WOMEN- Naturally gifted with the sense of motherhood… Need not to be blood related…
Crying sound of any kid, will naturally shake her womb .. Love is housed at every cell of women??
Sita is mother of love.. Even love runs to get her warmth. Crying sound of kid is making her restless. This tears gives her more pain than her wound.. If her wound was not there, she would have rushed to kid. But, still gathered all her strength and goes in search of little lad..??

She could recognise little eyes blinking like stars in the gap of leaves. Heap of fears that occupied in little boy’s face vanished in a moment.. Usually flowers and wishes would be showered over Siya.. But, she was at once surprised and shocked as well to see the little boy taking stone in his hands. Noo!!! How can he hit Sita ?? No way… Innocent kid forwarded himself to protect her from the attack of hawk.. Such kind gestures. At once, he got attached to her. Just a smile and loving look is enough for a kid to built strong bond.. As, kid forwarded himself to save Sita, sit forwarded herself and stood before him.❤️❤️??????

LIGHT IS SAID TO TRAVEL AT HIGH SPEED THAN ANY OTHER… BUT, RAM’S ARROW TRAVEL FASTER THAN LIGHT… NOW, IT IS TWICE THE USUAL SPEED AS IT IS HIS SITA WHO IS AT THE OTHER END IN TROUBLE… Even powerful sun will take few minutes to reach the earth, but Ram’s arrow hit the hawk giving no moment to look at the time..Ram’s target will never miss an inch at anytime.. ?????
” How dare the hawk can attack my Sita??” Such was the expression in Ram’s eyes… Innocent kid doesn’t know it is out of love..and thus at once got fear.. Ram was so touched to see the bond between his Sita and little kid. He silently admires her motherly love..Like a mother, Sita removes the little boy’s fear. Whereas, like dutiful and responsible pita, ram decides to save him and promises to make him reach his destination. ?????❤️?

If mother is the one, who pours love, courage and good values. If father is the one, who guides in right path, instil sense responsibility and righteousness. Then, Ram and Sita is ma and pita for the whole world ????????

Little boy takes them to their new journey in VANVAS… and shows them a dangerous volcano. Inner fire of Ram is more explosive and Powerful than volcano… Ram’s eyes mark their new route…??????❤️

Actual volcano is exploding in Ayodhya… Living in guilt is more painful than living in hell.. Even if one’s heart want to do good, the guilt within oneself will suppress to move further..
But, Shatrughan words are true.. How long one can run from this guilt? He has to take up responsibility of Ayodhya.. As, Kaikeyi ma mind is shadowed by destiny play.. Bharath’s guilt in mind restricts him to realise that he is brother of such determined soul – Ram.. Once, Bharath realises this, he will go more strong. Only powerful words can bring him to state of calmness from such tempest situation..???

Where the path is going to take ram?? What challenge is awaiting him?? Will Bharath Come out of his guilt? Who is going to bring him out?
Let’s wait and watch..
Jai Shree Ram..??????

Credit to: Shruthi

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    Awesome Shruthi 🙂

  2. Bharat takes care of Ayodha in the absence of Ram but he didn’t stay in Raj Bhavan, Rather He lived in a hut near saryu river-nandigram , managed the kingdom with the help of his brother Shatrughan.
    He shall live a vanvashi life for next 14 years just like Ram , Sita & Laksham- that is devoid of all comforts of Rajbhavan , eat fruits etc also maintained celibacy but will take care of Ayodha . He as a true devotee of Lord Ram will serve and perform Raj Dharma as a Tapashvi.
    But He will live a Tapashvi life because as per Kayeki ‘s condition Ram & Site must not have any child otherwise the condition of bachan gets broken. Kayeki & Manthra wanted Ram;’s heir should not become the next Raja / King . It has been shown in Siye ke Ram. That’s why before leaving for Vanvash -Kayeki reminded Ram about Brahamachari factor/celibacy.
    Both Bharat & lakshman are symbol of brotherhood , sacrifice ,& service and most important of all they loved their brother as Lord . As we all know , Lord Ram was the seventh Avatar .Purush.

    1. Yes Sara
      They were an epitome of brotherhood

  3. Nice analysis Di
    Jai Sita ram

  4. Awesome Shruti Di…..

  5. Superb di I will call u di bcoz I just completed my 10th std can I?

    1. U can call me by name… No probs..??

  6. jai shree ram
    jai siya ram

  7. Nice analysis shruthi sister….
    I can’t understand how u people writing these analysis…great…

  8. Nice di…Jai Sita Ram

  9. Thanks all for the support and love that u all shower ????

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