My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 11


Hii guys..i am really srry,i cant change the story line now…it will be swasan n raglak.bcoz if i make it swalak,then i cant do anything with lessi bcoz she raglak daughter.pls dont bash against me.

Epi starts.

Ragsan take swara to hospital.

Sanky:doctor,how is she?

Doctor:she is fime,its bcoz of the head injury.she will get consious now.

Sanky is outside the room.rags come.

Ragini:who must be the boy who knew her?

Sanky:may be he is her frnd or sth

Rags:no he cant be frnd,he was her enemy.thats why he misbehaved.

Swara room.

She remembers about the incident n about the guy telling that he killed maddy.she shouts n opens her eyes.ragsan come there.

Rags:swara,are u fine?

Swara:ya..i was scared bcoz of todays incident.

Sanky:forget it.

They takes swara home.

At rags room.

Rags pov

Today i felt sth special when i was in mall..i felt like laksh was is true that he cheated me,but i cant forget him as he is first n true love for me.But i have to be stong.I think i have to leave from here to somewhere away.i was always a burden for sanky.i know he loves lessi.but he has his own life infront of him.i cant spioil it.Why laksh?Why u did this to me?i cant even tell sanky as he will be heartbroken to know this..he will broken as his own bro cheated me.But there is somethng that i dont know about this brothers.

She makes lessi sleep n goes to sleep.But she is not getting sleep,she goes to swara’s room.she was standing there luking at the moon.rags call her.

Rags:swara,what r u thinking? is full of twist for me.firstly i lost my memory.i was coming to normal n today that rahul…

Rags:who was he?how he know u?

swara:dont know,he told that i escaped from him last time n he killed maddy.he knew my name also.i am really confused.he said he love me,then how can he force me?

rags(mind):so her name is really swara.

Rags:may be he is ur enemy.u have to be careful.

Swara:haa..but why u came here late?

Rags:i was not getting sleep.

Swara:come sit here

Thety sit on couch.

Swara:i heard ragsan story from u tell about ur story


swara:ragini n sanskar.


Swara:ell me ur story also..i know it is painful but by sharing it will be lighten.u can share it with me.anyway we are swaragini.tell me di..what is ur past?i dont remember it,but may i can help u

Rags:it was beautiful love story..until he cheated me.

She started telling.

***Fb starts****
A boy was driving car harshly with loud music.suddenly a little girl comes infront of it.he applies break fastly.before that,a girl takes the small girl from there.(she saves the small girl.).

The boy comes out of the car n is mesmerised to see the girl.she was wearing a beautiful anarkali churidar n had light make up.her eyes were glittering.the boy was staring at her.the girl comes to him.

Girl:hey..cant u see,r u blind?

Boy to small girl:bachu,r u fine.

The small girl nods.the girls mother takes her n say thanks to the girl who saved her.

The boy:her mother dont have any probs?why are u shouting miss…

Girl:ragini gadodia.

The boy :haa..why?

Rags:bcoz of guys like u ,many loss their life.

Boy:i am srry..i did nt see her.

Rags:r u blind mr.

Boy:laksh maheshwari.


Boy:i said na i am srry.

Rags:its waste to talk to u.

She walks away.he luks at her.

Precap:fb continue ..raglak love.

Credit to: jasmine

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  10. Pls dont bash me..i know some are swalak n ragsan fan,thats why i started the story with those pairs…atlast u will have swasan, raglak….swalak didnt meet,but their story will be in next epi or the 13 epi…dont worry

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