My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 18


Hii guyz…i am back with another epi..i will end it on chap 20. HOpe u guyz like the epi.

Swara was with rahul in his car.his goon is pointing gun on her head.she remember the past moments with laksh.


swara was all alone at home.her parents were over protective.they didnt allow her to hangout with her frnds n day she was seeing horror movie.Someone comes n taps her shoulder.she shouts.


The person keep finger on her mouth.she luks at him.

Person: dont shout…i am..

Swara push him n tries to run.but bcoz of darkness(she was seeing horror film) slips.but the person holds her. An eyelock follows..

Person: are u swara?

Swara:haa..what happened?

person:nthng..ur parents said me to come to u.

Swara:kk..we will talk later,but 1st make me stand.

He makes her stand.

Swara: so….why my parents send u to me?

person:they said that u will be my frnd.

Swara:dont lie….come.

She drags him to hall.

Swara:mom….who is this?he said that u both send him to me.

Her mom(shilpa):beta,dad got him from the road injured n he lost his memory.So dad brought him here.doctors have said that he will take time to remember.

Swara:so,whats his name?

Shilpa: dont know,but we will call him maddy.

Yes the boy was maddy aka laksh.

Swara luks at his innocent face.

Shilpa:u said that u want to go to ur frnds home n stay with he will be ur frnd n will stay with us.

Laksh thank her mom.swara takes him.

Swara:so maddy..srry dont know if it is ur real name.

Laksh:no probs…even i dont remember it.

Swara:try na..

He tries to remember.he closes his eyes n only get some flashes.his head starts paining.

Swara:r u fne? Take rest.

She goes.

**Fb end**

Her thought was disturbed by someone shouting.


He opens the door n pulls her.

Swara:where have u brought me?

Rahul;it is beauty parlour.i want my bride to be gorgeous. Then only i can enjoy ton8.

Swara was disgusted.she tried to run.but rahul hold her at gun point.she walks inside.

At sanky’s home

Sanky: ragini,what happened? Tell me..

Ragini: woh shaadi tut gayi…

She starts telling him.


Ragini comes to laksh room.he was also at the door (he was going to ragini).

Ragini:laksh…mujhe tumde kich kahna tha.

Laksh:mujhe bhi..

Ragini:to tum bhol…

Laksh:no…ladies first.

Ragini:kya tum mujse pyaar karta hoo kya?

laksh was shocked.he didnt know what to tell.

Laksh:wo..wo..kya tum mujse pyaar karta hun kya??

Ragini:pehle tum bhol…

Laksh:nahi tum bhol..,

Ragini:nahi tum bhol..

Laksh: wo me swara se pyaar karta hun.


She smiles.laksh is shocked.

Ragini:i love sanky.


They luk at eachother.

Ragini:laksh,i was very worried…thhat how to say this to u.

Laksh:me also..

Ragini: i know we loved eachother in past…may be that was just attraction.

Laksh:ya..may be.

Ragini: i know u r lessi’s real father.but she saw sanky from the day she was born.i dont think that she will accept u.morover,dont know when but..i fell for sanky.i know it is wrong,how can i love him being married?

Laksh:dont worry..we was married only in temple.we didnt even perform the rituals completely.n lessi..i know shewont accept me.but she will always my can happen any where,like how i fell for swara

Ragini:ha laksh…u know,swara remember ur name.she loves u so much.

Laksh:sachii..but i didnt remember u.may be that was not true love,u was not my soulmate.

Ragini:ya may be sanky was in my fate.

Laksh:haa…so frnds.

Ragini:kk…best frnds.

They side hug.

Laksh:go n confess to sanky.he will be very happy.

Ragini:tum bhi…waise yeh swara kahan gayi.

Laksh:she ran out.i will search her.

Ragini goes.

**Fb end**



Sanky:u love me…dramebaaz.

Ragini:i didnt say it to u.i was making u fool.whats the date today.

Sanky:ohh is 1 apr.but u r not making me fool na.

Ragini laughs aloud.sanky was tensed.

Guys..i said apr 1 simply.i know its mau.

Sanky: u r joking na..

Ragini:no…i am saying is my n laksh s wedding.


He was in the verge of crying.ragini laughs.

Ragini:it was indeed a joke.

She runs.sanky runs behind her.she strips n was about to fall.but sanky hold her.they have intense eyelock.he makes her stand.kisses her forehead.

Sanky:dont say joke like this.

Ragini smiles.

Sanky:but u have to say that..


Sanky:that three magical words..


She blushes.

The epi ends on her blushing face n swara’s crying face.

Precap: swara saved…ragsan marriage.

I know i am dragging it.but i have to make it 20 epi.i will show rest of swalak story in the next epi.srry for mistakes if any.

Credit to: jasmine

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  1. more ragsan scenes plz

  2. Dr hw old r u???ur story s complicated I knw…if u knw me u shuld hve known tat I’m both raglak nd ragsan fan but here…I don’t think ragsan shuld unite…raglak s married even tey hve child hw can u play wit marriage…I’m sorry if I hurt u but I don’t like t story ending wit ragsan nd swalak..ragini nd laksh shuldnt hve fallen for swasan…itz really nt our culture..I’m again sry itz just my opinion…I think I’m mature enough to tel tis I’m 24…but ur story line s really awesome but itz gud if u ended up like I told…

    1. Dear sorry I am commenting here….but we had a long disucssion on this a few chapters back and this is the opinion of everyone I am just sharing it here …….Personally as well I don’t agree with the comment that just because they are married and have a child they should stay together, People should not be together just because they have a child. They should be together because they love each other and want to be together. A lot of lives….esp those of children are ruined when two parents who shouldn’t be together stay together. In this story if you read u will see that sanskar is the true father to the child not laksh. Second Laksh and Ragini love story was less love story and more seemed like attraction. In fact if you read the Fb then you will realise that it seemed more like Laksh drugging her and marrying in rush without informing family ….when he could have. In this case the Ragsan end is justified. As for raglak falling for swasan remember Laksh didn’t have his memory he could have found new love. And Ragini thought she had been left and betrayed. She would have a right to start her life again. In fact they could have very well gotten married the memory came back as well.

      1. Azure I’m following tis ff frm v beginning…I just commented wat I felt while reading….I don’t want to hurt t writers….may b I’m wrong….thank u fr replying my comment…

    2. i am 15, i planned swasan n raglak. but as oer the storyline,everyone wanted ragsan n swalak.and raglak was not married actually as oer hindi was a marriage at temple without the rituals by weaaring just that time,raglak was not mature.

    3. dii..i am 15.raglak was not married as per hindu rituals,they married in temple simply by wearing magalsutra.i am srry if i hurt u.but as per the storyline,everyone wanted ragsan

      1. Itz k jasmine dr…wat azure di told s right I thought abt it…I’m happy wit Ragsan nw…sry if I hurt u …nd ya come back wit another raglak r ragsan ff soon aft ending tis …I’m waiting fr it….

  3. Nice story. And update.

  4. Nice 🙂

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