My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 13


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**FB continues**

The next day.

Rags was returning from was n8.she was light bcoz of project.
Some goons evetease her.they hold her hand.she slap him hard.they try to take her to car.but she bites ones hand n runs.they chase her.suddenlybshe came infront of a car.

Rags:pls save me…these goons are chasing me.

A person came out of the car.she is is laksh.

Laksh takes rags hand n make her sit in car.he fight with goon.they run.

Rags starts to feel for him by days.then,it came valentines day.he proposed her.but she said that she need some time.

The next day.

On call.

Rags:laksh can we meet at xyz restaurant.?


He was very happy.

He came there.they orderd for mistake the waiter gave them some special juice.

Rags:laksh….ibwant to tell u sth.



She was very nervous.they drank the juice.they start to feel dizzy n tge drink start its affect.they laugh unnecessirly.

Rags:u know…i love u.I called u here to tell u that.

Laksh jumps in happiness.

Laksh:really..i also love u.

They came out of the restaurant.they come to hotel n buk for room.

Laksh buys flowers n decorate it.he is fully inherited ,also she.

Rags:u know one thng i like ur caring nature.

He pulls her close.they have an intense eyelock.he kiss her lips.they consumates.

Next morning.

Rags wakes up n is shocked to find herself naked.she sees marks on her bodyshe is shocked to see laksh beside her. cant happen..i cant do it.

She remembers drinking the juice.

She calls laksh.

Laksh also is shocked .
Rags starts crying.laksh consoles her.

Laksh:rags…dont worry.

Rags:u say it simply…i am a girl.what will society tell?

laksh:only we know it…dont worry…i love u n will be always there for u.

She hugs him n cries.they come to home.


Laksh calls rags:

laksh:come to xyz park


She comes.she is happy to find romantic set up.

Laksh comes n bends on his knee

Laksh:ragini….i fell for u,when i saw u first time.i didnt feel like this for any other girl.i know u r the angel of my dreams.u r my princess…i love u.will u marry me.?

Rags nods happily.

They hug.they gat married next day in a temple secretly.sanky doesnt knew about it.the next day laksh went to kolkata for a meeting n didnt come for 3 days.rags is worried.

She goes in search of him.but didnt get to know anythng.she was in a cafe.she saw him there.she ran to him n hugs.she kissed his fore head.but he pushes her.

Laksh:todays girls are like this..dont have any shame.are u not ashamed to do this?

Rags:laksh..what r u saying?

Laksh:who laksh?aaj ki ladkiyan paise ke liye kuch bhi karte hai..besharam.

She cups his face.bu he pushes her.she falls on ground

Laksh:i said na i am not that type of guy..why r u behind me?

People surround them.a lady ask him if he knows her.

Laksh:no..she is lying. r lying laksh…how can u do this with ur own wife?

laksh:dont try to push me into ur trap.i know these type of girls.

People taunts her.she runs from there crying.

She came to mumbai n met sanky.

******fb ends******

Rags is crying.swara hugs her n consoles her.

Rags:how can he do this to me?

Swara:its past..i am srry..u remembered it bcoz of me.

Rags:no..i am relieved i never shared it with anyone.


Rags:he took what he wanted n cheated me.i believed him blindly.he loved my body not my heart.

Swara:ya..may be there mey be sth that u dont know.

Rags:no..truth is that he cheated me.

Swara goes from there silently.

The next morning.

They were having breakfast.

Rags:lessi..u have to get ready.we will go to market to buy vegetables

Swara:no di..i wil go

Rags:u dont even know the places will u go.

Swara:i will manage.

Rags:u take ramya with u.


She went to market with ramya.she was buying vegetables.she saw rahul.rahul also sees her.

Rahul to his goons.:catch her.

Swara runs.ramya also run behind her.she is running on the road.a truch hit her.she falls on the road in a pool of blood.people surround.the goons goes in another direction searching her.ramya with help of people take her to hospital.she calls rags n informs her.rags comes to hospital.

Rags:doctor,how is she?

doctor:she has major injury on her head.her chance to be saved is less..bcoz of huge loss of bood,she is more thing,u have to arrange o-ve blood for her within 30 min.i know its very rare bloodbut u have to do it.

Rags:dont worry doctor.i am o-ve.

Rags donate her blood.she comes to the doctor.

Rags:how is she now?

Doctor:u r mrs.maheshwari,right?


Doctor:she is the same person na…who had an accident 10 days before n had memory loss.

Rags:ha doctor.

Doctor:Mm..may be she will get her memory if she get consious…or,

Rags(teary eyed):or..what doctor?

Doctor:she may slip to coma.

Rags is shocked n cries.she calls sanky also.lessi is really worried n starts crying.she gives her to ramya n ask her to go home.

Doctor comes to her.

Doctor:u r lucky…she got consious.

Rags goes to her.

Swara luks at her cluelessly.

Rags:swara..i am happy that u r fine.i was worried.

Swara:who r u ?how u know me?how i reached here?

Rags:i am ur di…

Swara:i dont have any sister…i am the only daughter of my parents..

Rags:what happened to u?try to remember.

Swara trys.she gets dizzy n falls on bed.rags is shocked.

Precap:raglak meet…swasan shocked.

Hii guyz…i am busy in my cousins home.i will try to make it longer.

Credit to: jasmine

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