Lines from Ram to his Siya
I know…

Waves that touch the feet with much love had to get back to ocean…
Air which caress my face carrying your love have to pass on, in its way..
Sun which rises to get your glimpse has to set everyday..
Moon which yearns for its turn to get your love has to pave way for the sun..
Flowers which blush by your touch have to lose its life one day…
These are worldly truth…
Likewise.. My mind knows.. Somewhere deep inside my soul knows..
Ram has to be away from his Siya to give rebirth to Dharam..
But, heart, for the first time finding it difficult to accept the truth…
It’s the same destiny….that made me feel
Your selfless and unconditional love through Ashwa…
Your compassion nature during the course of stay in Brahmarishi Vishwamitra ashram..
Your staunch nature through swayamvar..
Your boundless knowledge through every second that spent with you..

The moment you placed your hands over mine.. I feel that I hold all happiness and
Blessings of the universe in my hand.. U meant the world to me..
My day will never start without your smile&my night will never end without your loving words
Never tried to get myself out from sinking in your ocean of love..
When our life passed like a beautiful poetry with pleasant music…
There came a day, where I had to fulfil son’s Dharam..
Accepted pita’s curse as mine and mothers wish as blessings with smile and
Without a second thought.. The whole world exclaimed looking at my courage…
But, I know your hands that held me gave that courage and u will never leave me alone..
Stepped along with me – bringing new light to path of womanhood..
Felt heart broken, but you made my heart up again by taking me to new world of love..
Your shower of affection became my medicine…

As I rejuvenate myself, there came more storm – Pita’s death.
Darkness started approaching me. But, you stood all alone dragging me out of the darkness
and reminded my duty as an elder son..
Like a mother who carries her child in her stomach.. You carried me in your heart..
Crossed all hurdles… As u promised, you stood along with me in all hard path..
Now, I could decipher flower’s smile, animals voice, River’s flow and Air’s speed..
All because of the bridge that you laid between me and nature..
Your shoulders are the place of my peace and make me complete..
When I am folding myself in your warmth of love.. When I enjoy the beauty of life to fullest..
Here comes the same destiny… To take me away from you..
Killed many asur, stood stern for Dharam not alone.. You were there within me all
Throughout as my breathe..what would this physical body do without breathe…
I am here helpless… Fate pulls me hard away from you…
I know how painful is this for you ‘FATE’…

Siya.. I am in you and you are in me.. Every cell and nerve of me will tell only – Siya…
The call has come…
This separation is like…

Cutting umbilical cord of baby which connects with Mother.. It’s only physical..
Our love is like an unexplainable soulful eternal connection between a mother and child..
It’s for ever and ever…
You are my courageous Sita.. You have both weapon of love and destruction..
Each inch my hands get separated from you.. Each inch my soul comes closer to you..
Take my heart.. I take yours.. This heart will direct me to you..
Not a drop of tear should shed from your eyes.. If u believe your Raghunanthan
Take all moments with you and relive it.. Before, you reach this point of separation..
I will stand before you..
Don’t get frozen my dear feet.. We will get back to our Siya soon..

For one final time for now… Let me engrave..
The vibrant sindoor which gave me all energy.. Lotus eyes which gave me all warmth..
Smile that gave me refreshment.. Hands that hold me close to your heart..and…
Feet that always showed me the path of Dharam..
Siya Ke Ram now and Forever…❤️❤️

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  1. Article is Speechless….. why is seperation their fate???? ?? This is history but why in such a painful way…. can any element stop this seperation???? why this incident took place…. unable to change what happen cz this is just not a story its a real incident.. but they need to complete their duty… and unfortunely fate took that path for helping the eternal couple complete their duty……??

  2. Superb shruthi di i really love uuuuuur ffs a lot and pls dont forget i m big fan fr u di very very very extrordinary ff

  3. awesome one di 🙂 loved it !

  4. awesome Shruti di…. i have no words…..

  5. Thanks for all the response… Feeling blessed to have u all and humbled ??

  6. Di ..u r just amazing…i am not finding words 2 describe….touched deep inside …i am big fan of ur writing di…pls keep writing …everyday i will be just waiting to read ur write up..

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