My Soulmate (swaragini) epi 10


hi guyz..happy that its not boring u.i will try to update regularly. there is internet it will be a swalak n ragsan .atlast it will be swasan n raglak.i am sorry if i hurt anyone.i will write a ragsa ff after this.

the boy pushes her.she hits a car parked n her head starts bleeding.

swara:why r u doing this?who r u?

rahul:kk..i will inroduce myself…i am rahul khanna.dont say that u dont remember me.i killed ur bf..whats his name?(laughs evily) ha..maddy.but u escaped.come baby,aaj hum shaadi karenge..n u will be mine.

swar pushes him n try to run.but he catches her n push her against a car n come close to her. Swara is in tears . she shouts at him to leave her for god sake.he comes close to her n try to force her.But two powerful hands pulls him n slap him continously.swara is shocked to see the is sanky.he beats him.rahul runs from there.Swara runs n hugs him.He consoles her.

rags comes there searching for her.She is shocked to see her state.

rags comes n hugs her.she kissed her forehead.

rags:what happened swara?how u came here? n sanky how u here?

swara:wo..wo..that boy..rahul.

sanky:that boy was misbehaving with her.i saw her when i was coming to u.

swara:it was not about that boy..he knew me.he knew my name.he killed my mandy

swara faints there.Sanky carry her to the car n goes to hospital.

precap:swara accident.

Credit to: jasmine

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  1. Nice yr long update plz plz make it clear plz its swasan or swalak

  2. Nyc pls don’t change the pairs at last di pls let it be swalak and ragsan ….. If u change them that l be like separating lovebirds…. Pls don’t change

    1. yaar..i cant do anythng now..i didnt know that u all were swalak n ragsan fans..but if i unite them,what will i do with rasika?

  3. Lucky and Swara don’t know anything about each other then how can they be couple 🙁

  4. Pls Don’t change pair at last.. If it’s swasan Nd RagLak then let it b like that only frm NW also.. Breaking up couples is sad… 🙁

    1. Agree.i thought the same.

  5. make it swlaak only

  6. plz suggest ur own ideas on making it swalak n ragsa..i dont know what to do with rasika?say ur ideas..i will think about it….thanks everybody for reading my ff

  7. I agree with liz n priya..

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