‘True love doesn’t mean inseparable, it means being separated and nothing changes’ ??
Parvati Devi whose heart yearned for seeing Ram and Siya Milan, is now wobbling in pain as it is unable to see upcoming separation of her adorable couple. There is always a reason behind every incident of one’s life. Here comes Lord shiv to make world understand the real truth behind the separation.???
Vishnu…Resting in the form of Narayan..
All his pervasive nature symbolised in blue
Gives all happiness to one who sticks to him like glue…

Sky at his background indicates his omnipresence…
Blue coloured body shows his formless and immeasurable existence…
Garland around his neck reminds his devotees love through its fragrance…
Purity of pearl decorating his neck tells his benevolence ..
Crown on head depicts his supreme influence..
Lying over Shesha Nag, who winds up all energy at the end of kalpa(Resting period-Vishnu)
Narayan wakes up becomes Vishnu..
Surrounded by milky ocean – ksheer sagar
Symbols our inner self and consciousness
Conch/shankha : symbols five basic elements origination
Whose sound is the music of creation

Reminds his devotees to practice compassion ?
Sudarsan chakra: to mark the demon’s death
To make people identify eternal truth
Has six spokes to control six season
Lotus(Padma) : stands for Dharma.. Representing Satya .. Symbolising Gyana…?
Gada : Marking mental&physical strength – the primeval force
Represents the individual existence ??
The goddess of health and fortune….Emerged from churning of ksheer Sagar…
With lotus eyes signifies purity and fertility..
Married Narayan and became his energy..
Gets her new birth at the formation of new world..??
‘When two people share a strong bond, No matter what happens the universe will find a way To bring them together’??❤️
Born as Maharishi’s Bhringu’s daughter Bhairavi..
Vishnu descended himself in human form to take his lakshmi back to his Vaikunda..
As eyes meet… Love blossoms..
Finally, Revealed truth to Devi Khyati..
wedding bells started ringing and the heart stated singing…

And there comes clash between Dharam and Adharm..
Dharam has one path one Notion and does not see any relation …
Mother can never stand as hurdle in path of her son..
Devi Khyati gave herself to fulfil her promise and plant the truth and love..
Like all human, Bhargavi drowning in ocean of sadness losing her mother..
Narayan forwards to show that she is the mother of universe and his other half..
Their bond gets stronger and about to step into Union.. Bhargavi becomes Narayan’ lakshmi
When happiness filled everywhere.. There comes Rishi Brighu carrying mourning heart..
Cursed them on separation..but,his daughter’s affection changes his wrong illusion..
Blessing them with reunion after Dharam’s foundation..
Now.. Narayan is in form of Ram and Lakshmi is in form of Lakshmi…

Time has come for their separation as per Rishi Bhringu’s curse..!!
Hands that walked by holding together has to walk alone for Dharam foundation..
Foot that followed one other has to change their path to give peace to world..
But, their hearts that are tied together will never be separated..
Narayan knows this, thus giving link to Mareech by himself revealing Sita’s love for
Swarn Mirgh..
Now Narayan and lakshmi are set for their path..
Here, Mareech takes form of wounded Swarn get Sita’s attention..

Along with nature whole universe harden their hearts to witness heart breaking separation..
Let’s wait and watch… How Ram and Sita are going to take this..
Jai Siya Ram..??????

Credit to: Shruthi

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  1. Awesome shruti di 😉

  2. Truely awesome shruthi di-ur big fan meghs

  3. I am sorry I think it’s bhargavi and not bharavi
    Narayan in the form of ram and Sita in the form of Lakshmi right just check it
    Narayan is great he didn’t do a mistake yet he accepts the curse no one can escape karma and one lesson is we shoul be kind but never support wrong doers like in the case of mata khyati
    And the description shows u are true devotee and u seem to notice symbolism
    Hats off Di
    Jai Siya ram
    God bless u
    And pls don’t thank or say sorry for pointing out if u are my elder sister

    1. Yea Sanjana…correct..will correct it further..

  4. Thanks Nithya and Meghna ??

  5. JAI SIYA RAM !!
    awesome one di 🙂 🙂

  6. once again a very beautiful update shruti di…..

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