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Well guys recently wandering through the youtube I got hold of some previous Indian serial and I must say that those were too good , to ethnic, too realistic in short I found them outstanding in every aspect not only I was able to relate to them but also found them equally entertaining first I would like to name few like punar vivah , geet hui sabse parai, jassi jaisa koi nahi ,madhubala ek ishq ek junoon ,ipkknd etc etc ….but the real thing that I got on was why no serial like them are made today ?? looking at now-days serial I got really sad I mean all of them are trying to hard to be realistic that in the end they are appearing as superficial
firstly I would like to point out at the hate- love story between the couple . well it seem to be the ritual of Indian television to have first hate and then love between couple ..and I don’t complain about it but now-days u see they keep this trend just for the sake of it I mean for example there was hate between arnav-khusi also but it seems genuine as arnav put the video of their closeness on news channel destroying her character and family peace and then from arnav side he thought her to be model sent from rival company who had destroy his fashion show …this seems to be the genuine reason for hating each other as in this not only them but people around to suffered but now-days reason are just as dumb as ever u see mahi and satya in jamai raja they hate each for just few egoistic sayings or you take example kaali yug in kala teeka what going between them is a thing which only they can tell neither they hate each other nor they luv each other just hanging between the two even you see laksh and ragini from swaragini laksh from day1 didn’t like ragini why becoz she was so traditional and he wanted to marry someone who was modern hey c’mon lets have sum brain whatever ppl are b4 marriage they change 360 degree after it so couldn’t be ragini change by laksh ( from a shy girl to a girl who voice her opinion , so much change all becoz of her luv) this would hav been much better instead of showing all those negativity that they showed and destroying the sweet character of ragini which they hav not been able to mend since then even if laksh would hav hate ragini becoz she destroyed his marriage with swara that was also genuine but disliking her for being traditional is itself so orthodox of him what I am trying to pointing is don’t just make lead pair hate each other for the sake of it ..hav genuine reason which v can at least believe and it’s not necessary to olways hate there are ample example in which couple don’t hate each other like aarti and yash from punar vivah although aarti didn’t had the sweet past with her ‘first love’ then too when she met yash she only had apprehension about them being ‘actually’ husband wife and the moment yash cleared her doubt she was trying to be gud for the role he brought her… without apprehensions of wife they were just helpful to each ,understanding …but not hating …u can show lead pair having lack of trust or some misconception but showing them hating is not olways gud . secondly what I would like to point is violence oh my god Indian serial are showing violence as if it’s the only way to show your disliking or disagreement for example shivaay and anika from ishqbaaz well in their first meeting anika shows her disagreement of shivaay breaking the line and praying to god then anika pointing it out and shivaay slapping anika with bundle of money then anika breaking his car front glass (becoz shivaay pointed out about her family )and offering him the same money ….i mean lets be mature enough first of all when you are in temple and some1 point 2 u tat u broke line we either quarrel or say something rude but know of us no matter even if belong to very rich family is going to slap sum1 with money becoz that person pointed out that we broke line secondly when sum1 says sumthing about our family we don’t directly go to them and break their car front glass( if this would have been the case then till date none of my teacher would have car front glass b’coz they say that my behavior shows them standard of my family or if I argue they go on the teaching of my family) no matter what we olways tell the other person to be in limit or we just move out of place but we for sure don’t break things secondly if anika wanted to offer him his money she would have did it in another like she did it afterward …then comes raman bhalla I m sure u don’t need introduction for violence raman did ..i mean if directors had to show that raman hates ishita then he would have ignore her didn’t talk to her this would have been more than enough as ishita luvs raman and his silence would have kill her inside but no here also they turned raman so violent that ppl are not liking his character even know. thirdly chemistry between couple u take example of arnav – khusi ,geet-mann,aarti-yash,or even akbar-jodha these pair didn’t have frequent bed fall or arm –fall neither they had lip lock or sumthing like that but their eye-lock or just rubbing of hands would be so sizzling that we love then till date, I am just saying to be little practical of romance as every fall doesn’t create a moment or pose .. also I would like to point at the clothes I mean whatever they decide to make their lead pair wear they should think that common man fashion I mean you see anika she doesn’t have enough money but she is wearing designer top or u take example of roop from ishqbaaz she wear gold set daily and then complain about money or you see abhi from kumkum bhagya he is a rock star and his clothes are so common man like I mean make lead pair wear according to their character not to luk beautiful … u see khushi or geet they didn’t wear designer suit but still ppl love them becoz they could relate to them as no matter how much u say that don’t judge sum1 frm their clothe we all take the idea of person from their clothing only I mean I am damn sure that we all once gone to the market to buy the lehenga that was like kumud’s lehenga or not to forget that string blouse are gift of Indian serials only I think gone are the days that what are we going to wear in next family function was dictated by current fashion in Indian serials .

lastly I would like to clear that its not that I hate any serial it is just that I want serial to be little bit realistic without naag-nagins and pleasure to eyes to watch ..i mean I watch these serial on the regular basis but then if I miss a episode I didn’t even care about it ….i mean common we all are missing our previous serial and wish desperately to found something similar like if you don’t belive me the just go and check ff on ipkknd or madhubala or geet u will find 100 of them becoz none of us is satisfy from what we are watching daily…. I guess gone are the days that we would miss functions or make excuse just to watch our favourite serial But still if u think that I have hurt u or ur choice or ur sentiment then I am really really SORRY …

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  1. Heltej

    For me, serial is fictional world… Where the track get changes according to cvs n audience!
    I agree serials are giving positive and negative messages! Each and every serials has drawback… And good thing… Try to see positive side of everything!
    No one is getting inspired from serial! If ot gives positive and negative messages! If was one hardcore fan of ipkknd… It was a good serial… Its theme was two people hating each other eventually falling in love with each other! Coming to real life… I dont know anyone who got inspired from this serial.. !

    1. KAINA

      hi heltej i understand serial is a fictional world but dude that it due exist in real world i have seen ppl who are hating each other like monster then loving each other like romeo juliet and yes i am not personally a big fan of ipkknd but what my point is that they can have essence of old serial was such that we can see them know also but with new serial even if we dont watch we seem to be ok and yes i agreee with you that there are sum positive

      1. Heltej

        Yes, i agree with u… People are there who loves each other and hate each other!
        Old serial has its own essence! Nowadays… Like fictional series people too started living in fictional world…! ?

      2. KAINA

        hi heltej may i know from where r u ? and did you commented ever on kumkum bhagya

      3. Heltej

        Im from kerala… No i didn’t!

      4. KAINA

        oh then may be i am mistaken

  2. wow good job kiana i 100% agree

    1. KAINA

      thanks mahi

  3. i agree plus here they show villan as characterless which is not god

    1. KAINA

      thanks rubu

  4. yaar i am missing ipkknd badly

    1. KAINA

      thanks raglak even i m missing old serials

  5. I totally agree wit wat u said

    1. KAINA

      thanks S priya for commenting

  6. Sally_blr

    Upto some extent you are right dear. I cannot completely agree coz I don’t watch serials now a days like before. Traffic consumes my most of the time, I hardly get to watch one or two serials. Number of episodes matters to the producers than the content now a days. So they just drag it. I loved Ipkknd, we at home used to sit together and enjoy it. Now I find all the serials as copy paste of the same concept. Like bride or groom swapping, memory loss, leaps, getting the cute kids for trp, but no content. I could watch Qubul hai upto Zoya and Asad’s marriage, after that it turned out horrible. Hope Gul Khan will not do the same with Ishqbazz. IPkknd was a hit because they did not drag it or changed the lead. Ya I agree some people really follow the serials. Let me give example of my mom. She hates Tanu to the core. She really thought Pregnancy will last years. They don’t understand romance is about emotions not sensuality what they show now a days.

    1. KAINA

      really i also think that that this bride groom swapping its pathetic i am done with it now i mean when we meet some one as our life patner we have sum feeling and to have same feeling for sum1 else is like changing clothes everynow and then yaa gul khan till a point had tight grip of serial but then after some time she loses that grip resulting in crashing of trp

      i hope u had a grt day

  7. i luv ur views and have the same feeling for now days serial

    1. KAINA

      thanks for agreeing dear

  8. yaar but not ol serial are bad i luv ishqbaaz dont say anything about it but i agree at sum poiny

    1. KAINA

      oh no dear i dont have any hard feeling for any kind of serial but my only view is that they should show something sensible

  9. Sammykapoor

    ur right yaar

    1. KAINA

      thanks for agreeing dear

  10. Dude u forgot the number of marriages nd the impractical love triangles (mihir aliya adi)in today’s serials. There is a compulsory rule that each person must marry at least twice. Eg: Raman Go pi etc. One must count the no. Of marriages a person does,Missing the old serials

    1. KAINA

      dude i didnt forget these points but this article was itself so long that i thought u ol will get mad reading it
      some of points that where in my mind and i didnt put them are
      MEMORY LOSS- well in tv serial they loses memory like every now and then and get back it hust on time to save heroine or hero
      PREGNANCY TRACK – well dont get me wrong but for once i thought that in kumkum bhagya tanu pregnancy is not going to end (i guess that baby didnt want to came out lol) and yes when in pregnancy mother to be is advice complete rest our dear tanu was so sporty that she was going to party make idiotic plan and doing ol rubbish
      and yes NO. OF MARRIAGES – well dude frankly saying i have lost track of no of marriages i lead pair have go through well for twinkle in tei she was married in same serial for 5 times then laksh 3 times of swaragini then etc etc i will lose my brain counting it
      and yess LOVE TRIANGLES- well enough said lets not talk about this i am tooo bored to talk of this
      BRIDE GROOM SWAPPING – well can you plz give me one example in which bride groom swapping is not done i mean they just didn’t get enough of this track i am too hostile toward this concept
      CUTE KIDS – hmmm as if child is mature enough to understand complex relationship as marriage( well when i was a child i was not able to speak my name fluently these tv serial show childeren mature enough to understand relationships well lagat hai bourvita horlicks ka asar hai )

      1. Well said yaa. All these so called stupid tracks are the soul of r Indian serials. And Tanu pregnency was epic like u said.One nd a half yr pregnancy. These makers make marriages a joke. Well if u don’t mind I recommend u to some Korean series (Heirs, Boys over flowers, My love from another star, Bride of the century….). These serials are of approx 20-25 episodes but r crore times logical than present Indian drama

  11. Reyaa

    well i also love some indian serials n i have watched them like mile jab hum tum, dil mil gaye, ,geet hui sb se prayi, is pyar ko kya nam du, ik hazaron mei meri behna. sadda haq, ik haseena thi, these were really good serials but now a days some serials are just non sense like sathiya , n some others i was a swaragini fan till swalak track but then cvs take a bad turn n i quit watching it they really need to be realistic seriously they drag the story a lot n memory loss kidnapping are so common now … well i m a pakistani i dont want to bash someone but if someone wants entertainment n realistic story so he should check once some good pakistani drama like humsafar , dil-e-muztar, zindgi gulzar, n so more are good watchable dramas that anyone would one

    1. KAINA

      thanks reyaa i will try too catch these serials also

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