His Soulmate..broken shards meant to be repaired (Ragsan Part 8)


Do you know what’s more Stupid?

It’s the fact that, making people think that suicide IS the only answer.

Laying there on the floor, surrounded with her own pool of blood, she was happy that she was numb. In this moment, she didn’t have to be anything. Neither a sister, a mate or anyone else for that matter.

She didn’t have to be anything and she was happy. At peace.
No fear to disappoint anyone.

She hides you see? She flinches when anyone touch her and trembles at the prospect of meeting an unknown stranger or anyone at that matter.
Not because, she wants to, but simply because that is what she has learned is the safest thing to do when she doesn’t feel safe.
Few people realize the trust and faith she must feel for her to show herself at all.
So shy and fragile are her hopes and dreams, and too many times has she been ignored and abandoned.
When emotions start rolling in her mind and fear allows the darkness to consume her, the little, innocent girl hides away from everyone.

“Promise swetheart.”

The words kept ringing in his head, torturing him inside.

Sprinting through the woods in his wolf form, heart thudding loudly in his chest, the only thought occupying his mind at the moment was HER.
Not bothering to knock, the black furred beast bolted inside in a lightning speed, breaking off the door in it’s wake.

Do you know the feeling?

The feeling as if time has stopped moving.

That everything around you just freezes.

That no matter how hard you try, you just can’t move. The reality is not reality anymore and you are left wondering what went wrong?

A loud, painful howl echoed through the entire mansion, the second he laid his eyes on his mate’s unconscious form.

“M-mate.” A whimper escaped his lips as he knelt down on the polished floor changing back into his human form.
Eyes transfixed at the crimson liquid seeping through the cut on her wrist.
Holding her fragile figure tightly to his chest as he cupped her pale face in his large hands
Heart leaping in horror when his sensitive ears didn’t pick up any heartbeat.
Panicking, he put his ear on her chest and thank god a faint heartbeat was there.

Carrying her bridal style in his arms, with her cocooned protectively to his muscled frame, he quickly ran out to the pack house.

“Doctor !!!!” His loud voice boomed inside the house. It was late at night but he didn’t care.

“L-luna?” Adhiraj, the pack doctor stumbled out of his room, completely baffled at the sight. Till then, some of the pack members had also gathered around the scene because of all the commotion. Everyone supporting a tense expression, worried for their Luna.
“Hurry up God dammit!!!!” Sanskar yelled harshly.
His patience wearing thin with each passing second.

“Put the Luna on stretcher Alpha.” Adhiraj instructed.
Sanskar looked hesitant at first but eventually laid her down.
“Come on. To the ICU now.” The doctor yelled to his co workers, about to hold Ragini’s wrist to check the damage in the meantime.
But a loud growl halted his action.
“I’m not going to harm her Alpha. It’s necessary to treat the wound.” Adhiraj tried to explain.
A werewolf becomes ten times more protective when it’s mate’s life is at stake and right now it’s hard for Sanskar to trust anyone.
His wolf senses are all haywire.
“How did this happened?” The man asked.
“I don’t know.” Sanskar replied stoically even though he was breaking down inside.

“Nothing should happen to MY mate doctor.” His hard, clipped tone cut through the commotion like ice causing a chill down the doctor’s spine.

326 years !!!

326 fu***ng years god dammit!!!

He has waited for her for so long and there is no way in hell that he would lose her now.

“You cannot enter inside Alpha.” One of the nurse informed, forbidding his entry.
“Don’t mess with me Pup. Get out of the way right now.” Sanskar snapped, his eyes blazing red hot in fury.
“I’m sorry Alpha. B-but ” The nurse tried to explain while stuttering.
“It’s okay John.” Adhiraj interrupted in between. “We won’t be able to stop him anyways.”

Half an hour standing at a corner in the ICU, his eyes were trained over at his Babymate.
Her frail body attached with machines as several wires protrudid inside her skin.
Guilt gnawing at him harshly, while his mind reeled back to a memory prior to a couple of days.


“What’s your favourite color?” She asked him one afternoon out of no where, looking up at him expectantly for an answer.
It was strange you know? 326 years on earth, you would expect the person to at least have a favorite color.
But not him.
It was not because of a particular reason or something. He just didn’t give much though into it.
He was about to tell her that but she beat him to it.
“Lee me guess okay?”
“It’s red right?” Tapping her chin in thoughts for a while, she signed excitedly, a small but beautiful smile tucked onto her lips, seemingly proud of her answer and he couldn’t find it in himself to burst her bubble.
Nodding his head in agreement, something changed for him.
The sunset was all the more ethereal, the roses were all the more lovely and the rosy blush on her cheeks much more enticing to look at.
A loud beeping and yelling broke his chain of thoughts. His wolf alarmed at the sudden disturbance.
He has already screamed at them thousands of times every time he felt like they were hurting his babymate.
Already two doctors and four nurses are out of the ICU with broken nose and bruised body.

“Hand over the injection right now.”
“Increase the pointer of oxygen cylinder immediately.”
“Hurry up. Be quick.”
“Check the pulse.”
“Patient is sinking.”
“Inject now.”
“It’s getting too risky.”
“Her body is not responding. Come on.”

And then……….suddenly everything was silent.

A ringing noise the only thing that could be heard.

Taunting them.

Mocking them for their failure.

A sound that he refused to believe.

“We lost her.”

“I will protect you.”


“I promise.”

If you liked the part then please comment. I know this is a sad part but don’t worry nothing will happen to Ragini.
NOTE – I may not be able post any of my ff for a while. So sorry for that. I will try to update asap but I cannot promise. So I’m telling you in advance that I might not update for some time.

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    i was like what will happen then what is happing and now what just had happened i mean how can she die like that and ‘m really feeling bad for sanky how he might be feeling seeing his mate in this condition…..awsome chapy yr no words to say……..till when u won’t be able to update any ways update soon and take care love u alods………

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