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Omkara is from Delhi. For his carrier he is settle down in Mumbai. Rudra from Lucknow, now living in Mumbai. Both Rikara and Roumya are living in a villa.Shivomru are meet each other in a journey to Mumbai. And becomes best friends. But they are live like brothers. Gouri and Soumya are very close to Anika. They are living in like sisters. Anika is sand artist  .


Shivay and his family  are lives in Oberoi Mansion at Mumbai. Shivay ‘s Family are including his wife Anika and their daughter Aaradya, Shivay’s Dadi, Shivay’s parents,and his Bade Papa and bade maa and their daughter Priyanga.

Priyanga is living in Paris for her higher studies. Dadi, Shivay’s parents and Tej and Janvi are goes to Lucknow for attending Dadi’s Friend ‘s grand daughter ‘s marriage. The bride ‘s father is Tej and Shakti’s best friend. They will comes back after two days.

Now in OM Shivay, Anika and Aaradya are here. Anika is not going along with elder oberios because she is have sand art show in tomorrow evening . She is an sand artist.  Shivay get an phone call. After ending call he says to Anika.

S” Anika….I have an urgent meeting at night at London with an international company. This meeting will end with in two days. In this meeting our company joining with International company for our new project. ”

A” You will goes to the meeting Shivay”

S” but how can I go to London leaving you and Aaradya alone. Maa, papa, dadi, and bade maa and bade Papa all are return back to Mumbai two days later only. ”

A” Shivay why you are fearing about Leaving me and Aradya alone. I knows how much important is this deal for our company, you should concentrate on your deal. I will take care of myself and Aaradya ”

S” okay Anika.. I will goes to London at noon ‘s flight but I didn’t leave you both alone. I will call Omru and asks them to comes to OM with Gouri, Soumya and Dhyan & Sameera. ”

A” okay Shivay”.

That time Aaradya comes to Shivika’s pass and says.

Aaradya” Papa… Where are you going? ”

S” Papa have an urgent meeting at London… my princess. I will come back after two days ”

A” you are going to leave me and Mamma alone ”

S” No Aaru ( all are calling Aradya as Aaru)  Om Chachu and Rudra chachu and Gouri chachi and Soumya chachi will live with you and mamma till papa come back from London ”

Aaradya” really !”

S” ha my princess they will comes here, after they comes I will goes to London ”

Aaradya” thank you Papa, Dhyan and Sam(Sameera ,all are call her like that) are comes to Om. Yeah ✌ ”

S” Ha they are comes but not argue with anyone”

Aaradya” okay Papa, I am good a girl he na? I won’t argue with anyone ”

S” okay, And what will Papa bring for my princess? ”

Aaradya” chocolate ? ”

S” okay papa will bring chocolate for my princess ”

Aaradya” Papa… Bring chocolate for Dhyan and Sam also ”

S” okay Aaru… Papa will bring chocolate for everyone, are you happy now? ”

Aaradya” yeah Papa, I’m happy ”
S” good girl ”

Anika is looking at Shivay and Aaradya .Tears are coming from her eyes .Shivay notice this ,He sends Aaradya to her playing room. After that he comes to Anika ‘s pass and he wipes her tears and kisses in her forehead. And says forgets your past Anika and he promised to Anika that He is always with her and Aaradya till the last breath of his life . And says to her smile ☺.  Anika was smiles.

S” that’s my Beevi ”

Saying this Shivay hugs Anika and after sometimes they are broke their hug. After that Shivay calls Omru and informs them about his business meetings at London and asks them to comes to OM with Gouri, Soumya and Dhyan & Sameera.


Thank you for reading . If you are like this part then do comment on this part . I will update soon.

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