His Soulmate..broken shards meant to be repaired (Ragsan Part 7)

The whole office was a mess. Window was broken, the curtains were torn into pieces, chairs toppled over one another, kicked and thrown against the wall causing them to shatter. The door was laying down on the ground, broken off it’s hinges and his office table was splitted in half. There was glass shattered on the floor, and in the middle of them stood Alpha Sanskar Maheshwari with savaging blood red eyes, growling dangerously.

“C-calm down Alpha.” The Beta stuttered anxiously, trying to pacify the seething wolf.
Sanskar glared at the man enraged, his wolf coming forth.
“DO NOT tell me to f****ng calm down Beta. This is my Mate we are talking about. If anything happened to her, trust me. You’re not going to like the consequences.” His gaze focused solely on the pack Doctor who paled at the threat.
If one thing you should know about Alpha Maheshwari is the fact that he NEVER give any empty threat.



Time seems as if it flies away like a bird right? Slipping away from your hands just like sand. One moment you’ve are here and then……. just poof. The next moment is out there, waiting for you.
I had read it once,

“Even when you can fly away with your wings, you can never run away from your troubles forever.”
And the thought is enough to bring chills down my spine.
Laying down comfortably on a large king size bed, tucked securely to my mate’s hard muscular frame, my eyes are wide open while I stare at the roof, lost in my own maze of thoughts.
For years, I had been afraid of human touch. Refusing any sort of physical contact. Jumping everytime someone touch me and look at me now. Engulfed in the arms of a man. My SOULMATE, to be more specific.
His presence does something to me. Although I’m scared of his touch, somehow, he still managed to reach within me. Not all the way……but halfway.
His touch feels like a feather.
The way, he holds me like a safety blanket covering me from the world.
My personal security blanket.
The thought subconsciously brought a tiny smile on my lips. Loving the thought of the man laying beside me, being there for me. Always.

A week staying here with him and I had smiled around him more than I did my whole life.
All of this seems like a dream to me.
A happy one at that.
Every time I wake up – I silently pray and held onto him tighter.
Hoping that I wouldn’t open my eyes to that four walls room. The dirty walls where once my silent pleas vibrated – where I had lost myself completely.

There was a time when like every girl I too had dreamt of my Prince Charming. A handsome man who would come riding on a beautiful white horse to sweep me off my feet like a knight in shining armour and we both would live happily ever after.
But life is certainly a cruel thing. Don’t you think?
Too early in my childhood my little heart came to realize this bitter truth.
Your childhood is supposed to be a time that you look back and smile at. Wanting to relive those golden moments again.
But Not me.

Especially NOT. ME.
Oh, what would I not give to erase all the traces of the nightmare, that is my childhood, from the depth of my mind and heart.
“People say that time heals all wounds.
I do not agree.
The wounds still remain there. Like always.
Time just simply covers the scars with a tissue and the pain lessens. But never does it fades away for forever.”
The thought lingering in my mind.
As the demons of my past, got stronger and stronger by the second, I found myself back to the dark lane of my past.
My eyes tightly closed shut, wanting nothing else but to get rid of those images.


The gentle voice reached straight to my aching heart, breaking me out of my reverie. I slowly felt myself flooding back to the warm, cozy place. The more I calmed down, the more I felt soft touches against my body. I felt a pair of arms wrapped around me, my ears picking up a fast yet steady thump of a heartbeat that certainly wasn’t mine. And surprisingly, I felt myself loving it. It sounded like a peaceful lullaby to me.
My midnight black orbs meeting up with the warm charcoal hues.
I never knew that a color like charcoal could be so gentle. They were not the eyes that promised nightmare. They promised protection and something else that I quite couldn’t put my finger on.
“You are safe, Little one. I’ll protect you.”

Just eight words but they meant so much more.
His eyes held questions. Questions that I can’t get myself to answer to. My nightmares are a daily occurrence unless I take the sleeping pills. The dark bags under my eyes getting more and more prominent. I know he noticed them. But he didn’t question anything.
He would do the same thing every single night. Whispering the same sentence to me everytime while he held me close to his chest. Giving me one thing that I so desperately need.
“I can’t believe I’m going to watch this !!!” Sanskar exclaimed, scrunching his nose in disgust, looking over at Ragini, who has an amused smile on his face.
“But I want to watch it.” She said crossing her arms on her chest.
“Oh, come on Sanskar. It’s just a movie. And look how cute mate is looking like that.”
Urgh!! I swear to god my wolf is completely whipped !!!
“Whatever.” Viraat rolled his eyes at the remark causing Sanskar to scuff.
“Do we really have to?”
Viraat asked as Sanskar buttoned up his black armani suit.
“You know we have to Viraat.”
This time Sanskar rolled his eyes at his lovesick wolf.
“Fine.” His wolf complied dejectedly.

“Bye.” Ragini signed to him.
“What’s that mark on your dress Mate?”
“Where?” Just when Ragini looked down to check her dress, she was engulfed into two strong arms, before he pecked her on the cheek and running out of the house.
“Liar.” She mumbled as a small blush appeared on her chubby cheeks.



“Ragu. Ragu, get down here, sweetheart.”
Eyes heavily lidded with sleep, as I woke up groggily, making my way over to the source of a VERY familiar voice.
The hallway was all pitch black casting shadows that gave shivers down my spine. A hand grabbing onto my right leg out of nowhere.
I stumbled back.
My lips parting to scream for my life but nothing came out.

The hand clutching onto me tightly enough to leave behind red and purple bruises. Pulling me downwards to it’s wake and I found myself drowning.
Water, the only thing in sight as I tried desperately to snuck in air into my lungs. Thrashing my arms and legs wildly in a frail attempt to escape but nothing seemed to work and gradually I found myself drifting off into the darkness.
Suddenly, I was no longer in that deserted area and instead I was standing in an old, worn out, damp room which was bare of any furniture.
A loud clank of something hard and metallic being dragged on the floor tore through the silence while I struggled to keep my breathing even.
No. No. No.

No it can’t. Please God NO.
The obnoxious screeching enough for the fear to wrap my heart in it’s vice like grip.
A type of fear that eats you alive.
It crawl underneath your skin, slithering it’s fangs like a poisonous snake.

Sprinting to lock the door behind me, quickly, I slipped inside the room. It was small like a matchbox, barely covering even a 20 feet area.
Not giving it much thought, I hugged my knees close to my chest as I crawled inside the bed like a toddler.

And that’s when I heard it.

The whimpering.

A tiny girl with her back facing me, rocking herself back and forth, perched at the farthest corner of the room.
Tears pouring down her black doe eyes like rain that refused to cease, while she shook uncontrollably in terror like a leaf. Absolutely pure and raw fear etched crudely onto her soft and elegant features.

Looking over at her and I knew she was also escaping from the same thing that I was running from.
Eyes zeroed in my direction, pleading, until she mouthed one word over to me.

“HIDE !!!!”

The last thing I saw and heard was the door being shut as it banged hard against the wall. And the unheard terrified screams that somehow never failed to reach my ears.


A loud gasp escaped my lips as my eyes snapped open, my head pounding harshly in my temples. My breathing was heavy, coming out into short pants of air. My heart beating so fast and strong, making me believe it would rip out from my rib cage any second. Beads of sweat trickling down my forehead, making the strands of my hair glued against the sweaty skin.
My temperature was high.
Too high for me to endure.

I can’t breathe.
I need air.
My parched lips parted in an attempt to scream.
But nothing. Nothing came out of my mouth.

I could still hear the voices inside my head, like I was still living in the dream even though, I was wide awake.

“Little girl.”

“You’ve been such a bad girl right? ”
The sickly sweet voice mocked inside my head.
Terrorising me more and more with each passing second.

“And you know what bad girls get? Don’t you?”
It was not a question.
It was an indication, a hint of what’s coming next.

“They get PUNISHED.”

No. No. No.
Stop. Please stop.
STOP. IT.!!!!

I begged, my hand gripping my hair so hard that it ached. But no one listened.
No one does.



A voice soft like a feather, echoed inside of me.

Alpha !!!!

“I’ll always protect you Princess.”
He p-promised right? He will protect me.

I sob loudly as I try to locate where my phone is. My stomach clenched and I feel more and more lightheaded. The room looked blurry as I stumbled in the living room.

Clutching the phone tightly, my hands tremble and shake as I scroll to find his number. My breathing scattered and harsh as I click call and the phone rings several times.

Trying again for the second time, I do not wait for the caller to answer before I anxiously tap five times in a row.

“Wrong number.”

And the line went dead as I slumped down on the floor helplessly.

“W-wrong number?”
“B-but he promised me.”
“H-he b-broke it?”
He left me here by myself against a wall with no one……but I deserved it. I shouldn’t have hoped for anything better.
I knew he could never want me like that.
No one would.

THEY always said that no one would care. THEY always said no one would like someone like me……..no one could ever love me. THEY drilled it into my head, and they were right. NO ONE could ever care for someone like me.
Especially HIM.

“Little girl.”

The voices came back again.

“Where are you hiding huh? We will always find you.”

I know. I know they would find me and drag me back to that hell. So why do I even try huh?
I was a fool to think that it will all be over.
It would never be over and I would’ve to live in this nightmare my whole life.
Everytime I think that I will start my life afresh, these memories dragged me down. But I never lost hope.
I tried again and again and again.

But now I’m losing my will.
They will NEVER let me free.
I’m stuck forever.
And why should I even live if this is how my life is going to be?

It’s not like anyone will be sad if I was to disappear right?
After all, no one care.

My eyes wander off to the knife sitting there. Taunting me. And I did what I had to do. Dragging it painfully across my wrist as blood seeped through the large gash.

I feel myself drowning.
No pain. Nothing.

My eyes rolling back to my head as I slumped down lifelessly on the floor.

May be, now I will get my peace.


Lips set in a thin line, my expression was fierce as I walked inside the meeting room.
I may hate being a part of it but that doesn’t particularly mean that I do not give it my hundred percent. My ideas in the werewolf council are thoroughly discussed and mostly accepted in the end none the less.
Taking my seat, my eyes roamed over to scrutinise my surrounding, as I find himself settled amidst the other Alphas.
My wolf had been nagging me throughout the ride here, whining about leaving his mate in the night.
Though I myself am not quite fond of the idea but I couldn’t ignore the meeting too.
Wanting to get it over with as soon as possible, I blocked my wolf so it wouldn’t bug me anymore.

The meeting was a success and I was about to walk to my car when a voice stopped me in my tracks.
“What’s the matter Beta Shane?” My eyes asusual, hard like a stone, shielding any emotions.

Viraat began thrashing inside my head wildly halfway into the meeting. Clawing to get outside.

I shook my head at the memory. My wolf is certainly whipped. Can’t even handle a couple of hours away from our Princess.

“Congratularions Alpha Sanskar. Your idea was accepted by the council once again.”
The Alpha of another lack congratulated interrupting my conversation with my Beta.

A tiny, fake smile appears on my face, shaking his hand, while the only thought in my mind was my Mate.

“Your phone Alpha.”
Since, cellphones were restricted in the meeting I had to hand over it to Shane who was ordered to wait outside the room.

Nodding my head, I was about to put it in my back pocket, wanting nothing more than to see the cute, smiling face of my babymate.

Lips curling up, at the thought of her.

“A strange call came up a couple of minutes ago, Alpha.”
“Strange? How?” Confuse, I motioned for my Beta to continue.
“Umm. I picked up the call but no one answered. Then there was a tapping noise. So I said wrong number?”

Eyes widening, my heart beat picked up as a sick feeling grows into my stomach and I don’t know why.

“How many tappings?”
It was hard to control the shakiness in my tone.
Something is wrong.

“Ummm. Five?” Shane answered confused.
Why would the Alpha even ask such a question.

And that was enough for Viraat to break the barrier. My heart pounding with anxiety and fear.

Flashback :

“You don’t even call me when I’m outside for work?” Though, I may have been looking like a five year old kid complaining like that, but I don’t care.
“And how will I talk to you?” My Princess looked at me like I was silly to even suggest that.
“Simple. We can create our own secret codes. Like if you miss me tap twice and I would know.” He told slyly as a blush creeps onto her rosy cheeks.
“And tap five times if you’re in any problem and I will be there before you in seconds.”
“Promise.” His tone held sincerity.
Yanking my phone out, I waited anxiously as it rings again.
All I receive in return is the voicemail, setting my heart into a frenzy.

“Mate !!!! Mate !!! Mate hurt !!!! ” Viraat chanted inside my head like a mantra.

And that’s when I lose it. Changing into my wolf form right at the moment.

“Sometimes you gotta bleed to know that you are alive and have a soul. But it takes someone to come around to show you how.”

It took me a lot of time and hard work to write this part. So if you guys liked it then please comment.

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  1. Asw

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  5. Aliyahillary

    it was soo heart touching rakhi i literally felt like crying on ragini’s condition…..why she get those nightmares..??…….overall it was beyond my expectation n i just love sanskar’s monologue everytime the way u show his love for her n every emotion is far beyond good….hats off to u girl……love u a lots….update soon…..take care…..

  6. Superb!! So basically ragini had a bad dream bcoz of which she got scared n called sans right n when he didn’t picked up she slit her wrist??

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