‘The superior man, when resting in safety doesn’t forget that danger may come’??
Like eagle, which has the sharpest eyesight, Ram and Lakshman eyes every corner to find out the reason of the abnormal sign of nature. Storm in birds heart as Ravan approaches Ram so closely because they feel the pain that is going to haunt Ram and Sita’s happiness. Not knowing what to do, they rush here and there alerting Ram and Sita.?❤️
‘The less you spend time with truth, the easier is to believe the lie’
Thinking of guiding Ravan, this wicked minded Akampana is planning in wicked way for Ravan himself thinking of guiding in intended path. Wicked mind when being with another wicked mind can never think anything good. ?
‘Make the animal come out of helplessness and then catch it’ – This animal(Ram) will never come out being helpless. His every cell is made up of truth and valour. One who walks in path of truth can never be helpless as the truth,which they stick to even after many distractions, will always be their savior. Even if the one is caught, then the problem is for the one who catches it and they will feel why did they make it come out..??
‘Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make you shine any bright’ and soon Ravan is going to realise it. It is often said that even the person, who is extremely skilful in doing all evil things will definitely leave/miss out some evidence. Ravan and Akampana were very alert full in making the plans but not about the surroundings. Jatayu witnessed arrival of Ravan and rushes to Ram to intimate the same. It couldn’t control itself and started revealing its worries in its own language even before landing down to Ram and Siya ??
The message ‘Ravan has arrived’ reaches Ram’s ear. Not a moment of tension is seen in Ram’s face. His expression is like ‘OK!!! Ram…Gear up…your moment of life has come…The day, where all your blessings and education have to be used intellectually and appropriately.. Take a deep sigh..inhale all the love and March towards Ravan with ur divine smile’????
‘It is when you are acting selflessly… That you are at your bravest’

At one end, Ram is gearing up himself, whereas at the other end Sita is drowning thinking about surpanakha’s curse. It is selfless love, that acts as sole reason behind the glimpse of worries and it vanishes at once by hearing her Ram’s words.❤️
The most important line uttered by Sita at this moment. ‘Till we are together, no danger can reach us’ – True… Even God who plays this game knows this that’s why another route has been chosen by him to distance them from each other keeping mareech as instrumental.?
‘Bad circumstances have a way of ruining things that would otherwise be pleasant’ Mareech would have never thought that he will be put in a circumstance where he had to take up Adharm again in life. His blood boils hearing insult against his family. But, at once it got cooled down and frozen hearing the person behind it – RAM, THE ONE WHO GAVE HIS REBIRTH. Surroundings, peers and circumstances have great impact on ones life. It was the same mareech who was made to walk in Dharm by Ram. Now, the same is being forcefully made to walk in Adharm by Ravan. ??
Giving second chance does not mean that the person is weak and it cannot be given all time. Ram can bear if someone does bad with him, but he can never see anyone trying to harm his Sita. His compassion and kindness have been misunderstood by Mareech. ?
Just for fear of life, Mareech gives out all his Dharam that he has saved till now and takes Adharm in hands, without believing that his Dharam will save him. Carrying all cruel intention of Ravan, Mareech enters Ramsiya’s place. ??
Mareech approached Ram and Sita by thinking how can his intention which is inside his heart can be known to them. But, he forgot that he carries a biggest mirror of his heart – The eyes. Eyes can never lie. It will reveal the truth hidden in heart without words. Anything related to nature can never escape from Sita’s eyes. His feather cloth is caught by Sita. Caught is Mareech..??

Credit to: Shruthi

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