My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 2


Guyzz…i am srry for the mistakes…n plz support me.
I have already wrote the full story..n i have decided the will show swalak ..raglak..swasan ..n ragsan..plzz support me n describe ur views by comments

The girl remembers their position n break the hug.she looks at sanky


Girl:shut up sanky,u worried me.

Sanky:rags,stop behaving like typical wives.i am fine(smiles cutely)
The girl is our ragini.suddenly he remembers somethng

Sanky:actually my car hit a girl n she is admitted here.i have an important i have to go.u stay here till i come

Rags:kk..whats her name?

sanky:dont know.ask her when she get consious.

He leaves.The doctor comes n tells that the girl is fne n she will get consious after smtme n after coming the results of some report ..she can be distarged.Rags thank the god that the girl is fine.

Sanky’s pov.
No this cant be true .He cant leave me like this.he has promised me that he will be there 4 me forever.I know Lucky u r alive..i know.

What happened to lucky?why is sanskar so worried?who is the girl? u like it?should i continue..??

Credit to: jasmine

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  1. i am confused….how is it all pairs?

  2. nice dear..
    plz make it as long epo

  3. Nice yar but too shory make it long….pls make ragsan atlast

  4. I am so confused……one request swaragini serial itself is so confusing plz make it a bit better to understand and make it longer… hard feelings

  5. Can u plz tell us the pairs?

    1. now it will bw confusing..all the confusion will be cleared n the pairs will be revealed in the upcoming episodes..
      all the things happening are interconnected with eachother

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