His Soulmate..broken shards meant to be repaired (Ragsan Part 3)

NOTE – Thank you soooo much guys for all the comments. But there is a problem. Actually I can’t update both my ff regularly. It’s getting difficult for me to concentrate on both of them. So I decided to update one of them thrice a week while the other one will be updated once a week. But I’ll try to make it lengthier. So sorry once again for that. I hope you guys will understand. So please comment which ff should I update thrice and which one weekly.

“You brought her into our world too quickly.” Finally gaining consciousness, she hears the gruff voice of a male yell out loudly.
“She is my mate. I have every single right.” The husky voice of the stranger sends a shiver down her spine.
“But she’s a hum-” Instantly the man found himself roughly pinned to the wall, a hand grabbing his throat, as his Alpha stare down at him dead in the eyes. Daring him to disobey.
“Don’t argue with me Beta Shane. I’m your Alpha and you’ll respect me as such.”
The hard voice had the man squirm in his place as he immediately bare his neck in submission.
A pain instantly shot through her skull while she tried to block out all the voices off of her hazy mind.
“He’s right though, I can’t just leave my sister here, all by herself.” Swara mutters, a bit apprehensively. Never anger an Alpha. You would never like the consequences.
Taking a deep breath, she calmly voice out her thoughts, mindful of the angry werewolf gazing down at her sharply. “Ragini is not the type to go out. She was never the one to begin with. She just stays up in her room all-”
“She can do that here.” Again the same husky voice interrupts her elder sister. “I’m not letting her out of my sight.”
“Alpha, I don’t think my sister will be comfortable-”
“She is staying here with me. End of discussion.” Ragini immediately sprung up at the words, her head throbbing and neck sore. Looking around, she find herself in the same room she woke up earlier in, covered with a soft baby blue blanket. Wincing, she cautiously touch her neck.
“Careful, Babymate.” A voice whispers out of nowhere causing her to jump in fright as she tightly clutch the blanket close to her in precaution.
Alpha or whoever he is, sits next to her and gently put his large hand over her dainty one that is still covering his bite mark. She gasp at the tingles that shot through her body at the physical contact and skid away from his muscular figure, or what he allows anyway. She barely even moved an inch.
“W-what happened? T-those tingles? T-they scare me.” Her mind try to comprehend the situation at hand.
“Mate.” The way he says it, somehow makes her knees feel week. “But who is mate though? Why he keep calling her that?” Wondering, his next words successfully break her chain of thoughts. “I need to check how is it healing.”
She meekly shook her head and shrink back away from his touch. A loud growl resonate throughout the room, causing Ragini to flinch back in response.
“Ragu?” Her eyes snaps to her sister’s as she speak, “It’s okay. Just let him check.”
Retaliating, she constantly shake her head in denial. Before she could move away any further, a muscular hand firmly grab her chin, forcing her to look at the mysterious stranger sitting across her.
“I’m going to look at my mark right now and you’ll stay put. Am I clear mate?” His eyes flicker back from black to gold indicating his wolf is trying to take over, displeased with their mate’s disobedience.
Never disobey a werewolf, especially an Alpha. Dominance is in their blood.
Realising the dangerous situation they are stuck in, Swara quickly asks her sister to cooperate.
Grasping her hand gently, he pry it away from her neck while she try her best to cease her trembling. A jolt of electricity run through her body as he touch it cautiously.
A clearing of throat successfully break her out of her trance.

Ragini’s Monologue :
“Would you like to stay here for a while? Actually you-”
“You’re staying here with me sweetheart.” Alpha inform me in a much softer tone, one I haven’t heard him use before. Swiftly, he brushed my bangs out of my eye and traced his finger down the side of my face gently. I feel myself getting lost in his eyes once again……just like the previous night before his words pour over me like cold water.
Panicking, I look up at my sister. Hoping her to decline his statement.
“WE are staying here.” Swara correct his words. “I’m going to be out of town and uh, Alp- I mean Mr. Maheshwari, doesn’t want you home alone for a day. I’ve a room here.” She further explains. “You can stay there for tonight and we will see if we’re back home tomorrow-”
“She’s staying here.” The Alpha or Mr. Maheshwari, whoever he is, growls at her words. “She’s MINE and she will NOT leave my sight.” I wonder how his throat is not scratchy from all the growling?
“Alpha, with all due respect, she is not-”
“She’s mine and I don’t understand why the hell no one get that. She is staying here. WITH ME.” The wolf man seethes, and honestly his anger scares me, a lot. Before I could’ve time to respond, I’m pulled onto his lap and crushed against his rock hard chest. The Alpha bury his head onto the crook of my neck and take deep breaths while I says frozen on my place, not sure what to do in this situation. Panicking, I attempt to struggle a bit but his grip is too tight for me.
“A-alpha, can I have few minutes to explain things to her? Just so she could understand things better?” Swara asks the guy, who is gripping me extremely tight against his chest. Sighing, he run a hand through his hair, before releasing me from his firm hold.
“Fine !!! You two can talk while I prepare something for her to eat.”
The wolf man, I’m assuming Alpha is more of a nickname, softens a bit. His large hand moves to my chin, tipping it up so I can look at him.
This man definitely need to restrain himself from all the touching otherwise I’m sure that I am going to have a panic attack real soon. But I like those tingles too, that erupt at any physical contact between us which confuse me even more.
“Have you eaten anything?”
Nodding my head, I immediately look away.
Lie. I haven’t eaten for almost two days. I haven’t been hungry.
The Alpha growls again, I feel it vibrate through his chest.
He moves me from the position we’re in. He was cradling me in my lap and now I’m basically straddling him. His once charcoal eyes are now turning a bright red color which I assume is a wolf thingy. But how can a man turn into a wolf?!!! Maybe I was dreaming.
I was brought out of my thoughts by lips pressing on the side of my neck, the exact spot he bit me at causing me to jump in my place due to all the tingles surging through my entire body.
“You’re lying.” His deep voice sends shivers down my spine. He peck my forehead before whispering quietly in my ear, “You don’t lie to me Mate.”
Here he goes again with that mate thing.
“She won’t need your room.”
“That’s an order.” He cut her off. “Now, come on Princess. Let’s go.”
I’m suddenly lifted up in the air, my reflexes kick in, and I instantly wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, surprised at the sudden action. When I look up at him, he has a smirk tucked onto his lips but he look somewhat happy and…….proud? No one has ever looked at me like that. And it scares me that he is the one doing it.
I attempt to get down as he walk us towards the stairs, leaving my sister behind in the living room.
“You’re going to make me stop you Babymate and I won’t forgive myself if you get hurt. Relax sweetheart.” He adjust me legs around his torso once again and I catch him smiling at the bite mark on my neck, making me self conscious. I casually pull my hair to that side and keep my head down, my gaze fixed on the steps he is carrying me upto.
A hand from under my thigh grasp my chin and forces me to look up before moving my hair from my shoulder.
“Don’t EVER cover up my mark, it show that you’re mine. Am I clear?” The Alpha asks and I nod slowly in response. His expressions softens slightly. “You don’t have to be scared Princess. I will NEVER hurt you. You mean too much.”
Staring up at him, I slightly tilt my head sideways in confusion, not exactly knowing what he means.
“You’re sister will leave after explaining a few things to you and I’ll do the same later on. Now why don’t you tell me your name Babymate? You didn’t utter a single word since the moment I met you?”
Widening my eyes, I look at him shocked.
“No need to be shy Princess. Now what’s your name? I want it to hear it from you.”
Shaking my head I try to get away, but he didn’t even budge.
“Mate?” Impatience laced in his tone, I continue to shake my head in denial as he grip my chin once again, forcing me to look up at him.
“I will not repeat again. What’s your name Mate?”
“She will not answer.” Instantly my head snaps in the direction of a familiar voice.
“And why is that?” Irritation clear in his voice.
“She is mute. She can’t speak since birth.”

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Till then, be happy and take care.

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