My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 15


Hi guyz..i am back.

Ragini is shocked as laksh hugs her. She pushes him.

Ragini:what r u doing laksh? Now i am ur bhabhi.

Both have tears in their the same time lessi comes.

Lessi:mumma..i want coffee.

She luks at laksh.

Lessi:mumma..he is the uncle who saved me that day.


Ragini ask lessi to ask ramya for coffee.

Laksh: can u do this with me? How can u marry someone.

Sanskar comes n hugs laksh.

Sanky:bhai….aap kahan thi itni saal.

Laksh:i had an accident n i recovored now only.

Laksh goes in with sanky. Rags run to her room.

Rags pov.

Laksh came back…he back to my life. I was slowly forgetting him. I have to be strong. I cant love laksh… he is lessi’s papa.but i cant tell it to him. What will society think.god,show me a way.

Sanky is happy that laksh came.he was talking with laksh.lessi came n sat on his lap.

Laksh:bhai…yeh kiska bachi hai

Sanky: mera.

Laksh pov.

It means rags married sanky..she forgot can she do this with me.

Sanky: i will show ur bhabhi.he calls ragini.

She comes.

Sanky: ragini…he is laksh,my bro..n laksh,she is wife.

Laksh is teary eyed.

Sanky goes from there.

Laksh:how can u do this rago?how can u marry sanky?

Rags:i have to do it…he loves me alot,he is not like u..he wont cheat me.

She takes lessi n leave from there.

Laksh goes to god idol n prays

Laksh:why god?why u did this to me? Ragini was my first love.i know sth happened in these 4 years that i dont remember.but what?

Sanmy comes there.

Sanky:so…my bro in mandit?what a surprise…

Swara comes down stairs.she have bandage on her head.

Sanky sees her.

Sanky:swara,why did u get up from the bed.

Swara:i was the way,who is he?

Sanky:he is my bro..laksh.

Laksh the same time,swara falls unconsious.he is shocked to see her.sanky goes to take her.but laksh take her to the room n make her lay.

Laksh pov

what a surprise is this? I think she is the same girl.i think it is a surprising day for me.first ragini n now this girl.

He luks at her . He get head ache.

He goes to his room.

Sanky room.

He goes to room n sees ragini crying.he is also in tears.

Sanky:tommorrow will be the ready..

Rags:who’s wedding.

Sanky: ur wedding.dont ask me about groom…its ur love…laksh.

Rags: what r u saying sanky?

Sanky:i know..that day,i have heard ur conversation with swara.

Rags: u have heard na…then why r u doing this?i dont love him now.

Sanky : u dont know the whole story.he lost his memory by that accident..thats why? He behaved with u like that.

Sanky goes.ragini cries.


Sanky goes to swara’s room n keeps a dress for her with note saying abot marriage.she wakes up n wears it n comes down.ragini also get ready.there r no guest.its just family function

Laksh comes down wearing a blue sherwani.sanky is wearing a maroon sherwani.swara is wearing a blue churidar n ragini comes down wearing a maroon lehenga.

Laksh:bhai..are u marrying today?

Sanky:no..u r marrying?


sanky: ragini….i know everythng. Dont wrry..we r not married,lessi is ur daughter.

Laksh is teary eyed.

(Swara didnt see laksh)

Laksh:waise bhai…yesterday,who was that girl who fell unconsious?

Sanky:that is swara..ragini’s sister.

Laksh:but rags didnt tell me about her

Sanky tells him everythng.

He calls swara.swara luks at laksh shocked.

Precap:final episode…marriage of….??

Dont worry guyz..i have made pairs u like the most.

Credit to: jasmine

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  1. ragsan/raglak both r good, difficult to choose

  2. Kk now pakka maddy is Laksh..

  3. Plz make it as raglak please…

  4. Swalak and Ragsan here..I’m so sure…and Jasmine..its not necessary that Raglak have a daughter so they need to get married…swara’s maddy is I think Laksh…Sanky loves Rags.Rags has no feeling left for Laksh..just a soft corner as her daughter’s biological father..that’s it…now decision is yours…if u make swasan and raglak..then it will be because of your stubbornness..sorry if I have hurt u..but I don’t like this ehsanfaramosh thingi..Sanky took care of when Laksh is back..would it be perfect for Rags to kick Sanskar out of her life?think about hard feelings..

  5. I want rafsan… Sanskar took care of ragini and lessi so well…. Sanskar will be heart broken

  6. Same as lovely I love both…but I think u r ending in rush could hve wrote sme mre epi….but itz nice waiting fr last epi…

  7. Ya make it as ragsan % swalak

  8. Awesome but why are you ending so soon

  9. i think from sanskar’s perspective he is trying to do the right thing and give happiness to ragini who he truly loves. the question is what is really in her heart and what is going on with laksh and swara. laksh and ragini being dizzy after the juice, going to hotel, laksh decorating the room etc, makes me feel that she was drugged…and he had a hand in it (else he couldnt have be able to do all the decoration etc). secret marriage was not needed without telling sanky and laksh said she was lying later….if he had lost memory then how did he know about mumbai since as maddy he wouldnt, so it makes me think that whatever may be the reason….even if he loved ragini….it wasnt the right kinds.. if he used her. then swara’s photo in his wallets means he must have fallen in love with her, not just marrying her as obligation. .the way swara remembers maddy even though she doesnt know herself, means she loves laksh only. snaky’s feelings everyone knows. so question is what is really in ragini’s mind.

  10. make raglak plz..i beg u coz laksh really luvs ragini he cant even see ragini with other guy he still luvs ragini plzzzzz dr….

  11. Show swara and laksh story

  12. I have posted the next epi..dont wrry,i have changed the jodi.srry to swasan n raglak fan.all like ragsan n swalak i have changed the pair.
    Thanks for comments.

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