Love is like eternal flame, once it is lit it will continue to burn forever’??
Sita spreads her love all around her Ram through every form of nature. As a step to it, she writes her Ram’s name on every petals of lotus and sends it, as it will echo her Ram’s name in every corner of the world. It looks like she prepares herself as she senses some strange feel of separation deep inside heart. She knows her Ram will suffer without her and these flowers along with other nature will ring sound ‘Ram’ in Sita’s tender voice, which will make Ram move forward with fire in heart preventing him from drowning in sadness. All the lotus petals move quickly towards Ram’s feet with the feeling of missing something even though their beauty has been raised like never before because of Sita’s inscription of ram’s name on it.Ram takes the lotus in his hands and at once gets same feel as lotus and found that ‘siya’ is missing before ram. ??❤️???

‘The purpose of relationship is not to have another complete you. But, to have another with whom to share your completeness’❤️

Ram, alone can purify the world with his truthfulness and compassion. Sita, alone can rejuvenate the world with her love and selfless nature. When they both come together, the land gets its new life and beauty like never before. It’s their togetherness that is doing all these magic. Together they give freedom to thoughts and power to humanity that were blindfolded by some traditions. ???❤️
Brightness of flame cannot be separated from fire
Power in flow cannot be separated from water
Speed in movement cannot be separated from air
Joy of motherhood(carrying us) cannot be separated from land
Limitless expansion(symbolising knowledge) cannot separated from space

Ram and Sita cannot be separated from each other ❤️

Even if these forces change its nature, Ram and Sita love can never be shaken. To show the world, the power of true love God sends Ravan. The person who holds power of three log will never be able to Shake their love.?

‘A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for’?

Sita is safe in Ram’s hands, but that is not she was intended to. Akampana acts as a tool to make Sita walk in her intended path. There, hanuman who is till now seeing Ram outline in rock is now going to see his life face to face soon. And this is going to be possible through Bali and Sugreev misunderstanding. All paths are set.???

Arrows and eyes both are Sharpen to the maximum. Even a slight movement of leaves due to air can’t escape from Ram and Lakshman’s eyes. Amidst all these, what will be the key to reach Ram’s Sita for Ravan? How ravan is going near them?
Let’s wait and watch… Jai Siya Ram ???

Credit to: Shruthi

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  1. Awesome analysis about sita and ram.I really loved it

  2. awesome shruti di…..

  3. A ship in port is safe but that’s not what ships are build for
    I loved this line Di

  4. superb one di 🙂

  5. Awesome lines.. Loved it as it is true and simple..

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