Journey loaded with challenges awaits for Ram,Sita and Lakshman… It looks like that they are given with warm up tests to face the life biggest challenge… Guess !!! All their challenges will be really in wonder thinking are throwing obstacles in their path or paving way for them ?? Because, these three souls looks unmoved, more determined and smiles even brighter with confidence after every instances. They are posing obstacles for obstacle. This should be the attitude of one towards life !!!!! ???????

Strong words, intense motivation and consolation …. All these have no healing effect when the wound is made of deep will impose so much hardship in survival and eventually erases ones own ability. So, going along with Bharath and bringing him back to senses is the only way. Once, left in his path, he will automatically bounce back and this is known well by kowsalya ma. Such strong and clear decision at critical time. ” Live as vanvasi, but not outside or leaving Ayodhya ” – she leaves him at his own decision, but catches him at correct point. This brings intense calmness in Bharath heart. As, ram and Lakshman March towards purifying the world. Bharath and Shatrughan marching towards building up broken Ayodhya. Looks throne of Ayodhya has got some light after days of darkness. ???

It’s promise given to her sister to take care of ma-Mandavi gets stopped by this from accompanying Bharath. Now, they are RAGHUKUL’s s Vadhu and have to keep up the words and promises. Life is like a chain reaction, one action will impact the other. Sad part is that, Kaikeyi ma is completely obscured by destiny. Her mental steadiness was shaken and it all led to the chain of happenings. Life of every individual in Ayodhya is now changed to new dimension. ??. Each stands as an example in a unique way.

Storms and thunder giving fullest effort to obstruct their way. Actually, they are in no intention to obstruct the path, all they wanted is to make them even stronger as they march towards their birth motive. ⛈⛈????

Sita is Annapoorani, she will never let anyone even to think of hunger. She noticed that little boy is in hunger, but she has no food with her to feed him. It doesn’t matter she is daughter of nature, she could find delicious food even in nature. She goes along with Ram in search of food. Jungle — it teaches one, there is a path in every darkness and one need to know how to find and enjoy the path. They give light in darkness.. But, when such glowing light of the world walk before them, all they can do is to silently stand and admire them–and it is what lighting bug is doing now. Jungle- mysterious yet teaches a lot to world to live in harmony. Real beauty of the gods creation can be experienced only in jungle. Ram never misses any chance to admire the connection between Sita and nature. And yes… She found the place of food. Guess.. Her heart at one side always speaks and gets connected with nature. ????

Let’s go along with them and experience the beauty of nature… Jai Shree Ram..

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