My Soulmate (Ek duje ke vaaste) CHAPTER 1


Hey guyss!!!!! Again Fatima here …. thank u soooooo sooooooo much all the people who liked nd commented on the intro ????????????
U guysss r truly gems ???
So without wasting time here the story begins ….

A new day had begun. For others it would hold an importance in their lives as they would do something new r spend time with their loved ones. But for her it was just an ordinary day in the arms of loneliness. She took a deep breath nd looked out of the window. She was a sweet old-timer with rich streaks of grey hair adorning her looks, combined with her warm smile which could still flutter many hearts. When she was young, many a proposals had come but she had vowed that she would only be his …. only her Shravan’s. At last, time flew by nd the day never came. She opened her diary nd took out an old black nd white photo. Both seemed quite young nd very happy with each other ….. of course it was their first picture together. A thin line of tears formed in her eyes nd clutching the photo tightly with her trembling fingers, she said, “Shravan where r u? Did u forget me? Will u never forgive me?”
Saying this she went down her memory lane in order to derive the momentary pleasure of the good old days.
She recollected how they accidentally bumped into each other, one monsoon in 1956 when she was all of 16. But the first meet itself was enough to tell them that they were destined to be together. They came to know that their families were old time friends. As the time passed, the accidental meetings turned into scheduled ones nd they became best frndzz nd finally the day came when Shravan told her that how much he loved her nd her presence in his life. Sumo too reciprocated his feelings nd that day was the happiest day of their lives.
Suddenly, her train of thoughts came to a halt hearing a cheerful voice “GIRLFRIEND”

She wipes her tears nd looked towards the source of this sound. Standing in front of her making a pout face nd folding his hands in front of his chest was standing the World’s most cutest cherubic little thing “How can u do this Sumo? You forgot ur BF nd clicked this photo. When? Nd who is this dumbo? Pointing towards the man in the frame. “Go, I won’t talk to you”
Suman chuckled at his innocent outburst nd replied “No my dear dabboo. How can I forget u? See I even bought 2 chocolates but looks like someone is very angry nd won’t talk with me”
Hearing the word ‘CHOCOLATE’ his heard melted r more so his mouth watered “No no … how can I be angry on my GF. You r my sumo the great nd I love u so much” Buttering her …. he now grabbed the chocolates from her nd started eating them greedily.
Sumo smiled at his cute antics. Dabboo had become the part of her life since the past 3 yrs. She still remembers the day when he shifted with his family to the house beside the nursing home. He had hit her unknowingly with his ball while playing in the garden nd when he came near her to take it, she made a deal with him- when they became frndz … dabboo was overjoyed as he had no frndz in the neighbourhood while for sumo, it would provide some momentary respite from her loneliness. They become thick frndz nd dabboo came to visit her everyday after his school nd as today was Sunday, he would linger around her the whole day.
Munching on his chocolate dabboo said “Sumo u didn’t tell me who was the stupid guy in the photo with u?” Sumo shook her head nd replied “He is not stupid my dear. He was soo handsome. He looked like Amitabh Bachchan the actor. He is Shravan ….. Shravan Malhotra. He was a wonderful person. I loved him very much …. I still do. I didn’t get married ever. I think no one could fill the void that he left in my life.
Dabboo sensing something weird asked innocently “Didn’t he love u back? Tell me his address. I shall go nd box his ears nd knock some sense into his thick skull. How could he hurt my GF?”
“No, he loved me very much. Actually more than himself but due to some misunderstanding we drifted apart” Sumo said with a heavy heart.
Dabboo jumped nd with the twinkle in his eyes asked “What was the misunderstanding? Tell me na ….. it’s been a long time since I heard a good story nd now I want to hear my sumo’s life story, no love story … tell me” he urged her with the cutest puppy eyes nd shook her hand vigorously.
“Ok ..ok I’ll tell u but won’t u get bored?” Sumo asked
Dabboo nodded his head in negative nd she began …….

So this is it .. how was it guyzz ..
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Love u ???
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  1. This is a story written by Nupur/ adu on wattpad. Please do not copy someone else’s story.

    1. Fatimagulesarfraz

      Yeah yeah I know it .. I didn’t copy it .. I hv mentioned in bold letters in the intro that this is NOT written by me .. I just read it somewhere soo thought to share it .. that’s it .. before making a negative comment .. at least try to know the truth behind ..

      1. Copy someone’s story word for word just because you have read it somewhere is also wrong, if you wanted to share it the right way you should have asked the writer to publish it here or shared the link to to story here. Did you even ask permission from that writer or check with her to see if she wanted to publish it herself? She is a member of this site too!

  2. Ariana

    Aww Fatu such a cute shot. The black n white phone…those memories…Sumo being old makes this story even more touchy. Dabbu is so sweet. I’m really excited to know abt her past. post the next shot soon.
    Love u
    take care

  3. Hey Fatima!

    I was glad that u liked my story on wattpad. But dear if u wanted to post it here u could have at least asked me permission. Without permission if u post the story of any author, then it is clearly a case of plagiarism and it is a legal crime.

    But dear before publishing on wattpad, l had already published it here under the title mere humsafar. Here’s the link~

    I did it during the month of june.

    I appreciate the fact that u mentioned it isn’t ur story but the only issue here is that u haven’t informed me that u are posting here. If u had l don’t think l would have any sort of problem. But as of now, stop posting this story here or l might have to take this matter to the concerned authorities.

    Wishing u all the best for ur future endeavours,

    1. Tellyupdates post my comment.its important!

    2. Fatimagulesarfraz

      I m sorry dear ..
      My intentions were not to hurt u ..
      I m sorry ..

  4. WeirdSister

    It was really sweet Fatima…!
    Post soon..
    Waiting for d flashbacks..!
    Love u.

  5. Nikita

    Don’t feel bad, but is this from some movie?
    Cause I’m pretty sure I’ve either watched it or read it somewhere..
    Not here, and definitely not on wattpad..
    Anyways, this was damn cute..
    The oldness, the charm in Suman was beautiful..
    Loved it!
    Love you!

    1. No this story is not of any movie. I have read the actual story of the author when she posted it here on this site earlier. The link is given in Nupur’s comment. After reading all 3 parts u ll understand it’s not from any movie or from any other site. Don’t draw assumptions before hand.

      I didn’t mean to be rude but this plagiarism issue everywhere is getting on my nerves

      1. completely agreed dear. what is worse is other readers supporting it and asking for next update to be posted — even after they have read that it is a plagiarised story. that is even worse.

  6. Fatimagulesarfraz

    OMG !!!!! I m just too little to know what is pilgiarism … now I searched it out nd found out it’s meaning … sorry everyone if anyone got hurt by my post .. my intentions were not bad .. nd most importantly I mentioned that it is NOT my story r my stuff .. it is someone else .. that how can everyone say that this is pilgiarism ..
    I admit that this was a bad idea to post someone’s story bt the fact is I hvn’t posted it by my name …. yeah here my fault is that I hvn’t mentioned the real writer’s name .. bt I never thought that this would become a big big issue …
    Ohhhhhh GOD … I m sorry everyone .. nd sorry to u too nupur ..
    Nd lol ??? I don’t even know that this ‘Pilgiarism’ is a crime ?? .. otherwise I would never ever posted it ..
    Sorry everyone .. next time I will be careful ..

    1. It’s alright. U realised ur mistake that’s ok. And yes dear it does come under the case of plagiarism as u didn’t inform me about it. But let bygones be bygones. But I do request u to not post the remaining chapters otherwise tellyupdates authorities ll have to look into the matter.

      And l would also love to read ur stories. Pm me regarding when u start writing ur own story on wattpad. I ll read it:)

  7. We too.wana listen…??

    Amazing story line…
    Keep it up..
    And ya I too won’t get bored with ur ff..

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