His Soulmate..broken shards meant to be repaired (Ragsan Part 6)


I wrapped my arms around my knees, pulling them close to my chest as I sat down on the kitchen counter with my chin placed tentatively on my knees. Letting out a sniffle as I gazed down at the cold, dark marbled counter I was sitting on.
I don’t exactly know why but since I was a little child, I always liked to sit on the counter, just high enough for my legs to dangle off the ground freely. It was much more fun than sitting on a chair or a sofa.
Weird? I know.
I knew it wouldn’t take him long until he find me. After everything that happened, I was sure that he must be having a hard time staying away from me. The urge to comfort your upset mate is very overwhelming.
My mind reeling back to the incident that occurred just half an hour ago as a tired sigh escaped my lips.
I was comfortably curled up into one of the sofa sets in the living room with a book in my hand. Stars always fascinated me. I don’t know the reason behind my admiration for them but they never fails to entrap me in a trance. So naturally, star gazing and reading books about them is my hobby.
Engrossed in my own world I failed to notice footsteps approaching in my direction.
“Luna.” A sudden voice out of nowhere startled me as I jumped on my spot, scrambling out of the sofa set immediately. Hands clammy with sweat, my nerves skyrocketed in a second while I tried to create as much distance as possible between myself and the unknown stranger across me.
My eyes anxiously darting around in the room for any sign of the Alpha.
“Luna !!! Are you okay?” The man approached me again causing me to panic at the action. My breathing became labored while I tried to scurry away from him. To my bad luck, I lost my footing and ended up falling on my butt.
The fact that I’m mute didn’t help the situation either.
I couldn’t even scream.
I don’t know who this man is and right now I don’t even care. I’ve high social anxiety disorder and the situation is not helping the case either. The only reason that I’m comfortable with the Alpha is only because of the mate bond.
Noticing me heavy breathing, the man backed away instantly. Before I had the time to relax, he came back again holding a glass of water.
I was about to shake my head in denial, rapidly waving my hand at him, a gesture meant for him to stay away but it seems that he leaned forward at the same time. The glass knocked onto my leg and the water soaking the bottom part of my dress. Lips quivering in fear and anxiousness, I somehow try to stand up off the floor while the stranger crouch down near me. Eyes widened, he grabs some napkins from nearby, rubbing them over my dress, trying to dry it, all the while mumbling his apology.
I was far more worried about getting away from this unknown male than my dress.
“GET OFF OF HER !!!” A deep animalistic growl came from the entrance. I looked up at the source of the sound, my eyes barely registering his next movement.
Faster than I can blink, the man is ripped off me and slammed roughly to the wall.
Alpha pins him to the white wall, his hand presses tightly against the man’s throat who was struggling desperately to get away.
I would’ve screamed at the moment if I had the ability to speak as another ferocious growl rips from his chest, his head snapping in my direction instantly.
My eyes pleading him to let go off the poor man. I was never the one to like violence. But the look in his bloodshot red eyes frightened me.
Something, so feral, so deadly, so animalistic amd monstrous. So unlike, the man I came to know these past days.
His wolf, Viraat was in control.
The urge to dominate, kill and hurt, burning brightly in his eyes in the most primal of ways.
The raw passion and possessiveness shining in his eyes, forcing me to step back.
Reminding me of the dangerous predator, this species is always believed to be.
My breath hitched in my throat as he turn over to look at the stranger again. Right arm moving swiftly as he swings his fist into the man’s face.
A loud, sickening crunch resonating around the entire house.
The look in his eyes terrified me. I know he would never hurt me. But he is very much capable of not only hurting the man but possibly killing him too.
Having no other option left, I took a deep breath before carefully making my over to him, resting my hand on his shoulder. Muscles tensing under my touch, his eyes raked over me, still holding onto the man.
Heart clenching in fear, I try to step back.
A cruel need to possess taking over in his glowing red eyes.
“MINE!! ”
Yanking me to his hard chest, dragging his nose up and down my jaw softly, as I tremble in his hold.
“She’s Mine.” He growls menacingly at the man while the poor lad nod his head frantically.
Gradually, his hold on the man losens slightly, his attention diverting on me.
I motioned the stranger to go away hurriedly. Not liking the idea of someone else getting hurt because of me.
Hesitantly, I wrap my arms around him for a moment before pulling away. My hands on his chest, I try to push him off but he growls loudly.
A tear trails down my cheek causing his eyes to soften at the sight. Red eyes following my every move. Not pleased with the distance his mate creates.
A soft whimper escaping his lips as he reach out to me.
The need to comfort his mate so desperate in his eyes, the dangerous red filling with deep sorrow.
Although I had no doubt it wouldn’t be too long until he find me, I didn’t knew it would be so soon.
I stay in my spot, not acknowledging him as I hear him step closer.
A muscular arm snaked around my waist, holding me to his warm, toned chest.
Recovering from the shock, I glare at him accusingly, pointing to the counter.
“Well, that can be arranged Princess.”
Before I had the time to comprehend anything, I was put down onto my feet and the next thing I know, he hopped on the counter with me sitting in between his legs with my back firmly pressed against his chest.
“See sweetness. It’s difficult for me to see you with another man. I’m a naturally possessive man Princess. I am sorry that I made you upset but I’ll never be sorry for hurting that man. It’s something I couldn’t control. You’re mine and it’s going to be like that forever. I’ll make sure of that.”
Sighing, I decide to forgive him.
After all, Swara did told me that Alpha’s are extremely possessive over their mate.
The Alpha looks up at me expectatntly, looking rather cute to me.
Smiling, I signed to him.
He stared at my hands hard with concentration.
“What was that?” His charcoal eyes alight with a child like curiosity.
I smiled again, rolling my eyes.
Though it was barely there still it was a smile. And that means a lot for someone who rarely smiles.
I signed it again while he stared at it intently.
Grabbing his hands, I mimicked the motion.
Raising a brow at him expectantly.
Smiling, he did the sign back to me. This time without my help. His eyes held adoration as he gazed over at me.
“Now, what does that means Babymate? You better not teasing me little one.”
Shaking my head at his antics, I mouthed. “I forgive you.”
“Oh.” He whispered in realization.
Eyes furrowed in deep concentration while biting her lips softly, I continue to stare at the beautiful mate of mine as she turns the page. Her tiny nose scrunched adorably as she sniffles.
A few sigh escaping out of my lips, as I watch different emotions dancing in her eyes with each turn of page.
For once in my life, I was silent. Content with everything. And the sole reason behind the change sitting lazily across me.
Tiny pearl like droplets trickling down her black doe eyes.
My feet finds their way to her on their own accord. Midnight black orbs widening in surprise as I gently place her on my lap.
My heart clenching, but in pure, raw pleasure, as she subconsciously curls into my large, muscular body. It were as if I was made to hold her. Shaped in a way that she would be most comfortable and fit perfectly in my arms.
My eyes travels from her petite frame to the book in her hands, darting quickly over the words. Lips tucked down into a frown as I realize that the idiotic male protagonist just now decided to reminisce all the problems in his life.
“Would it be unfair of me If I decide to hunt down that moronic author right now?” Viraat piped in between my thoughts and I couldn’t help but nod in agreement.
Stupid author. Stupid book.
Why can’t all books have only happy things?
My eyes glaze over at the mark on her slender neck.
“Our mark.” Viraat again butt in between, puffing out his chest proudly at the sight.
Without thinking, I press a delicate kiss over the soft, creamy flesh, my lips morphing into a smirk as I feel her body shudder against my touch.
Retracting back, I look at her teasingly while she try hard to hide her rising blush from my sight.
“Don’t you have some sort of work to do Mister? You’re always lounging out around in the house?” Though I’m getting better at the sign language I still haven’t mastered it so my Babymate decided to carry a notepad and a pen with her everywhere.
“Well, I rather stay here with you and kiss you all night long huh?” I smirked, winking at her while taking a gulp of water from the glass resting beside me.
Seriously, teasing her is one of my favourite thing to do.
The red that spread across her rosy cheeks is just so enticing to look at.
But what I didn’t expect was her next course of action.
Spitting out the water in shock, I stared at my mate with my jaw hung open.
Viraat continue to yell in my mind, successfully giving me a headache.

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  1. AMkideewani

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      1. AMkideewani

        Awww, thanks a lot cutiepie for reading my stories and yeah my Wattpad ID is Charmedone22

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    Just outstanding
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  3. Awesome yar!! Their relation is just cute n I kike sanskar possessiveness!!!

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    fantablous dear….loved it alot…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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  13. Aliyahillary

    its so so so so so so so cute……..seems like virat is head over heals in love with his babymate……ragsan scenes are lovely …….seriously yr i’m not getting the exact word to describe how good ur ff is i think i’ve to google next time to comment on ur ff…..love u a lots n ur ff……udate soon….take care……

    1. Rakhi

      Same here dii. I need to find another word to thank you because thank you is not enough for all the love you gave to this ff. Seriously duo. Thanks a tonne for all the love and appreciation and for being such an amazing reader. Love you??????????

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  17. Myyyy Goodness This is freaking fabulous….Love possessive alpha and his mute gorgeous princesss…..Your writing is just out of the world….It’s not hard for me to visualize everything which I only feel in professional writer’s works…..GIRL YOU ARE AWESOMEEEEEEEE❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Rakhi

      I don’t know how to thank you for such a sweet comment dii. So happy that you can visualize each part because whenever I write this is my main concern. Thanks a tonne for the comment. Love you. Take care dii ?????????

  18. Awesome dear, loved each and every moment in this

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    Loved Sanskaar's possessiveness
    Sorry for late comment

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  20. Sargam

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee….aaj toh khush kar dia rakhi……i felt bliss reading it,when she winked at sanky my heart was in my mouth…she really did that….go ragu go..show him u can be naughty too..i also lyk sitting on counter lyk that…hehe….and i also felt that man was too chipku,hump..good sanky +virat taught him a lesson….loved when sanky made her sit in his lap and that line u wrote wow…i felt kaash koi mere liye bhi aisa soche….today i am feeling so peace after reading it,loved it,keep it up rakhi,take care dear

    1. Rakhi

      Same here dii. Your comment seriously made my day. ?????? I was waiting for your comment. Gald that you like the naughty Ragini amd her payback to Sanskar for teasing her. Don’t worry dii I’ll pray for you that someday you’ll get someone in your life who would say the same lines to you and would love you even more than that. Love you dii. Take care ???????????????

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