Soulmate #kachi os# part two


Hi friends I m back with a next part of soulmate. Thank u sooo much for your comments and really sorry because the os was very smallI realised it late.I am keeping the wallpaper to increase your heart beats.Its really a suspence that it is a sad ending or happy.but please read it full after that u can say me anything or curse me I will not complain.and please dont forget to comment.

So lets start.
We stopped prevouisly on sachi crying in the garden.

Her imagination starts.
Rose said to sun I love u. I am deeply in love with you.hearing this sun was totally shocked.
Sun-what? How? Why?!!!
Rose smilingly-I love u. I love your good qualities and kind heart. The most important quality is that u gives life to every living being.(thume chaahne ke liye wajah ki jaroorat nahi tum ho hi aise)
Sun-but u cant even touch me! Then how do u love me?
Rose-when the souls are connected with each other then their is no need of body to feel eachother.(tumhe chune ke liye jisma ki jarooorat nahi rooh he kafi hai. Maine har dafa tumhare rooh ko apni akhoon se chuti hoon aur thume pata bhi nahi chalta!)
Sun-but I have some work some responsiblities which I have to I cant be with u forever.
Rose-I know u have more work and I will never complain about it. When u goes away from me the night scares me with its darkness but then I close my eyes and remember u and hope that u will bring brightness in my life.(tumhe apniakhoon me bhar ke tumhare sat bitaye hue hassin pal yad karoongi aur tumhari raah dekhoongi.)
Sun-I too love u soo much that u cant imagin but I was shocked to know u feel the same. I fell for u on very first day when I saw u. When u came in my life my world became colourful.please promise me u will never leave and go me. I cant imagine my life without u.
Rose-I promise u I will never leave and go u even after death as soul never die…
Sun(angerly)-never talk about death in front of me…

Rose-(cutely) ok sorry na now dont make your face red like tomato.
Imagination ends(this was dialogue of love between kanchi and also natures example of love)
Here in USA kabeer was feeling restless.
In kabeers mind.
Why I am feeling that something wrong is going to happen.why today the clouds are crying the air is telling me some bad news.and my heart is constantly taking the name of sachi. I think I should call her and he calls her.
She picks up his phone wiping her tears.
Kabeer-hello sachi. How r u? Did u go to the doctor ? What did she said?today was your appointment no?
Sachi-(in low tone)I am fine. I went to the doctor and she gave me meds and told to do rest.
Kabeer-why your voice is so low ? Are u crying.
(Bina dekha dil ka hal samaj jana isse kehte hai pyar)
Sachi-no I am not crying its just effect of pregnancy.
(Someone calling kabeer)
Someone-sir everyone is wating for u in meeting.
Kabeer -ok I am coming.Sachi I have work I have to go take care of yourself and baby and eat your medicines properly I will call u later.
He cuts the call.
After keeping call she again starts crying and thinks
Sachi-work!kabeer. Due to this work I cant tell u about my deadly disease. Work is first priority of doctors. Patient need u there more than me.
Isha pragya and veer are knowing about her disease and r quite because of her promise.
After 7 months finally kabeer is back to India.
On airport.

Kabeer – Now finally I will meet my sachi…
He comes to know that she is in hospital for delivery.
He rushes to the hospital.
There he finds Ishpraveer tensed and kusum sitting on chair outside ot
Someone is screaming with pain and thats our sachi. Finally everyone heard baby crying. Nurse told them its a baby girl and she is normal and healthy but the condition of sachi is worsening.
Kabeer is shocked to hear that.
The trio tells everything about sachi’s disease and the reason for not telling him about it .
Kabeer is heartbroken he was in great shock as if his whole world was lost. Nurse tells that sachis heartbeats r decreasing.
Kabeer shouts sachhhhiiiii.
After six years.
Kabir was standing near window remembering the whole incident with teary eyes.
Someone hugged him from backward closly and tightely.
Yes she was sachi.really sachi not her soul.
Kabeer rushes inside ot and tries his best to save sachi. He finally kisses her due to some jurk sachi gains conciousness back(ofcourse when there is no one in ot as they put their hands up telling she cant be saved) her disease was difficult to recover but not impossible kabeer made it possible!
Fb ends

Sachi- i am here in front of u safe and fine now dont cry.
He tightely hugs her from front.
Just then their 5 year old princess comes and shouts on them.
Kanchi-offo mummy papa now enough your romance.arre iss nanhi si jaan ke bareme bhi to socha typical husband wives bhi naa.
Sachi kabeer in one voice -shetan!
And they all starts laughing.
So friends the story ends.
I was wanted to make sad ending but due to some of my friends request I changed it into happy ending.
Please please guys comment and tell me about your opinions
Thank u
Love u all.

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  1. Bhot acha story hai yaar.thank u so so much??????keep it up yaa.this os is amazing and awesome

    1. Rajnandini

      Thank u sooo much sweetie. My happiness is beyond words knowing u liked my os.

  2. Superb thanks for happy ending

    1. Rajnandini

      I cant make u all sad yarr and also wanted happy start of mine so happy ending of os. Thanku

  3. Lovely. They united at last. I m so happy

    1. Rajnandini

      Yaa and same here. I am too happy with their unity as I like their pair and thanks a lot dear.

      1. My pleasure

  4. Hema69

    thankyou for happy ending
    in serial we don’t know they make kanchi as lead pair or not
    so thats y we want a happy ending in ff r os

    1. Rajnandini

      U r most welcome dear. I too want them as a main lead.lets see what happens next in serialand thanks for commenting sweetie.

  5. Thank u for happy ending n sorry for not cmmntng in last one yaa we kanchi fans dont no in seriel kanchi pair end up or no but we wish atleast in os or ff did their happy ending

    1. Rajnandini

      its ok niyaa dear and thank u soo much.I am glad u liked it.ur comments means a lot for me.

  6. Awesome superb mindblowing and thanks for happy ending

    1. Rajnandini

      thanks a lot ashinita dear. Glad u liked it.

  7. what an explanation b/w sun and rose.. i love it
    at first i thought sanchi going to die…but the climax twist was awesome from u
    i love it

    1. Rajnandini

      Thank u sooo much.actually I m nature lover and loves to write about nature and I think nature teaches us many things so we should give attention to it.and I will never make my kanchi fans sad dear.

  8. It’s suprb really loved it.

    1. Rajnandini

      Thank u soooo much yarr.

  9. Richa1496

    Nice yaar…. Thanks for happy ending… Waiting to read more from u… ?

    1. Rajnandini

      Thank u sooo much yaar. Ur comment means a lot for me.

  10. RUSHI

    Nice tha very very very nice tha esply sun rose part was totally unique never shown anywhere
    Dear sanveer ff please
    love u keep writing

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks four ur complement dear and sure I m going to write sanveer os next.

  11. Lovely yaar and thank u soo much for happy ending awesome

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a loads dear. I m sooo much happy u liked it.

  12. Thank you so much dear for such a beautiful story ??just loved it to the core of my heart ??finally we get together kabir..sanchi & our Jr.sanchi ??plz don’t stop writing ??and eagerly waiting for another beautiful update from u dear asap ☺☺☺

    1. Rajnandini

      Ooooh thankuuuuu so much yarr riya .thats sooo sweet of u . Such a lovely comment yarr and I will try my best to write more better to such a lovely reader.

  13. Abhilasha

    It was awesome hr…. So sweet….. Rose an sun part was too gud…. Ad thank u for happy ending!!

    1. Rajnandini

      Thank u sooo much yarr actually I was a bit nervous with sun and rose part but I m glad u liked it.thanks again

  14. Moonlight25

    Thank you so much for the happy ending….it was a beautiful story…write another one soon

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot moon for such a lovely comment and I m very glad u liked it.its sooo encouraging.

  15. Trisha139

    Ooo that was so so sweet specially their daughter nd imagination….loved it toooo good keep writing dear

    1. Rajnandini

      Thank u sooo much trisha I was waiting eagerly for os queen’s comment. I m feeling like I am on seventh sky of happiness…

  16. Awesome too good story

    1. Rajnandini

      Thank u sooo much dear.

  17. RuCh23

    It was really amazing ??? continue writing dear hope to read many great ffs from you ?

    1. Rajnandini

      Thats such a big compliment dear. Thank u from core of my heart and sure.

  18. Nutts

    Was very sweet

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot dear.

  19. Rajnandini

    Thank u sooo much friends for ur comments . They really encourage me.but really very sorry because I will post another os late as my semesters r really near and I really need to do much of my studies . So please please dont be angry and I know u all will understand.
    Thanks guys
    Love u a lot.

  20. Very nice….thanks for making it happy ending

    1. Rajnandini

      Thank u so much . It means a lot yarr

  21. Swetatitli

    Lovely ch yaar

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