My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 16


Hi guyz…i know,u must be angry that i dont updated for 3 days.i am busy with my classes n i dont get time.

The epi starts.

Swara is shocked to see laksh. She hugs him tightly. He is shocked. But he reciprocates.

Swara:i knew it maddy..i knew,u will find me.


She breaks the hug n luks at him confused. Ragsan is also shocked.

Ragini:swara,he is not maddy,he is laksh…lessi’s father n my husband.

Sanskar:ya swara..she is right.he is laksh maheshwari.

Swara is teary eyed.

Swara:no..i mnow,its maddy.try to remember everythng.

Laksh:ya..may be u r right.i know,i have forgotten a part of my life.

He takes a photo from his wallet n shows it to her.

Laksh: i dont know how it came in my wallet.

Swara:so u dont remember our memories.

Laksh sits on the couch n holds his head.he remember having the accident n becoming frnd with swara n all.

He goes to his room.

Ragini: muhurat is after 2 hours na…i will go to room n do the final touch up.

She goes to room.sanky luks at swara who is teary eyed.he also goes.swara runs out of the house.

Laksh’s pov.

What have i done ? I am confused. I want lessi,but what about bhai..he took care of both of them when i was not there.he will be heartbroken.morover lessi will not accept me as her father.she was with sanky since she was born.i dont know,if i love swara or ragini? Anyway..let destiny show who is my real soulmate.

Ragini’s pov.

Dont know why i am worried..i know laksh,he loves me n i also loves him.morover he is lessi’s father. But i am worried for sanskar,i know he loves me really.he will be heartbroken.

She is teary eyed.she stands infront of mirror n luks at herslf.

Ragini:what happened to me?why am i worried for sanky? he is just a frnd of mine.nthng more than that. But he took care of both of us when i was all alone.i dont know how to make lessi understand all this.she will not accept lucky as her papa.i wish it was my n sanky’s marriage.there wont be any problem..he loves me n i…

She understand what she has just said n is confused.

Ragini:what was i thinking?its wrong.laksh is my life partner.but i think i have started falling for sanky.its wrong.anyway ragini, today is ur marriage n its the truth

Sanky was luking at ragini’s foto.he is crying.

Sanky:ragini,i love u really. I cant live without u. But i know ragini loves laksh n he is lesi’s real father.i cant snatch their happiness n rights.i will miss them.

He takes lessi n ragini’s photo n hugs it crying.

Swara is sitting on a bench in the road

Swara’s pov.

I dont know what destiny has planned for me. What mistake i have a done that god is punishing me. I love maddy very much..srry he is laksh now. But i have to forget him. I have to remove all his memories from my heart.he is my didi’s husband. I cant think about him like that.i am wrong.i have to forget him.

She remembers their fun moments n cries hard.Someone keeps hand on her shoulder.she turns n is shocked.

Precap:some twist in tale…may be expected.

Srry guyz..if it is short.i am not ending it now.i will extend my story to the possible.thenks for ur comments.u can say ur vision by comments.

Credit to: jasmine

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  1. ragsan I think, thanks dear.

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  3. Plzzz ragsan… sanky deserve ragini…

  4. plz…no…ragsan…no…u promised it to be raglak

  5. i am srry ria…i will write a raglak ff for u guys.i am srry but most of the people want ragsan.

  6. finally!! its ragsan……
    Sanskar really loves ragini.

  7. Thanks for extending it & it was short but nice.. I think who touched swara shoulder is rahul..

  8. First u said its swasan n raglak bt y ragsan nw….
    I jus can’t imagine sanskar wid sum1 else..
    Anywayz ur ff ur wish

  9. I am srry guys..i have to make it swalak n ragsan.bcoz most of the people wanted it. I thought it is my wish,but now i think i will write as per ur wish

  10. Superb finally it’s Ragsan thanks a lot for that. Can’t wait for the next episode. Plz update it soon

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