Bharath – always the first one to rejoice his Ram Bhaiya’s victory. His heart will jump in joy, his legs will fly in air. Silent and first admirer of wining moments of Ram. But, for the first time in life, Bharath feels down in pain for not be able to win over Ram’s decision. And well he knows that he can’t win over his Ram Bhaiya’s love and his inner sense knows that whatever Ram does it is for the good purpose and there is no need to ponder about. Bharath was left with no option other than convincing himself. The ring of love which was sent by Bharath to tie ram is now turned towards him with added power of love and tied him completely.??❤️
But, his final wish stuns the entire world and this wish can’t be objected by Ram. Bharath asks for Ram’s footwear, which he would like to place over throne, that gives him feel that Ram is ruling Ayodhya. Ram can’t give away his Dharam path, but he can give away his footwear which travelled along with Ram in his Dharam path. Due to this, it would have acquired all his qualities. Ram was so touched by this gesture and readily agrees to it. ???
During the entire course of conversation, it is very noticeable that Bharath touched Ram’s feet over again and again. Bharath has lost almost all his positive energy because of heavy storm that he was bound to face in life all of sudden. His mind is fully surrounded by guilt and self blame. It is said that, ” When a person who accepts the respect came from ones reduced ego, their hearts will emit positive energy and thoughts, which reaches the one by hands or toe”. Thus, touching Ram’s feet will not only takes his guilt away, it will give all his positivity and energy back. Footwear, which was blessed to be under such foot would have been endowed with all qualities of ram. So, by keeping this Bharath will get feel of ram’s presence and will give him a moment to breathe peacefully.??????
Sun peeps out quickly to get glimpse of such historic moment and to get Dharshan of Ram’s feet. Bharath feels as if he is holding his Ram bhai, at once he lifted it by hands. Tears of Ayodhya are now wiped out. Future of Ayodhya is now getting his shine. Brothers talk through eyes. Ram calms down Bharath and tells him through eyes to gain back all lost strength and manage Ayodhya. ???
Now, it’s Sita’s turn to bring her pitaji back from deep worries. Even now, janak does not question Sita’s decision, as said by Sita. He is in deep thinking over his own decision. This shows how much Janak values Sita’s decision. It is often said that a person can’t me made as decision maker, when his case has people who are closely related to him, as emotions may over rule over correct decision. But, Janak proved it wrong, as he took the side of Dharam over his own beloved daughters happiness and comforts. ?????❤️
As a deciding person, he favoured vanvas, but as pita his heart trembles as his little angel will has to face so many troubles. Sita convinces pitaji with his own words, which he gave as last teaching before Siya stepping to Ayodhya. ” Save self esteem.. Even be ready to Agni pariksha” These words gave strength to Janak and makes his heart feel contended to see his daughter shining in the most important phase of life. Than The lamp which glows inside the house, Sita’s determination and Dharam glows high. ?☀️☀️
It’s time for departure. Ram thanks Janak and Rishi for coming at right time to not only make Bharath understand the truth but the whole world and allowed him to move on Dharam path.
Ram, Sita and Lakshman hugs all their family members. He unites his family back. It’s time to erase bad impression that world has over his loveable Kaikeyi ma. ” Your love is my strength..Shower all your love on me after my return” these words removes all fades over ma. Lakshman talks to Urmila through eyes, it’s like asking her to take care and sending all love for her.❤️?????. Janak would feel all proud about all his daughters. ??
Bharath gives another shocking promise, ” if u delay for a day, I will enter into burning fire” –
The power of relationship. There is nothing stronger in this world than the bond between relations. That’s why our land as a whole is tied with emotions and bond. Unity is strength. The hands which served ram is now serving for his footwear. For Bharath, it is Ram himself is sitting over the throne. He enjoys every moment of it and admires the beauty of the throne- true love and devotion..?????
Now, Chitrakoot has its own history written by these beautiful souls and it will remain forever for any ages..???????❤️.. Ram next journey starts……
Jai Shree Ram??

Credit to: Shruthi

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