His Soulmate..broken shards meant to be repaired (Ragsan Part 4)

“Hey!! Watch out where you’re going idiot!!” A voice barked. Though her intention was to turn around and walk back to her place, but the universe had other plans and she accidentally collided with a man in his late 20s, who was so engaged in his phone that he didn’t bothered looking ahead of him.
She backed away worried. She never do well in situations like these…..
Her head snapped up to look at a man in cargo pants and white T-shirt with a black leather jacket, heatedly glaring in her direction.

“Hey buddy, watch it.” Somebody shouted from behind her, clearly disliking his way of talking to a girl.
“Watch it !!! Seriously? You are telling me to watch it? Maybe she should’ve been watching where she was going. And she didn’t even bother to say sorry!”
Tensed, she quickly looked back at the ground. Exactly why, she doesn’t like situations like these…..They always leads to the same thing.
“See! She is still speechless. She is obviously the plain rude one!!!! ”
‘If only he knew…I was sorry. I really was. I just couldn’t say it’

“That’s it!!! Definitely one of those rude, stuck up teenagers.” With those words, the man quickly stormed past her petite frame, all the while cursing under his breath.

And leaving behind an innocent, depressed girl adding one more incident in a bunch of lots to shred her already disintegrated self confidence.


Closing her eyes, she try hard to keep her tears at bay.
“Of course, he would be same like the others.” Her conscience remarked as the thought of him detesting her conjured up in her mind. Somehow, the idea of him leaving her, for never to look back again, unsettled her.
Lost in her thoughts, she refused to look up at those intense black orbs which always seems to capture her in a trance.

Fingers firmly tilting up her chin, soft hues clashed with fiery charcoal ones.
“Get this one thing straight through your head Princess. You. Are. Mine. From head to toe. So don’t even dare to think that I’ll ever hate you for anything that you are. Neither I’ll leave you ever nor will I let you. You are bound to me till eternity. No exceptions.”
He looked at her dead in the eyes and the intensity was so high that she couldn’t get herself to doubt him even if she wanted to.
“You scared her !!!” His wolf growled loudly.

“Shh. Calm down Mate. I can hear your heartbeats sweetie. Take deep breaths for me, yeah?” He coos softly, rubbing her back with one hand while petting her hair gently with the other, holding her close to his chest. The soft rhythm of his heartbeat worked like a lullaby to calm her down.
Carefully setting her down on the bed, he walked to his cupboard while she contented herself in gazing outside the window.

“Does your neck still sore babymate?” Sanskar asks after few minutes of somewhat awkward silence.
Shaking her head in no, she continue gazing outside. The sky is cloudy and with the windy air, it seems like its going to rain soon, and she hope it does.
Rainy season is her favorite. The air smells fresh and clean and the sky looks so beautiful.
The water pouring on her face never fails to excite her.

“I think I should make a light dinner for you. You didn’t ate for a while and heavy dinner can upset your stomach. What do you think?” He asks, gaining her attention somewhat. “Or you want me to order a take out?”
She nod her head at his first words, indicating she didn’t want a take out, not clearly paying attention.

“You can talk to your sister later after the breakfast.”
Her head nodded in affirmation at the statement, was the only response he got.
“You want to accompany me to kitchen?” Sanskar say, rummaging through his clothes meanwhile taking glances in her direction.
She nod once again, tired from her sightnseeing for now, still not paying much attention.
“And then when I finish preparing your meal, we can kiss each other all night long. What do you think?”
Nodding, she rest her head on the window.

“Do you know, what you just agreed to?” Sanskar chuckles, and this immediately got her attention.
“I mean, I wanted our first kiss to be special, but if you want to……”
Eyes wide like a saucer, she immediately sprung up in her seat. Cheeks heating up in embarrassment as her hair falls over her face like a curtain.
“Are you hiding behind your hair again?” When she look over at him, he’s wearing an amused smile on his face but still a hint of affection attached to it.

“Hurry up, little one. After all we have things to do after breakfast.” Her mouth hung open in shock, as her so-called-mate has the nerve to wink at her.
Embarassed, she flung the nearest pillow in his direction, that hit him straight on the face, wiping the smug expression off of his lips in a second.
Sticking her tongue out at him, she laughs hardly at his shocked state. Though only wheezes of breaths came out of her lips because of her inability to speak.
“We made Mate laugh!!!” His wolf purr happily in content, puffing his chest out in sheer pride.
Happy that he was the reason behind his Princess’s smile.


“Don’t get panicked okay? Just listen to me. I promise everything gonna be okay Ragu.” Swara mutters apprehensively, hyper aware of her little sister’s condition.
She is fragile like a china doll. Both physically and mentally.
“You see, everyone here is werewolves. A werewolf basically is a human being with the ability to shift into a wolf.
Us werewolves are organized into packs.The Alpha is the one with most power, like a leader, followed by beta, the second in command, gamma, third in command and then warriors, pack doctor and common pack members. Clear till now? ”

Ragini just nod her head in affirmation. Though she has questions brewing up in her mind but for now she settled onto listening to her elder sister first.
“So uh- the last one is the luna. A Luna is the mate of the Alpha, and lead the pack with alongside him.”
At the word mate, Ragini tilt her head sideways in confusion.
“What’s a mate? The wolf man also used this word several times to address her.”
“Actually, each werewolf have a mate, short for soul mates. They’re the other half of a werewolf. They are made specifically for each other. Wolves can sense their mate because of their scent and the sparks at any physical contact.”

Eyes widened in shock causing her to freeze at the statement.
Sparks!!! Even she felt spark when she touched him. This means…..this means they’re mate?!!!!!!
Her mouth gapes open and everything else her sister told her completely goes over her head.
“When a werewolf meets his mate for the first time, they mark them. The bite on your neck is a mark. It shows that they are yours and that they accept.” Swara further explains, as calmly as possible.

“Mr. Maheshwari marked you, but that was mainly the Alpha in him. Alpha’s are extremely possessive and territorial over what belongs to them. So naturally, he marked you at the first sight but you can’t mark him since you’re a human. I know this is difficult for you but please give it a try Baccha.”
Panicking, her hands tremble in anxiety.

‘W-why? I just want to go home.’
“I know Sis. I too want you to return back with me. Guess that’s what destiny had in store for us but trust me Alpha will take good care of you.”
A soft knock interrupts their conversation.
“Can I have my girl back now? It’s already 11:30 p.m. and I want her to take rest.” His voice sounded so sweet and caring at the moment that she felt butterflies in her stomach. A feeling very foreign to her. Something she never experienced before.
“Of course, Alpha. Take care Ragu.”
“Princess?” Sanskar called, gaining her attention. “Come here babygirl. Let’s clear things before you sleep okay?”

She nod hesitantly, before sitting at the foot of the bed, clutching her knees tightly to her chest.
“Did your sister told you about mates?” He asks, sitting down beside her on the bed while she nod her head in response.
“So, do you know who your mate is?” Apprehensive, she quietly point in his direction.
Instantly, a hand wraps around her waist, pulling her onto his lap.
“Do you know why I gave you this, babymate?” His head pointing at the mark on his neck. His mark.
Shaking her head in denial, she attempt to get off his lap but he simply held her waist tightly in place. Her strength nowhere near his.

“It’s to show everyone that you are mine.” He says. “That you belong to me. My Soulmate.”
The tip of his finger trace around the mark ever so slowly, causing shocks to run throughout her body.
And the smirk on his face proves the fact that he knows the effect he has on her.

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Please comment if you liked this part. I’ll try to update my other ff soon. Since I updated the other one continuously for a while so I decided to update this one first.
Till then be happy and take care.
Love you all ????

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  1. Superb part. Hey can you give me the link of 1st part I missed reading that..

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  2. amazing story and it’s hot

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  5. Awesome story yar want to read more of it!! Please post the next part soon!! Waiting for it!!

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    oh god rakhi…i was enjoying the last part n u end it so cruel now i’ve to wait for the next part…. i don’t kow why but this part seems very short to me try to give us a little longer one plz….and i don’t think i’ve to tell how was this part….

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    Amazing yaar I have one doubt sanskar said rude words to ragini in first meeting ? Keep going ?

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  8. Awesome yar. Where did u find this concept

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      Thank you so much dii??? Actually my cousin is a fan of fictional stories. She was the one who told me about both vampires and werewolves. But I liked the concept of wolves more. Thank you once again for your feedback dii. Take care????

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    fabulous dear…loved it alot…that last part and last word superbbb dear….

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  11. Sis i’m not getting onething Swara is a Werewolf right?But Ragini is a human!It means she isnt her sister right?Sanskaar is a werewolf then how cum his mate,Ragini is a human??
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    Loved this part to the core <3
    RagSan scenes r awesome

    1. Rakhi

      Hey Sis. How are you? Yes, Ragini is a human and a human can be the mate of a werewolf. About Ragu and Swara’s relation, you need to wait to read more Sis. After all there need to be some mystery and suspense right? And don’t worry I’ll post my ff on wattpad but I’m doing this only for you my sis. I don’t know if they will like it or not but I’ll give it a try for you.
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