It is a moment of commotion in the hearts of entire Ayodhya. Each time when such situation arises, everyone’s heart will go and catch hold the lap of Ram and Siya. As hearts are thrashing down in confusion, here comes the one who can catch hold all the sinking hearts and strengthen their roots which was grown with utmost care by Ram and Siya all these years..??
He is the sole reason of ” Sita’s astounding knowledge, love and determination… Urmila’s fearlessness and boldness… Mandavi’s courage and responsible nature and shrutkirti’s innocent and supporting nature” Yesss!!! It’s RAJA RISHI JANAK.. Who stepped in as a sunshine for Ayodhya. He is bestowed with all the above characters. God has sent him to bring calmness in their stormy heart, to lay path to the future of Ayodhya, to free Bharath from guilt and inject confidence to his daughters??

For a girl, her pita is her first role model. He is the one who takes great responsibility of turning a precious seed to gigantic tree by pouring Knowledge as water, courage and determination as fertiliser, love and compassion as sunlight. Only with these, a gigantic ever strong tree- Daughter can be brought out. Born with such qualities, she can hold family together and provide shadow of selfless love. Janak has given all qualities to his daughters and they are purifying the world with their love and defines women Dharam.. ??

Janak at once lit up their souls and gave rebirth to their reason for survival.. Rushed his three daughters towards their pita and he knows that they desperately in need of his warmth..
SITA AND HER PITA CONNECTION IS ONCE AGAIN REVEALED… AS SITA SAID, DURING DEPARTURE TO VAN… ” MY PITA CAN NEVER ASK OR COMPLAIN WHY I WAS MADE TO TAKE UP VANVASI”, Janak did not ask even a single words about his Sita.. He knows that her decision will be correct. SUCH IS THE AMAZING BOND..??????❤️???

True knowledge and purity is necessary for one to see core reason beyond what is happening around. Mandavi gets clarity behind the Janak’s decision of supporting Bharath. ” Let him give a try… This will bring him out of regret that he will carry if not given a try.. There is no harm in trying..????????

Before vivah, Kaikeyi ma felt that Mithila is not equal to Ayodhya… It’s beautiful play by God to show Kaikeyi ma the virtue, knowledge and purity of Mithila through Janak.. Ram indirectly paves way for it. One positivity amidst all negativity is enough to purify ones thought. Janak, epitome of purity clears off Kaikeyi ma heart and digs out her love for Ram which was buried for sometime by destiny. As the same time, he indirectly calms down Mandavi and made her understand Kaikeyi ma heart and solved their differences. So much…. Just by one presence…!!!! Now, Ayodhya path is clear !!!????

Chitrakoot beauty is increasing day by day by these two beautiful souls.. Obedient shishya has started practising the art of cooking. Though Sita allowed her Raghunanthan to do, her eyes surrounds all around him. It seems like kan previous birth sin’s are taken away by the touch of Shree Ram and thus gives him burning sensation as he takes all with him giving back all blessings.. As his hands starts burning, her heart starts burning..Janaki rushes to her Ram and dips his hand in water. At once, it got healed not because of water, but because of his Sita’s touch and love. She is magical..??????.. Kan created a moment for itself to Cherish..

Food is all ready!!! Smell that kindles inner stomach..its unique today and the taste was never experienced before. Lakshman gets into thinking about the secret of food. He knows even the bitter, spicy food made by Sita’s hands will be sweeter but today it has overloaded taste and sweetness more than devlog Amirth…at once got to know that it has touch of his Ram bhaiya… Ram’s love, care and divine touch is all in that. As little naughty bhai, he pulls ram’s leg. As they share some light moments, there comes a news of arrival of their family.❤️
Like the force of water, when released at once from dam… Lakshman’s anger gushing out and bursting like volcano..??… First time, his ears are not bending to his Ram Bhaiya’s words… It is not because of hatred for Bharath…it is because of his love for Ram bhaiya…

Ram knows that Bharath is his reflection and Lakshman can see him in Bharath and can never hurt him…” TRUTH HAS POWER TO HEAL THE ANGER”

His eyes gazing in all directions at the speed equal to the speed of the arrow that gets released for Ram’s bow. Blocks the way of Bharath like ferocious lion and strings the bow against Bharath.. But, the arrow Carries all love, not a single drop of hatred is seen for his bhai..its all anger for Kaikeyi ma son… As Bharath utters each word, Lakshman’s hand began to lower and his heart began to ascertain the truth and digs out his love for bhai…????❤️❤️??? it reminds ” UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL”

Big shock awaits ram… Let’s us all support ram in his life time biggest sorrow…how ram going to react.. Let’s wait and watch
Jai Shree Ram..?????

Credit to: Shruthi

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  1. Its awesome dear…..your writing skills r wonderful…..

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    Jai Siya Ram! Lovely write up Shruthi 🙂

  4. Awesome analysis I don’t know y but when I read ur analysis I got tears in my eyes it was really like an emotional analysis for me ur words are completely true dear great Job and ya a father is always a hero for his daughter and according to me the fearlessness and sacrificing quality and love, respect which the sisters have is fully bcoz of janaka


    really superb analysis…….. fantastic……… grt job…… keep going…………

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