My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 19 part 2 RAGSAN

Hi guys..i am back. I am gonna make a ragsan part.will continue from epi 18.

Ragini is blushing.

Sanky:so someone is blushing. Say na….that three magical words.

Ragini: i ….

Sanky:say na..

Ragini: i am srry…i will say it to u in special.i want some time.

She runs from there. Sanky smiles.

After sometime.

Ramya comes running to rags where she was in thoughts.

Ramya:ragini di,sanskar bhai ko….

Ragini:what happened to sanskar…

She runs from there teary eyed n really worried for him.

She enters the room n find it is dark.


She was in the verge of crying.

Ragini:sanky,what happened to u?say na u r fine. Where r u?

suddenly someone hugs her from behind.she was shocked initially.


sanky:tumhe kaise pata ki main hoon?

Ragini:wo…i can feel it.

He turns on the light. The room was fully decorated with flowers n candles. Ragini luks at sanky. SHe acts angry

Ragini:yeh kya mazak hai..tumne mujhe dara diya tha..

Sanky: what did i do??

She starts him beating playfully.sanky pulls her close.

Sanky:why will u worried for u?

ragini is teary.

Ragini:kyunki mein tumse bahut pyaar karta hoon..i love u sanky.i love u so much. Maine apne aapko rokh nahi paayi.tumse pyaar karne se. U r too gud that i couldnt resist myslf.tumhe pata hai,agar aaj tum yeh shaadi nahi plan kiya hota na,mein kabhi yeh pyaar ko pehchan nahi paati. Aur yahi baat worriedhone ki…if anythng happens to u,then i will die.

Sanky keeps hand on her mouth.

Sanky:dont say like that…i will be there for u,in every mode of ur life. I didnt thought that i will love a girl. But then u came in my life,everythng changed. The sanskar who used to be angry n arrogant changed to a caring n lovely person,only bcoz of u. Ur innocense made me fall for u. I didnt want to force love on u.but i love u so much that i will die without u. U r my life ragini.i love u so much

They luk at eachother. An intense eyelock follows. They hug eachother passionately. It last for few minutes. Sanky cups her face. He luks at her lovingly. She comes close to him. He also comes close. She brushes her lips on him. They have a long n passionate kiss. He makes herhairs to one side n kisses her shoulders. She unbutton his shirt. He unbutton her blouse knot.they were kissing eachother. He took her in his arms n made her lie on bed.he was about to kiss her. But they hear door knocking loudly. They had awkard silence.

Ragini got up n made her dress correct. Sanky also got up. She opened the door. It was Ramya. She says sth whoch shocks Ragini. She slaps her hard n breaks down. Sanky support her.

Sanky:calm down rago…i am there na. We will make things fine.dont cry.

He wipes her tears. She hugs him tightly. Sanky is also teary eyed.

Precap:last episode…..everythng being right. Couples united..

I know its short. The romance btw ragsan is not probanly written bcoz i am not that romantic. I am srry. Hope u like this ragsan part

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