

Swara:whatt???di ki shadi hogayi..kab..kisse?

sanskar:u take rest.we will talk about it after.

Rags enters.she gives soup to swara.

Swara:i dont want it.

Rags:take it swara..plzz

Rags feed swara..she coughs.sanskar immediately gave water.

Rags:u take rest.

Ragsan comes to hall.they luk at eachother.lessi comes.

Lessi:mumma..wo kaun he?

rags:she is ur mausi…u can call her didi

Lessi:no mumma..i will call her mausi.

Rags takes her in hand n leaves.sanky simply smiles.

Its n8.

Swara’s room

Swara pov

I dont understand anythng.what happened to me?why am i always thinking about maddy?afterall who is he? I had a memory loss…then,how do i remember him.?may be i loved him very much.

Rags enters.

Rags:swara..are u ok??

Swara:ya..i am fne

Rags:u sleep now.

Swara:no di..i have many questions…sankskar told that u r married..bu where is my jiju?why is sanky staying here?who is u know him??

rags:calm down..ya i am married.but there is some problem in my marriage.rasika think sanky as her he is staying here…aur maddy..i also dont know him

Swara:ohh..why dont u tell her?

rags:she is so small.she cant understand all this…aur situation aisa he ki mujhe bata nahi sakte ki sanky uska baap nahi hain..because 4 the world we r married..i will tell everythng later,no u sleep.

Ragsan room.
sanky is playing with lessi.rags enters.he stands to leave.

Rasika:papa..rukho…kya aap mere sath yahan saugi?

sanky:nahi beta..tu mumma ke sath sau..mujhe kam he

Rasika:pls papa.

Sanky luks at rags.she nods.he lies on the bed with lessi.

Rags goes in the balcony.

Rags pov

Its been 4 years since i came..she recalls about her meeting with sanky n everythng…
*Fb starts*
She was walking in the road.suddenly she feels uneasy.she falls unconsious on the road.when she opens her eyes..she saw a boy with a wide smile.he was wearing a blue t shirt n tracks.

Rags was scared.
Rags:who r u?how i reached here?

The boy is sanky.

sanky:i am sanskar maheshwari.i saw u un consious near my brought here.

Doctor comes.he checks her.

Doctor:congrats,she is expecting.

Sanky is shocked.

Precap:fb continue….swara going for shopping.

Srry…if it is short.pls tell me,if it is boring.

Credit to: jasmine

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  1. Who is rags huseand then if not sanky

  2. S laksh s ragini husband?

  3. Ragsan pair is nice

  4. small request…if you are using the cover photo of my story, please at least change good bit…so that there is no confusion for the readers

    1. right now for eg….it has the name of my story in it

      1. I didnt had another..srry

      2. it is okay….i don’t have issue with u using this particular photo….i just meant edit it so that it doesnt show the name of my story.

  5. Nice part I hope it is Ragsan

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