My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 14


Hi guyz..srry for the delay. I was busy.

Doctor comes n checks her.rags is waiting outside.

Doctor: dont wrry…she is fine.she is in shock.when she will remember what happened in this days.

Rags thank god.she goes in .she cares swara’s hair.swara opens her eyes n luks at her.

Rags:u got r u feeling now?

Swara:better di

Rags:u remembet me.

Swara:ya…how can i forget u.

Rags:why u told that i was not your di

Swara:i know u r not my di actually…u said it for me.

Rags:so,now u remember everythng.

Swara:but u knew my name?

Rags:so actually ur name is swara…..she laughs

Swara:u r right.

Rags:i had sister…she was missed in a market.her name was swara.

Swara became teary eyed.she hugged rags.

Swara:i was ur swara di….i am the same swara.

Rags:what r u saying?u said that u r the only daughter of ur parents.

Swara:they r not my true parents.when i was sitting in the market all alone.a couple came n took me to their home.they had no they adopted me.i only remembered my name.they loved me so much that i forgot they r not really my parents. I am lucky to get them.

Rags was crying.she hugs swara tightly.

Rags:so u r my shone…mera shone.meri choti.

Swara:ya…what about our parents.

Rags:they….passed away.

Swara:so..what about you?

Rags: i was with dad’s friend since then…


Rags ask swara to rest.she goes out.

Sanskar comes.she tells him everythng.she hugs him.

Sanky: itna exitement

Rags realised her position n backed off. They take swara home.

Rags:swara..tumne kaha,isliye gar laya….but u have to take rest.

Swara:ok.i have to go..

Rags: where?

swara: kolkata…mom n dad ke pas…aur maddy ka bhi.

Rags: maddy….but that rahul said that he kill….

Swara:no…..i have seen him in mumbai.when we went to mall.i followed him.

Rags:n rahul saw u.who is he?how he know u?

Swara:he is a goon n is after me since years.

Rags:does he love u truly?

swara:he doesnt love me.but he want me in his bed for n8.

Rags: such a who is maddy?


Someone:so sister’s talk..


Rags:u tell na who is maddy?

Swara: mom n dad brought him home.he had an accident n lost his memory.we didnt know his name….so mom named him maddy.he was so cute,caring n fun loving.we became gd frnds n slowly i began to fall for him.rahul was after me with bad intention.once he tried to rape me by giving drugs…after that mom n dad was worried n said maddy to marry me bcoz best frnds can be best partners.they told us to elope.but all went wrong..

Swara started crying n ragsan consoled her.

Swara:that rahul..he saw us n started following. We reachedmumbai by bus.but destiny gave us shock when he was infront of us in mumbai.he asked his goon to kill maddy n they hit him with a truck n….

Swara started crying vigorously.

Swara:n maddy asked me to escape from rahul. I ran from there n met with accident by sanky’s car.

Rags hugs hern consoles her.

Sanky: i will help u to find maddy.we will make his sketch.

Rags:thats right. N we will go to meet ur parents.


They went to sleep.

Ragsan room.

Lessi was waiting for ragsan.

Lessi:papa..u r too late.i will punish u.

Sanky:what punishment will u give me?

Lessi:u both have to sleep with me tonight..everyday papa sleep in study .

Rags:what r u saying lessi?

Lessi:u have to do it else i will not talk to u from now on.

Ragsan luked at eachother.they lay down.they sleep in 2 sides with lessi in middle.

Next morning.

Someone rings bell.rags opens the door n is shocked to find laksh.laksh is also shocked.

Laksh: rags….tum yahan kaise? Bhai ko tum janti hoon..

Laksh is happy to see rags n hugs her.she is shocked.

Precap: raglak….laksh is shocked on sth.

Will raglak re unite.?how will swasan fall in love if raglak reunite?

Credit to: jasmine

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  1. Maddy is laksh right

  2. Ter s no fault on laksh…hope ragini believes him…

  3. Superbbb…

  4. The way the ff is seems to be Ragsan and swalak……Ragsan in this story r a perfect couple…

    1. No….its swasan n raglak at end.raglak already have a daughter

      1. Maddy is I think Laksh…and mummy papa unhe nehi kehte Jo janam dete hai..mummy papa unhe kehte hai Jo hame palposkar bada karte hai…jo hameh parvatish dete hai…and its Sanskar who should be called a father…its not necessary that raglak has to unite just becuz they have a daughter…your story line is perfect for ragsan and swalak…and if u show at last that the couples r raglak and swasan..then that will be because of your u want to make those couples..but think about swalak and ragsan here…

      2. And yeah…don’t be a couple freak…see its the story that matters…every writer has the same prob..they believe that as this couple already has a child..they have to unite…it is not necessary…

  5. Maddy is laksh I think so
    nice episode

  6. Superb dear

  7. Awesome

  8. I am confused now..i toldd na i wrote the full story.i will try to change the story line.srry for errord

    1. dear u don’t need to change story just because anyone of us asked. just be sure why you are concluding the story a particular way. as long as you have conviction in your story that is all you need.

  9. I agree parents are not who give u birth but the ones who do the role/job of parents in your life. Truly love u and cherish you and take care of you always. And sanskar seems to be the one doing it here for lessi. Will be weird if he is now told to forget his daughter and lessi her father because her biological father is back

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