My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 19 part 1 SWALAK

Hii guyzz..i am not i didnt update story.i am really srry.

Epi starts.

Swara is in the parlour.
Girl: mam,do u want heavy makeup or light make up?

Swara: i dont want anythng.

Rahul:do the best makeup for her.

The girl starts doing the make up n facial.

Girl:can u stand outside?


He comes to swara n holds her hands tightly.

Rahul:bye babes.

Swara is disgusted.

He leaves.

Swara remembers the past.


aftr 2 days after maddy aka laksh came,

Laksh n swara r now frnds.swara’s dad got laksh in the same music schl where swara goes bcoz laksh loves music.

They were in the bustop.a jeep comes infront. A boy comes out of it.

Boy:ooeyy..bahut hot leg rahi hun.

Swara: u bastard.

She slaps him.he holds her hand.but laksh takes her hand.

Laksh:heyy…what r u doing?why r u holding her hand?

Rahul: who r u to ask?

He was about to hit him but laksh push him n he falls in mud.he angrily luks at swalak.swalak walkout.

Laksh: who was that?what was his problem?

Swara:he is rahul,a goon. He is after me since college.

Laksh :does he love u?

Swara: he will love till he get me in his bed.

She was crying.lksh wipes her tears.

Laksh: dont wrry,i am with u.

Swara : mm

They goes.


Swara was reading a buk.she thinks of rahul.she began to cry.laksh sees her.he comes to her.

Laksh pov

i think she is worried about rahul. I will make her laugh.

Laksh:swara…aunt n uncle gone to market n i am hungry.

Swara: i will cook ath for u.

Laksh:no…i will do it myself.just help me.

They starts to cook.laksh luks at swara,there is flour on her nose.he laughs.

Swara:what happened maddy??


He laughs n comes close to her.he wipes the flour on her nose.they have an eyelock. Laksh comes to consious n breaks the eyelock. They make chappati. Swara was cuttng vegetebles.her hand gets hurt. Laksh takes her finger n licks it.she luks at him. He bandages her hand.

Finally they prepare it n eat.

N day by day,they were becoming so close.swara started to fall for laksh’ caring nature.rahul used to troubke her. But laksh always comes to her rescue.

It was wedding of her neibour.swara was talking to laksh.

Swara: maddy,where r u??

Laksh:i am in the garden. I have bought gol gappas for u.

Swara:maddy…u know na ,its marriage n i am busy.

Laksh:are u that busy..that u cant come to ur bestie.

Swara :ha aata hoon.


Swara:maine kahan na…mein.

Someone puts cholroform n she becomes unconsious.

Laksh:swara..swara..r u there.??

The person takes swara in his arms. He was rahul.

He takes her to a room n closes the door. He looks at her with lust.

Rahul:u r loking beautiful in sleep too…today i will take what i want. I have got everythng that i wanted from childhud. But u was not surrendering to me.

He laughs evilly n unbutton his shirt.

On the otherhand,laksh was worried for her.he searches for her n gets her phone.he ia more worried.he walks n gets her earring.he luks for her in every room.

Here,rahul comes on top of swara n was about to kiss her.but someone pulls him. It was lucky. He was fuming in anger. He starts beating hik madly.swara wakes up n luks around.

Laksh comes to her. She hugs him tightly.

Laksh:swara relax..mein hoon na.

Swara:wo…rahul is a cheap…he is very cheap.


He luks at her n sees her unconsious.he takes her in his arms n takes her to the bed. He removes her sandals. Takes water n spills it on her face. She wakes up. Her parents came.

Shilpa:swara beta,kya hua?tu teek hai.

She see rahul lying on the floor injured.

Shilpa:what happened?

Laksh tells them everythng.

Swara’s dad: i will show him…how dare he tried to take advantage of my daughter.

Shilpa:thank u maddy beta..

Swara’s dad call police n they arrest him.

They take her home.

Shilpa comes to laksh

Shilpa: can i ask u sth?

Laksh:ha aunt..

Shilpa:will u marry swara?

Laksh:what r u saying aunt..she is my best frnd.

Swara’ dad comes there:best frnds can be best partners.

Laksh:but uncle..

Swara’s da:dont u love her?i can see it in ur eyes.

He thinks about her.he smiles.

Laksh:okk aunt for her sake.but,will she agree.

Shilpa:i will talk to her.

Swara’s room.

Swara thinks about laksh.

Swara:why am i thinking about her? Do i love…he is just my frnd.

She closes her eyes n sees laksh.

Swara:ya..i love him.i love u maddy.

She remembers his care.he saving her n all.

Swara:but how will i tell it to him? If he breaks our frndship,then…

Swara was in thoughts.shilps comes there n tells her everythng. She was happy inside. But didnt show it.

Swara:kkk ma..

Laksh also come there n is happy inside that swara agreed.

Shilpa: u know why i am doing this? Bcoz its the only way to save u from rahul.he is dangerous.tommorrow me n ur papa will go to dubai for 3 afte tommorrow,u n maddy have to elope from here n go to mumbai.there s my frnd,she will help u both.

Swalak was shocked.

Swara:what??we have to elope.

Laksh:ya..we will have to..

Her parents goes.

Swara:why r u ready to marry me??

Laksh:same here..

Swara:firstly i answer me..

Laksh:no..ladies first.

Swara:no…u say.

Their knok jhok start.

Laksh:kk..i will answer.bcoz u r my frnd.

Swara(mind):so he is not marrying me bcoz he loves me.he thinks me as a frnd.i wanna say u that i love u. But if i say it,u may break our frndship.

Swara: acha ji…i am marrying to save myself.

Laksh:what is this ji n all

swara:bcoz u r my would be husband.

Laksh:dont be formal.we will be frnds even after marriage.

Swara:what is the point of maryying without loving.

Laksh:May be we will love eachother lateron.

Swra(mind):not later on…but i love u now also.

Laksh stares at her.they have an eyelock.she goes.

Laksh(mind):why do i feel spcl around her?why does my heart skip a beat seeing i ove her??no..i like her..she is my frnd,i cant cheat her.

**Fb ends***

swara was in deep thought.

Swara:kahan hoon tum maddy.

Girl:mam,did u say anythng.ur make up is over.

Swara was in thought.she thinks about the mrng incident n says:not maddy,laksh…jiju.

She is crying.

The girl shakes her.she comes out of her thoughts n luks around.

Rahul comes in:makeup khatan ho gaya..ab chal.

He takes her with force.


Swara sits in the mandap.she has tears in her eyes.she stands.

Swara:i cant marry u…i just hate u.

Rahul takes the gun out.swara takes it n points towards herslf .

Swara:dont threaten me…i will kill myself.

Rahul smiles evilly.

Rahul:u think that i am a fool.kill urself,but on one condition..u have to kill her first.

Swara turns n is shocked.

Precap:same as yesterday.

It is a swalak part. Part2 will be full of ragsan scene.i am ill n i cant write now.srry to ragsan fans.i will update the nxt part tommorrow.

Whom did rahul kidnap?what will happen?will lucky be able to save swra?

Will get to see everythng in epi 20.


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