“Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love. ” – William Shakespeare.

All perennial actions can change in this world. But, Ram and Sita’s love is immortal. They etched their love deep in nature and the nature transmit the treasure that they have witnessed to all the future generations and yug. ???
A mother hunger can be satisfied just by seeing her children eyes without the feeling of hunger. Now, Sita has three children..she gets much contentment after seeing their eyes getting relieved from hunger. Beautiful part is that Lakshman looks at ram and only after Ram starts eating, he also starts. Great bond… ?❤️
“Compliment the goodness in other. Say how special is your life partner to you. Share all the feelings” — these form the basic of any strong relationship and it keeps it always fresh. This is what Ram tells to the world by praising Sita’s calm and maturity and makes her feel special by telling how fortunate is he to get Sita in his life.?
Sita gets back her pain in leg. Van or Bhavan, ram never lets his Sita experience any sort of pain and therefore rushes to her. Sita winks at him saying that she is fine. But, Ram knows that Sita will hide her pain from him and only his warmth can make her forget the Pain. Carried her in his arms. Sita not only forgets the pain but the whole world. He holds her hand symbolising that he will never let her feel any pain alone. Gently massages her cottony hand which had done so much hard work only for love.??

For two souls, who are deep in love, even if they are flooded with heaps of luxuries, resting on each other shoulder would give them all happiness in life. Hearing the heart beat of each other, will be the best music of their life. Ram’s heart can only beat for with sound of Sita and Sita runs to dreamy world hearing her music in Ram’s heart.??❤️
The most cutest moment in the world is to see the sleeping child. For Ram, Siya is his ma, patni and child. He admires her innocence and childishness in sleep. Rising up by having glimpse of Ram and Sita, has always been wish for sun. Now, it got its lifetime chance to rise up as per it’s wish. Ram let wish of surya Bhagavan to come true for a fraction of seconds as he couldn’t see his Sita experience heat of sun. At once, blocked the rays to reach Sita. As sun wishes to rise up looking at them, Sita’s wish is to see her Ram first in morning. All wishes came true. Sita once again drowned in Ram’s love by seeing his shawl wrapping around her. That naughty look of Siya signing no to Ram as he asks for shawl is like, ‘ You cannot separate even your shawl from me, Raghunanthan’???

At once, Sita found that Lakshman’s eyes were so tired. He just turned back immediately to avoid eye contact with Ram. Because, he cannot object the truth by looking at his bhai eyes. But, Ram smiles thinking that he knows about Lakshman. This marks the start of Nidra Devi. Bharat is at the peak of sacrifice. When the entire universe is stunned by his sacrifice, he is making it more stunned by his actions. Ram is their guru, guide and life. When he is sleeping on the floor, how can Bharath be in same position ?? One must be really out of ego, selfishness and worldly pleasures to even think of this. Bharath stands tall among all sacrifices.??❤️

Sita’s voice brings all smiles once again in Ram’s face. The little kid came as a blessing to given them some light moments. Ram’s heart getting contentment and happy, looking at his Janaki in all smiles and enjoying her moments. His hands do one work, but his eyes always revolves around her. Sita makes ram wear his shawl. The same hands were trembling, when she was making ram ready for van, as she is going to miss her Ram. Now, the same hands make him wear by love and smiles, as she is with her ram and is sure that nothing can separate her from Ram.❤️???
Challenges awaits for them and path is laid for Nidra Devi…
Jai Shree Ram???

Credit to: Shruthi

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