Life is about learning to connect with souls. The beauty of it is that once we connect with soul, that bond becomes eternal’❤️
Ocean of emotions.. Like two sides of coin.. Let’s experience this wonderful Leela from two different perspective. Mareech gives the call.. Indicating the mark of new journey to all??
Ravan – places success crown over himself by himself at once he hears the call by Mareech, without knowing that he is dodging himself. “Lakshman” – voice of Ram rings in every cell of Lakshman right from the moment he stepped into the world. He can recognise his Ram Bhaiya’s voice amidst any voice in the universe without second thought. It’s not the voice which according to Ravan is going to trick them, in fact no power in the universe can dodge them. It’s gods play… Their own play… Destiny path that brings them to this point.?
The conversation between Lakshman and Sita can be perceived in two form, one as God form and other as human form.
God form : Narayan and lakshmi in the form of Ram and Sita knows their birth motive. If Devi lakshmi protects the world, then Shesha Nag ( Lakshman ) born to serve and protect Mata lakshmi and Narayan. He can never get away from his duty. But, destined happenings can never be forsaken. No power in universe can stand before Lakshman’s devotion. Thus Mata lakshmi (Sita) is trying to convince Lakshman( Shesha Nag) to go to her Narayan ( Ram), so that fate can do its part. Trying in all forms by explaining in calm and angry way. Each moment Devi lakshmi hurts Lakshman with words, she feels her heart is breaking into pieces. She can’t let her son in trouble and put him in hard situation. No mother in world will like to do so. She cant show him the pain that she is feeling when using harsh words on Lakshman,as it will further make him even more stubborn in his decision. Devi lakshmi was put in such difficulty, to give rebirth to Dharam. But, she knows that her son ( Lakshman ) can understand her. Lakshman stood unmoved from his Dharam. When time comes, where she can no longer hurt her son feelings with words, she decided to give away her life. She knows this is the only way to make Lakshman leave her. ???
Human form : On the other side, it can also be viewed from human point of view. The love, devotion and boundless affection of Siya for her Ram is pulling her heart away from mind. Mind can think intellectually, whereas heart will think emotionally. Only, when the emotion overtakes knowledge the plan of destiny can be successful. Voice of her Raghunanthan is making her restless. Her mind knows the power of her Ram, but it’s woman Thing… It’s her feeling.. Which prevents her from seeing the truth.❤️??
‘Love cures people, both the one who gives it and the one who receives it’. Here Ram is nowhere near to cure his Sita’s worry. Till now, he has always appeared before her, whenever she felt restless. She misses her love… His warmth. This kindles her worries more. The only way to calm her heart is by sending Lakshman to Ram. ?
‘ you determine your future by the thoughts and picture you hold in your mind today ‘
Soft words, strong emotions, heart wrenching lines…tried in all forms. But, nothing shakes him. It’s his promise, his Dharam. What words can do, action does !! Sita decides to give away her life. Never looked at his bhabhi face directly, such was his respect. First time he is looking at his bhabhi’s blood shedding !! This dragged Lakshman forcefully to the point where he had to give up his promise made to his Ram Bhaiya, to save his Ram Bhaiya’s life – Sita. Ram and Sita is his life source, what will he do without them. Emotionally tied all around, Lakshman nods for Sita’s wish. ??
He cannot be there physically to protect his bhabhi, but his devotion, respect and affection that he has for his Bhai and bhabhi will have equal power to protect her. Drawn is LAKSHMAN REKHA – THE SYMBOL OF HIS DEVOTION ???
It’s just not a line drawn for protection. Wonderful message is being conveyed through this. No force or power can control one, unless they themselves break and allow it. Lakshman Rekha doesn’t control Sita by anyway, it is warning line for any asur trying to harm his Ma. As the one who crosses it will decide fate of death for themselves. ???
Ram rushes to his Siya and stunned to hear Lakshman’s voice. Presence of Lakshman with his Siya was the only thing that comforted his heart. Hearing Lakshman’s voice left Ram shattered. Lakshman saw the truth, which he knows in mind, through eyes. Both, Rush towards Siya. They know no one can reach out to Sita with evil form. But, one who knows her Dharam and compassion nature can reach her out in the form that will drag her and put her in situation where she has to cross the cross the Rekha. Siya can never let her tradition or Dharam down even if her life is at stake.????.
Knowing this nature, here comes Ravan disguised as Rishi. Lord shiv and Parvati cry within heart, because for the first time they could not protect their devotee even after knowing the danger that is approaching her and pain that she is going to face. ?
Let’s wait and watch how Ravan makes Siya cross the Rekha..
Jai Siya Ram???

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  1. awesome one di 🙂 I liked the human form and lord form part 🙂

  2. No words to xpress sruthi di its awesome , i really feel “that’s it!! OMG i want still to read”(after reading ur ff)

  3. It is soo nice sister…

  4. Superbb….shruri di r u writing any other ffs????

  5. It’s soo nice sister.Your words make me to feel the true love of ram and siya and lakshman’s respect towards his bhabhi..

  6. Revathi Anandh

    really you are a great writter

  7. I am blessed to have people like all of u around. Thanks for recognising my words. I will be writing till I could do justice to myself. Jai Sita ram

  8. Ya its so nice,I want read it again & again

  9. Hiii shruthi…..I’m blessed to read this article…I think so….

    Thank you yaar….Its really superb…No words to appreciate you…Actually I dont watch mythological shows even being a Ram devotee right from my childhood as I’m interested in reading and hearing Ram kathas written by Mahrishi Valmiki in real rather watching it as drama….It was cox of my grandma but she is no more now…I even wanna read original Valmiki’s Ramayan and First three vedhas except adharvana in this birth.Its my wish….

    Ok,..coming to the point…I came to check another article…By mistake I opened it sorry Lord Rama made me open it….I had tears while reading it…You said it from sita’s point of view…Great job yaar…

    I couldnt agree more of your points but it doesnt stop there..I wanna add One such contrast view of the same to your article….What sita did is wrong…But why she did is the big question than what she did?…Here Mata sita was filled up with love for Ram…this intense love for Ram blinds her eyes and brain…The words she uttered to Lakshman was not from her heart..This we all knew…But being a Mata,She shouldnt use such words to Lakshman even knowing the fact that she dinn mean any….(I dunno what they shown in TV cox u r writting on the basis of serial right…I heard this once in my schooldays from Valmiki version and Kambar version…Dunno about tulsi das though… If we take valmiki and kambar,..Both differ slightlly in this point…I think so…doesnt remember completely..)You wrote to justify MAta’s action…I’m also saying the same thing in different way which will be a add on to your’s

    It has more inner meaning conveyed to this world…Even We humans did the same mistakes many times in our life…If we are behind sth vigorously and desirously…We wanna get it at any cost..If someone comes in midway,We think them as our obstacle..So we try our best to remove this obstacle to reach our destination..Its correct…What’s wrong in it…MAta sita too did the same,…

    But here comes God’s message to us….If you wanna remove that obstacle,you should think the cause for it first and impact of the same…Then,you try to remove it but not thru violence….HEre Sita dinn care for her soul…All she want is to know Rama’s safety…She is the one sent Rama to catch that maareech….Deer….Her mind completely occupied by Rama’s voice…HEr love,Her fear of losing her loved one made her to speak sth like that to Lakshman…As she wants to help Rama…The only way to help him is to send lakshman….LAkshman knew Rama is safe and his conviction too supports his point…Then Why mata sita dinn have that conviction…What happened to her…HEr restlessness and intense love for Ram made her angry…Angry took place her calmness nature…It inturn makes her to utter all those things to lakshman to make him allow her to reach ram or send him to Ram…Her intention is good but her way of reaching is wrong…

    Afterall Lord Lakshmi is in Human form na…So,She have to do all what a normal human will do…When she found LAkshman’s strong stubborn nature,she decided to use her last tool by killing herself…She knew lakshman will defo will accept her proposition then….

    I purely said it considering MAta sita as a normal human…This is the ly mistake she done for which my mata sita suffered a lot….Even she dinn mean anything what she said…Words are powerful arms…One should use it wisely….You shouldnt speak any to get what you want..This lesson is preached by Lord sita…When you are in intense love for sth,if you tend to lose it…The fear in you in lossing it comes out as angry…

    HEre Intense love(+) —->FEar in losing it(+/-) —-> Angry (-) —>

    Rama —> LAkshman ——>Ravan

    See this is the simple formula saying the life’s reality….

    Angry is the utmost NEgative factor…It will definitely leds to destruction…And It wont allow you to think….The result—-?????


    We can make these negative to positve again….But it will take a long time

    like sita mata reached Ram after Ravan’s death.. but it takes few minutes for sita mata to reach Ravan from Ram…

    This is the concept indirectly said by MAta sit ato the world by feeling herself all these things for us….

    P.s.:I have to go offline yaaar…Tqsm for making me think about Rama….I’m not doing Ram puja these days..Have to continue…..Your post remembered me my duties…Once again tq…..Just a another take of the same thing…I dinn complete yet….But going offline…Bye….TC…

    1. This feels really great to read your point of you. How many ways an epic can be viewed and how many lessons we can we can get if seen from different dimensions.
      Thanks for sharing..
      Yes..anger coming out even for love can cause worries and sorrows..

      1. @ shruthi Di can u give symbolism of laxman rekha

        It has more to it than that meets the eye like I heard one say that for bad men we let them cross our maryada and bring about destruction like Sita

        So ur view pls

  10. @ renu Di good point actually my mind gave few reasons like for greater good and ram life was in danger but then nothing was convincing

    The formula for life thanks for it.

    Shruthi Di as always???????

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