His Soulmate..broken shards meant to be repaired (Ragsan Part 5)

NOTE – First and foremost, I want to thank all of you guys from the bottom of my heart. Truthfully speaking, I was apprehensive about writing this ff because this concept is somewhat different but thank you everyone so much for loving this ff so much. Also, this part is in Sanskar’s POV from the start. Viraat is the name of Sanskar’s wolf and a rogue is a wolf who is very dangerous because they refused to follow the laws of werewolves and could kill anyone for their own benefit. I’m telling you guys beforehand because I’ve used this word in this part.
So, here we go. I hope you guys will like this part :

The wind howled with rage and the sky cracked as thunder echoed in the dark. The sound of rain pouring onto the ground, that played as an instrument in his ears.
He stood beside the large window gracefully, hands tucked into the pockets of his black armani suit as he gazed with his charcoal eyes at the dark in front of him, that reflects his inner darkness itself. Holding a glass of wine while thinking of his cold and lonely life.
Taking a long deep breath, his mind pondered over his own self. An undefeated man. A ruthless Alpha that never lost even a single battle in his life. A man that conquered every damn single person who ever dared to get in his way and built his own pack from nothing.
A knock on the door got him out of his daze, as he yelled a, “Come in.” with his usual hard tone, sipping his wine briefly during the ordeal.
“The cars are ready Alpha. Mr. Khanna called over to inform that they’ve reached the restraunt already. We will leave as soon as you say so.”
The nod of his head was the only response the Beta got, as he quickly excused himself and went through the door in a lightning speed. Having no intention to anger his Alpha.
Taking one last glance through the window, he made his way outside, power oozing out of his intimidating frame in waves.
With that, the story of the ruthless Alpha has just began.

The car ride was boring as usual as I listened to my Beta rant about matters that he considered were important.
Truth to be told, my mind was somewhere else. Something I thought that I gave up on, a long time ago. I don’t know why I’m thinking about this right now, after so many years.
May be the weather is getting to me.
Perhaps these winds are opening up wishes that I buried somewhere deep inside years ago.
The wish of getting a mate. The restlessness of finding the one who is made specifically for me. And only me. My other half.
The thought of not having her beside me is not only driving me crazy but also pushing my wolf to it’s extreme.
A werewolf transforms into it’s wolf form at the age of 17 and generally find their mate within the span of 5-6 years of their transformation.
And here I am.
326 years old and still without his mate. Since werewolves stop aging after a while until their title is transferred to the other, I simply look like a man in his mid 20s.
Perks of being a werewolf I guess.
With years, I learnt to focus my rage towards my enemies. To control the agony of the unfulfilled desire. However, it’s better this way. Being alone have so many advantages to it, that’s what I say to console myself. To control my inner beast from rampaging to ever possible place in search of my soul mate.
At least I’m invincible this way. I don’t have a weakness like the other Alphas that can be used against me. I don’t have someone to worry about all the time or going through a tormenting feeling in case something happened to her.

The sound of doors opening and closing and the voice of my Beta informing that we have arrived successfully broke me out of my stupor.
Stepping out of my red Rolls Royce, I smoothed down the creases on my black armani suit meanwhile absorbing the place around me.
The pelting rain drops drenched me completely as I talked to my Beta regarding an emergency that came up just now.
My wolf for some unknown reason is antsy today, howling inside my mind and flaring up my temper even more.
Black hair tousled messily onto my forehead because of rain. My eight pack abs were on full display through my now transparent white buttoned up shirt.
“Rules are rules.” I snapped angrily and was about to continue when it hit me.
An intoxicating scent of strawberries and vanilla. The most delicious scent I ever smelt in my whole life.
My wolf became more restless than he already was causing my heartbeat to increase with every passing second like I was running for miles.
I ignored the desperate callings from my Beta asking if something was wrong.
My charcoal eyes scanned the surrounding with a predatory glint, searching for the source of such a heavenly smell. My wolf fighting to come forth.
Charcoal hues clashed with the beautiful midnight black ones and my wolf chanted the one thing over and over in my head that I was so desperate to hear from so long.
“MATE!! MATE!!! MATE!! MINE!! MATE!!” My wolf howled loudly inside my head with utmost pleasure.
I had heard the males of my pack describing the first meeting with their mate so passionately. Whenever I would catch them reminiscing the incident with dreamy love sick eyes, it always made me cringe.
But as cliche as it sounds, standing here at the moment, my heart did flutter in my chest at the sight of this black haired beauty.
Shining hues of black reflecting a charm that has never been seen.
The loud territorial growl of my wolf resonated through the area.
The feelings of possessiveness and protectiveness hit me full force and the next thing I knew I was embracing her close to my chest as my mate slumped down unconscious in my arms.
Eyes glowing red in the dark with my fangs sinked deeply into the juncture of her neck as my wolf finally claimed what’s rightfully belongs to him.

Taking a deep breath, I walked to the bed and crouched down in front of her, placing a chaste kiss on her knuckles. Pecking her forehead, I prided myself in the fact that the Angel before me is only mine.
“I’ll take the couch.” Taking a pillow with me, I was about to walk over to the couch when a hand around my wrist stopped me in my tracks.
Shocked, I turned to look back at my mate. This is the first time she initiated a physical contact on her own.
Discreetly, she pointed her forefinger at me then back at the bed and then motioning to herself and the couch.
She wanted to sleep on the couch so that I can sleep on the bed?
Hell No!!!!!
She insisted again causing me to sigh as I ran a hand through my hair.
Picking her up bridal style I carefully laid her on the bed before settling down beside her.
“We both are sleeping on the bed. End of discussion.”
She looked like she was was about to refuse but then decided against it.
Spooning my mate to my muscular frame, I placed her head on my chest, right above where my heart is, holding her protectively to my side.
“What?” I asked innocently.
“I like cuddling okay.” She began struggling in my arms when I spoke once again. “You know we can still do what you agreed to. I mean I will be ecstatic to have the pleasure to kiss you all night long. What do you say?”
That was enough to make her a blushing mess as my Princess immediately hide her face inside the duvet to escape from embarrassment.
My laughter was the only thing that could be heard at the moment as I happily snuggled my adorable babymate.

Waking up without my mate beside me was heartbreaking and unsettling to say the least.
My hands patted the silky sheets beside me to pull her petite figure closer to me only to realize she wasn’t even there. I threw the duvet off me, my wolf senses heightening immediately for any sign of her presence.
By now, everything was turned over in the room. My breathing was hard as Viraat, my wolf, clawed to get out and find his little mate.
Did she leave me?! Was all this too much for her?!!!
Did someone took her right under my nose?
I swear to god, I’ll rip apart anyone who dared to harm my Mate !!!!!!!
As I march downstairs my nostrils instantly picked up the scent of my Princess and aroma of something freshly baked.
I practice the lines I’m going to say to my misbehaved babygirl. She should know better than to go anywhere without informing me.
“Mate!!! What the hell do you think you’re doing? Do you know how utterly ridiculous it is to wake up so damn early in the morning and then disappear. What were you even thinking before acting like that, little one? I’m the Alph- Mate ?!!!”
I enter the kitchen with full intention of scolding her but all my anger is instantly forgotten the second I laid my eyes on her.
She stare at me innocently with those shiny black orbs while flipping a pancake and all my rage flew out of the window.
“Mate.” I say sternly.
She smiles, carefully placing the pancakes in the plate before turning back over to look at me. Her face instantly drop at the sight of my serious demeanour.
“I think I told you to never go anywhere without informing me first.”
“Mmm?” I hum, raising a brow when I didn’t get any answer.
She bite her lips, fiddling with the hem of her dress.
I felt bad that she was shaking and her heart was beating a mile per minute, but she needs to get it. I’m thankful that she didn’t go outside. I’ve so many enemies that it could be dangerous for her.
I sigh in exasperation, when my love sick wolf makes it’s presence known.
“Just let her, Sanskar. Mate just wanted to cook for us. See, she even cut up your pancakes into heart shape. Mate is so adorable and cute right? And Ours !!”
I seriously doubt, it’s the same midnight black wolf who didn’t hesitate to snap the neck of a rogue in half.
Rolling my eyes at his rambling, I finally given in, seeing my babymate visibly releax when she notice that I’m no longer mad at her.
She cutely holds both her ears to ask sorry and I couldn’t refrain myself from pecking her soft, chubby cheeks.
She refused to eat her breakfast but one glare from me and she instantly complied.
Taking the first bite of the pancakes, I swear I literally entered the gates of heaven itself.
“Princess !!” She was about to headback to the kitchen when I called her midway.
She looked up at me questioningly holding plates in both her hands.
Holding her waist to bring her closer to me, I cheekily wiped the chocolate syrup from the corner of her luscious lips with my pointer finger, before sucking it myself.
“Much better.” Winking, I turned over to head back to our bedroom, leaving behind my innocent mate with her mouth hung open in shock.
My smirk widens even more if possible, because not even five seconds later, I heard the sounds of plates dropping to the floor.

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Till then, be happy and take care.

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  2. Its just awesome !!! Cant wait to read more!! Just love this story yar!!!!!!! Its different and interesting !!!!

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      Thank you from the bottom of my heart dii.????? Seriously, your comments always encourage me to write more. Don’t worry dii I’ll update the next part tomorrow. I promise and I hope you’ll like it. Thank you so much once again for being such an awesome reader dii. Love you too. Take care dii?????????

  4. Which novel its based. I loved it

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    Love love love this naughty Sanskaar & this xtra adorable Ragini
    & Yes of course love u sis <3
    Whenever i read your ffs i feel like i'm reading some famous Writer's novel

    1. Rakhi

      Aww?? Thank you so much dearie.???? It’s really a big complement for me Sis that this ff seems like a famous writer’s novel to you. Though I know that I’m nowhere near those writers but it means a lot to me that you think like that.
      If I’m being honest, there was a time when I thought to stop His Solace His Angel season one in mid. Things were just not working out for me in my life but all thanks to my readers who encouraged me to write more. And I am proud to say you are one of those readers. So a big, big, big bala thanks my dear Sis. Love you so much. Take care dearie??????????

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  9. Awesome!!

    U r a fab writer dear… But uk it’ll be really better if u use a bit simple language and write the character name before its dialogue… Sometimes it becomes confusing..

    I hope I didn’t hurt u dear.. N I’m sorry if I did!!

    1. Rakhi

      Thank you so so so much for the compliment dii. I’m truly glad that you like this this part.???? I’ll try to use a bit simple language from next time dii. It’s just that I’m not very good at explaining expressions so I generally use a particular word to explain it and I thought it would be a bit strange and awkward to explain things in detail but I’ll try to use a bit simple language. Don’t worry dii I’m not at all hurt by this. In fact, I’m happy that you expressed your feelings to me. But confused about which dialogues are you talking about. Sanskar and his wolf is the only one who have dialogues in the part since Ragini is mute and I put all his dialogues in double inverted commas. So sorry if you felt offended. I genuinely didn’t got your point dii. Take care dii and I hope you’ll like the next part too.??????

      1. Ahaan…. Don’t worry yaar… I love ur stories its just that Idk anything abt werewolf n all…. N then ur bhari bharkam words… Not in this epi but the previous episodes…….. Love the ending of this part… I just gave. A suggestion.. Baaki its upto u…

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    Amazing sanskar always be a moma bear for ragini. Soon cute ? keep going

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    1. Rakhi

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful comment dii. He ????? Seriously, your comment landed me direct on the seventh sky and I don’t think I’m going to get down soon. I’m glad that you liked the nickname Sanskar gave to Ragini. Personally, I too think it’s an adorable nickname. And about Sanskar’s wolf’s name, I wasted so much time to think one, I don’t know why but none of them seemed apt when all of a sudden it came to my mind out of nowhere. As a writer, you don’t know how grateful I am dii that you invested your time in viewing this ff in detail. I am truly thankful for that. Love you dii and I promise I’ll try to make the next chapter longer do you can enjoy it to your heart’s content. Don’t worry dii, you were not the only one who was blushing. I myself was a blushing while writing the part. Love you and the care dii?????????

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