My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 3

hii guyzz.. i am back…u guyzz may be confused about laksh…it will be solved today.

sanky reaches a hospital.he walks towards the morgue.The police shows him a deadbody.He was teary eyed.But a smile spread on his face when he saw the body……no its not his brother.

Outside the morgue

sanky:no,he is not my brother

Police:i am sorry for disturbing u Mr.Maheshwari.we found a phone from the body n we found a no. saved as we called u.

sanky:its ok…but how come his phone came in the body?can u show me?

police:i am sorry.but we cant show u.Anyway thanks for u co operation


he was very happy.his breath was back now.

sanky pov
when i found that it was not lucky…i was on cloud nine.Its been 4 years that i am searching for u,For the whole world u may be dead,but i know u r alive.I LOVE U LUCKY..IL LOVE U.

Suddenly he remembers about the accident.he remembers the call from the inspector saying about the identification of body,he rushes to the hospital.

At the hospital
rags entered the ward n luked at the girl.

Ragini pov
Why am i feeling like i have seen her before?why i feel like that i am connected to her?

She smiles n cares her hairs lovingly.

The nurse enters.

Nurse:do you know any mandy?

rags:no..what happened?

nurse:the girl was murmuring that name continously.

rags:infact i dont knoe her,my husband brought her here.

nurse: ohh

After the nurse leave,the girl get consious.she was really scared.she sat on the bed.

girl; who am i ?where am I now ? who r u?

rags:calm down..calm down

girl:why dont i remember anything? whats my name?

rags is puzzled.Suddenly she remember sth n get teary eyed.

rags:i am ragini gadodia…i am ur sister.ur name is swara.
(by saying this she was teary eyed)

girl:my name is swara..nice name(smiles cutely) but i dont remember anythng (teary eyed)
she tries to remember.she holds her head.

swara(name given by rags):i want to see mandy…i want to go to him.

rags:mandy..who is it?

swara:mandy…my mandy,,(she falls unconsious by saying this.)

rags run to doctor.The doctor comes n checks her.He calls her to his cabin.

in the cabin.

rags:what happened?why dont remember anythng?

doctor:I am srry to say..she have…..

sanky enters.

sanky; how is she?

They hear a shouting.They ran towards the room.they were shocked

the epi ends on their shocking faces.

precap:sanky shocked by swara,s behaviour.swara distarged.

guyzz..are u liking?should i continue?

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  1. who is mandy? is that laksh?

  2. nice but very short

  3. I think swara will think sankys as many.

  4. Is it Ragsan and swalak? Please reply

    1. it will be revealed very soon…asi said it is short ff
      are u guyzz liking it??

  5. is it swalak ff

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