My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 20 “last episode”

Hi guyzzz…..i am back with last episode of this ff. It was not super as i thought. I know many of u r bored with storyline as there is no romance n twist.

Epi starts.

Swara turns n is shocked. She drops the gun n shouts.


S they kidnapped lessi aka rasika.

Lessi:mausi…..they r hurting me.

Swara turns to rahul n is anger.

Swara:are u human? How can u do this with a child.

She raises her hand to slap him.

But he holds it in middle. Twists her hand n pulls her towards him.swara is crying.

Swara: leave me…its hurting.

Rahul:let it be…..if u want ur sister’s daughterto besafe,u have to marry. Now itself.

He leaves her hand.

Swara flds her hands.

Swara:pls for god’s sake leave me.plzzz.

Rahul:kk…will leave u.

Swara smiles.

Rahul:heyy…kill her.

Swara is shocked.

The goons keeps gun on lessi’s forehead.she is crying.

Swara cries.

Swara:kk..i will marry u.pls leave her.

Rahul:after marrying….i will drop her home

He drags her to the mandap n make her sit.the ritual starts.

(i dont mnow hindu marriage rituals in order.just imagine it.)

He was about to place sindoor on her forhead.someone holds his hand.

Swara luks at him n is shocked as well as happy.


Yes it was laksh.

He punches rahul.they starts fight.laksh beats up rahul. He also beats the goons. The police comes n arrest him.

Swara luks at laksh smiling. She runs n hugs him. He also reciprocates. She realizes her position n backs off.he was about to wipe her tears. But she wipes it herself.

Swara:maddy…srry laksh, lessi…

Laksh:u can call me maddy. As u knew me by that name. N lessi is safe.

Swara luks at him surprisingly.

Swara:one second….how u came here?


*Fb starts*

Laksh picked up the call n heard swara n rahul’s convo. He came to the spot. He was going to the mandap. When he noticed a child’s crying. He luks n is was lessi. He rescued her. He calles sanky n told him everythng.he asked him to call the police.

*Fb ends*

Swara: thank u very much maddy.

She turns n sees lessi. She runs to her n was about to take her. But someone took her. It was ragini. She kissed her n hugged her tightly.swara smiles at them.they have a grp hug.

Ragini:swara,r u ok?

Swara:ya…maddy rescued me.

Sanky take lassi n kisses her.he hugs her tightly.

Sanky:papa ki bachi…

Laksh comes to swara.

she luks at him. She turns n luks at ragini.

Swara:di..apki shaadi.

Ragini luks at sanky n smiles.she holds sanky’s hand n walks towards the mandir.

Swara: maddy…what happened? Why did di go with sanky? Didnt u marry her? Tell me maddy.

Laksh:no…the marriage was cancelled.

Swara holds his collar.

Swara:how can u do this maddy? Di was once broken by u n u cheated her again.howcan u do this?

She starts beating him.

Laksh hold her hand tightly.they have an eyelock. Bjt swara broke it n shouts it.

Swara: why did u do this to her? why maddy? Why??

Laksh was nowangryn loudly shouted.

Laksh:bcoz i love u dammit.

Swara was now shocked.

Swara:what??r u mad? Do u know what r u saying.?

laksh:ss…i love u.

Swara:maddy,u r my to be jiju.

Laksh:dont u love me?

Swara luks down.she was in tears.

Swara: no…what r u saying? How can i love u?

She turns to go. But he holds her hand.

Laksh:say it once again luking into my eyes.

Laksh pulls her towards him.

Swara was literally crying.

Swara:ss…mr.laksh maheshwari,i dont love u.

Laksh asked her to luk into his eyes n say.

She luks at him. Song plays…they have an eyelock.she hugs him tightly.

Swara:i love maddy….i love u very much.

He smiles n hugs her tightly.

Swara realizes what she said n releases hug n pushes him.

Swara:no maddy….i cant do it. I cant snatch my sister’s happiness. We have to forget this. I cantlove u. Its wrong. Its just our attracton. Nthng more. U love di….n its the truth. I cant snatch ber happiness.

Someone:agar tomhari behen ki khushi kisi aur ki saath ho tho.

She turns. It was ragini.

Swara:what r u saying di?

Ragini:swara…its right that i n laksh was together 4 years before. It doesnt mean that we have to be together forever. U said that u r attracted towards laksh. No,i was attracted towards laksh. We were attracted. I understands it now….love is not attraction. Love is selfless. It is sacrificed. Like u did,like sanky did.

Swara confusingly luked at sanky.

Ragini: ha swara….he loved me like hell. But never said it. N uknow,he was going to sacrifice it. U said that ur n laksh relation is wrong. No swara,our relation is wrong..bcoz there was no love. I didntlove him. Sanky teached me what is love?i love him….

She luks at sanky.

Ragini:love u.

She hugs him.

Swara dont know what to do?she was on cloud nine.but didnt know how to react.

Lessi comes n takes her hand n keeps it on laksh’s hand.

Lessi:it is perfect n papa…chacha n mausi.

Swara luks at lakshn smiles.he goes from there.she is shocked. He comes back n sits on his knees. He takes out a rose.

Laksh:so miss gadodia,will u marry me ?

Swara was happy.
she takes the rose.

Swara:of course mr laksh maheshwari.she hugs him.

Ragsan smiles luking at them.

Ragini whispers into sanky’s ears.

Ragini: luk how laksh proposed swara,how romantic na.

Sanky:i was also romantic n also arranged everythng. No probs,there will be more chances.

He takes inside mandir.

Sanky kneels down.

Sanky:so.miss ragini r u ready to become mrs.sanskar maheshwari infront of ur god.?

Ragini: yess…i am all ready to become sanskar maheshwari’s wife.

They have an eyelock.

He take her in his arms n make her sit in the mandap. Swalak also comes there with lessi.

Lessi:ma…papa,r u going to marry.

She claps.swara n laksh does their ghad bhandan n they take pheras n pits mangalsutra n sindoor n thus ragsan get married.ragini is extremely happy.lessi comes n kisses both of their cheeks.she hugs both of them. Swalak clicks their pics.

Laksh hold swara from waist.

Laksh:swara can we get married here itself.
He extends his hand. Swara blushe n holds his hand. Lessi do their gadbhandan they marry.leesi takes selfies with them.sanky secretly kisses ragini on her chekks. She blushes.all r happy n have a grp selfiee.

Is it boring guys? I really hope that u guys like it.


I will right a swasan n raglak ff soon.till then,byeeeee.

Thanks to every silent readers n those who supported me n commented here. U all really encouraged u all

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