My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 17


Hi guyzz…i am back with another episode.hope u like it.

Swara luked at the person n was shocked.

Swara: rahul…

Rahul:ha…now u remember me na.

He puts chlorofom n she faints.he smirks.

At sanky’s home.

Sanskar thinks about ragini.

Sanskar: i will talk to her once. I will ask her if she love laksh.

He stands.then stpos.

Sanskar:how will i ask her? it is a stupid yaar,i will ask her.may be she dont love him.

He goes down,but gets shocked.the marriage was completed.

He gets up alerted.he luks was just a dream. There is 1 hour for marriage.

At ragini’s room.

She was doing the makeup.she luks at herself on the mirror. Tears are flowing.

Ragini: what happened to me? I am marrying.i love him. Dont know,why i am thinking so much.

She is confused.

She thinks: am i doing right? Do i love him really or is it just my thought?

She thinks about sanskar taking care of her n their moments.she smiles.

Ragini to herself:do i love sanky? Yes..i loved laksh,but i love sanky..yes,he is my soulmate.he was there for me in tough..but what to do mow?how can i say this to laksh?

At laksh room.

He is getting ready.he is really tensed.

Laksh:why am i not happy? I am getting my love.dont know why,but my heart is saying that sth is wrong.

He thinks aboit swara. Their frndship,their fights n his accident.

Laksh:it is true that i also liked swara at that time.but i loved ragini before can i cheat her? Do swara love me?

He closes his eyes n sees swara.

Laksh:why am i thinking about her? Ragini is my first love..but do i love her now also.

He thinks about ragini.but swara only comes to his heart.

He thinks:i love her..i love swara…but what can i do now? Today is marriage. But i dont think that i can keep ragini happy.she may be first love,but swara is my true love.

He goes out.

Sanky comes downstairs n sees that there is no one.

Sanky:only half hour is there n pandit also didnt come.n there is no one.

He is boggled.someone hugs him from behind.

He turns n is shocked to find ragini.

At isolated place.

Swara gains consious n finds herself in bridal costume.she search for her phone.she calls sanky.but he is not picking it.she calls ragini.
At the sametime rahul comes in. she hides the phone.

Swara:how i came here n who changed my clothes?

He laughs evilly. she cries.

On the otherhand somone picks the call n is hearing their conversation.

Rahul:heyy babe…dont cry,i didnt do servant changed it..i will explore u tonight.

She is shocked.

Swara:pls let me go.

Rahul:no..we will get married now.we will go to mandir.come.

He pulls her.she pushes him.but he puts her at gunpoint.

Rahul: come quietly.

She walks scared.

Sanky’s home.

Sanky:ragini,tum yahan?what happened?why u changed the marriage attire?


She hugs him tight.he is boggled.

Precap: someone saving swara n marriage of…guess??

Srry for short update.i have classess till i am unable to write it.

Credit to: jasmine

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  1. finally ragsan tq so much want to see their more scenes

  2. nice dear…hope they all save swara. glad ragini realised her love for sanskar

  3. wats dis dear…u said it vl be raglan n swasan…bt seems it vl be ragsan n swalak

  4. Jasmine….I didn’t liked it…I just loved it…

  5. Will try…i am not that romantic writer…but will try to satisfy everyones wish

  6. Off course the laksh u attend the call & he only going to save her..

  7. Thank u all…i am happy that u all loved it. But srry to swasan n raglak fans. I will write an ff on them soon..wait for it.

    1. Jas…if u don’t mind can i call u Jas? I know the reason for this change….in couples…wanna suggest u one thing..plz do show how swalak fell for each other… Ragsan is beautiful in this ff ..but swalak…that’s little bit confusing like Laksh loves Rags and then Swara…..clear it…do what the story demands…anyways…awesome episode..??

      1. ya..u can.i think i am ur same i r8? swalak was frnds.swara loved laksh.laksh also loved her at that time bcoz he dont remember rags.but they didnt confess it . now laksh is confused btw rags n swara.he thinks that if he goes to swara,then rags may feel betrayed,he dont know that rags also started loving sanky.

  8. I AM so happpppppppppppppppy
    finally laksh loves swara

  9. Pls marriage of ragsan pls pls pls

  10. What?? I thought it’s raglak and swasan. And Lakshya character is so weird. He was in love with ragini and they had a child and now Lakshya loves Swara. When he first saw ragini at sanskar house he was not at all happy about it and wanted ragini back in his but now everything changed. His love is not real.

  11. finally swalak ragsan thanks yaar

  12. Aww finally it’s Ragsan. Thanku for that. N plz post the best part soon can’t wait for the next part

  13. marriage of ragsan…..

  14. Finally it’s ragsan tq dear…..

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