My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 12


Hi guys..jasmine is back.i am not big writer..i am a student n was just writing for fun bcoz i love writing…i got a story n wrote it in full.srry i cant change it

***Fb continue*****

rags walk away.laksh luks at her.he goes home.(guys i am not only showing ragini view..but the whole story..bcoz laksh told her how he started loving her.)

(Laksh n sanky’s parents r in usa.laksh came india ahter his studies.although laksh stayed with sanky.most of the time he was at his own apartment.sanlak was not much close.)

Laksh was trying to sleep.but he sees only rags.

He luks at the couch.rags was sitting there n luking at him.he goes to her n was going to take her hand.but she dissappeared.

Laksh smiled at himself.

Laksh( mind):why am i thinking about her?who is she?she is full of attitude,kuch kuch.

His inner soul-no..she is just amazing,cute n moreover gorgeous..n her name..ragini,how cute??i love her.

Laksh(mind) at first site..never,its not possible.I even dont know her clearly.
I can find her using her name.first,i will check in facebook.

Innersoul-no,if she is ur soulmate n true love..u will meet her by destiny.

He smiled at himself n sleep.

Ragini was having coffe at cafe.Laksh comes there n is surprised to see her.


Rags:u here…who did u hit this time.?

Laksh:no one bcoz u were not there to save them.can i sit her.?

Rags is irritated.

Rags:why?for what?

Laksh:nthng..simply..can we become frnds.


They shake hands n sit there having coffe.

Laksh:so what r u doing.?

Rags:i am doing engineering..n is staying with my uncle n aunt.

Laksh:n ur parents?

rags become teary eyed.

Rags:they passed away in an accident.

Laksh was in pain by seeing tears in her eyes.he gives her handkerchief.she takes it n wipes her tears.

Rags:what about u.?

Laksh:i came fron usa last week n is staying with n dad is in usa..

Rags:ohh.then bye for today..we will meet someother day as i have project.


She leaves.
Laksh pov is true ..she is ur soulmate.i love u the first time i saw u..ur glittering eyes n caring heart attracted me towards u..i love u.n i will confess it in the right time.

The next day.

Rags was waiting for auto to go to college.Laksh comes there.

Laksh:can i drop u?


laksh;no but..wut..come

He drops her.

Precap:laksh save ragini n their story continue.

Srry for short update.

Credit to: jasmine

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