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After sometimes Rikara, Roumya with their children’s  are comes to Oberoi Mansion. Aaru is very happy because Dhyan and Sam will with her in two days. The tree kids are goes to Aaru ‘s playing room . At noon, after lunch Shivay goes to Airport for going to London.Omru are accompany him till airport. Before going from OM ,Shivay says to Anika .

” Anika I forgot to take one of my file, please bring that file from Room ”

A” okay Shivay ”

Saying this Anika goes to Shivika’s room  . All are standing in the main hall of OM.

Anika didn’t come back from room. Shivays says to omru .

” I think when she comes after finding my file, my flight will miss . So I will go for finding my file myself ”

Omru” OK Shivay / Shivay bhayya… Eagerly comes back .”

Saying this they are smiling looking at each other. After all they are married people he na. They know what Shivay forgets  for taking from room.

At Shivika’s room

Anika searched Shivay’s file in their entire room but she didn’t get that file. That time Anika saw that Shivay is coming to their room.

A” Shivay where is your file? I search for that file in the entire room but didn’t get it ”

S” I knows Anika where is the file is? ”

Saying this Shiva goes to their bed and take his file from under his bed.

A” you are impossible Shivay  . You are preserved your file under our bed?”

S” I didn’t preserved it under our bed actually I was hide it under our bed ”

A” For what ”

S” For getting you alone, Anika… I am going away from you for two days. I miss u a lot. I wants a gift from you, which will reduce your missing ”

A” are you talking about which gift Shivay”

S” I’m talking about the gift which is very sweet and special for me ”

After thinking some times Anika understand what Shivay means by

A” Shivay…. If someone comes to our room ”

S” anyone won’t comes to our room without my knowing ”

saying this Shivay moves close to Anika and they have special moment. After sometimes Shivay comes to hall with Anika and he is bide by to all and goes to Airport with Omru. After Shivay goes children’s are goes to  Aaru ‘s playing room and started their play.Aniriya (Anika, Gouri, Sounds)  are goes to Anika’s room.

G” Shivay bhayya is very careful husband he na Soumya ”

S” Ha Gouri Di. Shivay bhayya don’t wants to leave Anika Di and Aaru alone. That’s why he na he calls Om bhayya and Rudra and asks to them comes to Om along with me and Gouri Di and says live with Anika Di till he comes back from London, he is so caring husband ”

G” Anika is very lucky to get a life partner likes Shivay bhayya, I wants to know Shivika’s story ”

A” You all are right. I’m very lucky to get a life partner likes Shivay.But   it was me who broke Shivay’s heart ♥.And It was he who gives me a new life ”

S& G” what are you saying Anika Di ,we can’t understand anything ?”

A” I will says our story to you both ”


What will be Shivika’s story. For knowing about it you should wait till my exams ends.
I will update next part after my exams ends. My exam is starting on Nov 3rd.  If you are likes this part then do comment

Meet you all after my exams ends. Take care.

With lots of love

Ahsana ?

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