His Soulmate..broken shards meant to be repaired (Ragsan Part 9)

The deafening silence had his blood run cold like the winter air creeping in through the window.

Everything was silent.

Waiting for the impending doom.

Not even the rustling of leafs was audible.

No hustle-bustle or whispering.


It was as if the nature was also conspiring against him.

Depriving him of the reassurance that he slept desperately craved.

A belief that he would not lose her.

Not after he just got her.

It has been what?

One and a half week?

Was that all?!!!

“CPR RIGHT NOW !!” Adhiraj whisper-yelled after what felt like hours, successfully breaking everyone out of their trance.

“Hand over the injection John.” He ordered, eyes moving frantically from monitor screen to the unmoving figure laid before him on the hospital bed.

“Hurry up !! We’ve not got much time left!!! ”

“Turn over the knob.”

His instinict as a doctor kicking in full force as he tried his level best to save the patient anyhow.

Nurses running anxiously around the room, rotating through the CPR with baited breaths.

“Take the blood pressure.”

“Continue the CPR Diya.”

The tick-tock of clock causing sweat of anticipation to run down their foreheads, while Adhiraj rake his mind hard, hand working like an automated machine as he try to find the cause of the asystole.

It could be anything.

Pulmonary embolism, tension pneumothorax, acidosis, cardiac tamponade, ANYTHING.

Tension lingering thick in the air and the pressure on their shoulders increasing with each passing second.

If they failed to act wisely in a reasonable amount of time, the patient will likely suffer so much brain damage that it would be impossible to revive her.

And for the next prolonged five minutes, the steps of doctors and nurses, clinking of medical instruments, and heavy breathing is the only thing that was heard cutting through the palpitable anxiety that lingered heavily in the air.

A daunting aniticipation.


Waiting for something. Anything to happen.

And it did.

The flicker of hope shining bright like the morning sun and just like that the heaviness lidded in his chest vanished like it was not there to begin with.

A smile creeping up slowly on Adhiraj’s lips.

A feeling of content.

He did his job.

All their efforts paid off.

People think that doctors are gods.

No, they are not.

They’re also human like everyone else.

The expectations on their shoulder is not a piece of cake.

At times they get successful and at times they don’t.

And the feeling of knowing that someone’s life was in your hands and you failed is something utterly and despairingly painful.

Knowing that so many hopes were crushed with one failed attempt.

But looking up at the rhythmic heartbeats on the monitor screen he felt happy.


Proud that he accomplished the reason of what he is right now.

He saved a life.

And it was all worth it.



326 years of life and you certainly come to see through people.

But not her.

No matter how hard I try.

She has built such a high wall around her that it’s impossible to penetrate inside.

But I’m not the one to accept defeat easily.

I’ll try.

Again and again and…….. again.

I always thought love would be painful. But my life never prepared me for her.

The first time I laid my eyes on her and I knew she would be my everything.

My sole purpose to live.

Never have I seen a creature as gorgeous as her and I would make sure that she knows it.

It has been two days since the incident and she is still unconscious.

Staring at her at the moment, I know things will not be same after she would wake up.

But I’ll wait.

Wait for her to be comfortable with me once again.

And this time she will not be alone.

Never again.

Thank you so much for all the comments. Love you all. So sorry that I couldn’t reply to all of you personally but I did read all the comments and am so so so grateful for all the love.

Hope you will like the chapter.
Also everything that I wrote in the chapter is medically possible. I searched on internet about it before writing the part. It was not a miracle or anything like they show on TV shows sometime.

Don’t know when will I update the next part but I’ll try to update soon.

Till then be happy and take care.
Love you all ??????

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  1. nice.sis can u post one chappy of His Solace ff??

  2. Awesome sissy

  3. Amazing dr

  4. Asw

    Such an amazing update keep going ?

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  6. Awesome

  7. Amazing

  8. Aliyahillary

    amazing part finally his babymate is gonna fine can’t wait for more plz…update soon dear i’ll be waiting…love u aloooooooootss….take care ummah…

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  11. Awesome dear, loved it

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  13. Asra

    fabulous dear…loved it alot….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  14. A.xx

    fab xx

  15. Sargam

    so stupid of me to not read it earlier……bt better late than never….
    coming to the episode..these hospitals have always made me anxoius.that silence…that cold environment…..your writing has that effect that i reach in the scne and see it all….sanky is so tensed…
    proud of adhiraj….he brought ragu back to life…..really docs are also humans bt they have a huge responsibility…..and i am glad he fulfilled it this time.or sanky would have….you know…..
    sanskar’s pov is jst too much delight to read rakhi…….
    he is wating for ragu to be comfortable around him….aww sanky’s love for ragu is jst so admirable….
    yes that’s the spirit keep trying sanskar…you will surely succeed….
    indeed our ragu is gorgeous….and glad that she has become the reason of living of the alpha…the great alpha…..
    the last lines of this epi jst took my heart away…i am sure now he wont leave her alone….not now.not anytime
    rakhi baksh do mujhe yaar,kya karun ki muje lage maine tumhari tareef poori kardi hai,i feel like i left something to say….i know i know you will say jst keep supporting me…bt it jst doesnt feels like that we are giving you something worth for what you are giving us……love you and urs ffs yaar…..
    btw if you dont mind..if only you dont mind……what’s your date of birth…..jst a curiousity……ignore if you dont want to answer.hehe
    bye dear and waiting eagerly for nxt part of ur ffs

    1. Rakhi

      First of all no need to worry dii. Take your time for commenting. I understand. And same here dii. Right from childhood,
      I avoid hospitals like plague. Don’t know why, but they give me these anxious vibes.
      You are absolutely right dii. People have so much expectations with doctors and seriously hats off to them for working under so much pressure and responsibilities.
      And our Sanskar wants Ragu to be comfortable with him before taking their relationship to another level bad that’s really commendable because not everyone has such a mature thinking.
      Our Ragu is truly gorgeous like a fairy. Inside out.
      So happy that you like Sanskar’s POV so much. Although I’ve written Ragini’s POV as well, I personally think that I write Sanky’s POV much better. But it’s just my personal opinion though.
      Yeah, the last lines are awesome dii. Maybe someday you will get someone in your life who will have seen thoughts about you. Don’t worry dii. I would pray for you and who knows maybe god would grant my wish after seeing my persistence.
      And for the reply of your last lines.
      You know dii, just a couple of weeks ago I was searching something on internet when I stumbled upon these lines of a fan fiction writer.
      “As a writer, you would know you’ve done your job when one day someone would write about your work from their heart. Though you would get a lot of readers but there will be someone who would make you think that it was all worth it.”

      And I can proudly say that dii, you are that reader for me.
      I can say a thousand times thank you to you and it would not be enough.
      In fact, I am thankful from the bottom of my heart to each and every reader who ever read my work and took their precious time to appreciate it.
      And why would I mind dii. Sure you can know my birth date.
      It’s 14 September, 1997.
      Will try to update the next part soon.
      Till then take care dii. And love you soooo much.

      1. Rakhi

        And one more thing dii. You said that you feel like you guys are not giving me something worth for in comparison to what I’m giving you. Then let me tell you one thing honestly dii.
        The smile that stretch onto my lips after reading all the comments, I seriously would never trade it for anything.
        If I’m being honest here, I don’t have much reason to smile in my life.
        And the smile that I get after seeing all the love showered on my work, it’s seriously more than enough. And I couldn’t ask for anything more.

      2. Sargam

        rakhi….di…..ya actually you are 2 yrs elder to me according to ur dob so i hope i can call you that…ofcouse i can ,i know you are gonna say that….
        your comments jst made me teary eyed rakhi di……i hold such place in your heart…….i am feeling priveleged….
        i guess we should stop this thank you business or we will be fed up of it coz you wont stop giving your faboulous works and i wont stop appreciating them…
        love you a lottttttttttt rakhi di……
        and you also take care

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