Person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it’??
Ravan who has decided to get away Lord Shiv’s hand is now caught by the hands of Lord Vishnu. Decisions determines ones destiny. Akampana, the crucial factor that sets whole clash between Ram and Ravan enters Ravan’s place. Akampana is described as the one who has wolfs cunning, serpents viciousness and eel’s slipperiness, wicked and more wicked. This wicked person was sent as a spy for Ram, a virtuous person. ???

Lord shiv has always been a staunch support for every step of Ram. Together they fill the world with love and devotion demolishing Adharm. Now, Ram is going to take biggest and the most important step in his life. Till now, Ram has destroyed all the branches of the tree formed by demons. Time has come, where Ram has to shake the root and completely pluck it away. This root is Ravan and therefore Ram goes to Ravan. Lord shiv has come through Dandakaranya people to bless Ram to get all success in his motive.???

Akampana arrives there. Like the saying goes, ‘Appearances are deceptive’ , akampana misinterprets Ram’s ability on first sight. Every instances of Ram’s life seems to be distinct right from birth, education, Tadka vath, Matha Ahiliya Uddhar, marrying Sita,Dhasarath promise and now this Vanvas. But, when these distinct events are joined together, they all march towards one single motive ‘Joining Ram and Ravan’?

‘Three things cannot be hidden for long the sun, the moon and the truth’ . Game of destiny plays harder and make akampana know about the power of Ram from the voice of people. If Ram is born to defeat the source of Adharm – Ravan. Then, Sita is born to be instrumental in this god’s game. It’s already written in Ravan’s fate that a girl will be his reason for death. When Akampana is made to see all the truth about Ram, his eyes and ears are disabled to see and hear the real truth behind Sita, giving false cover as Ram’s weakness. It’s second time, Lanka side is being prevented from seeing the truth. First time, when Ravan’s mother tried to see the girl behind Ravan’s death. Looks like all past incidents are joined.?????

‘For every good reason there is to lie because there is a better reason to tell the truth’
When eyes are being filled with GREED and when word ‘I’ is deeply etched in heart, there is no way in which truth can be seen. One can have such wicked feeling in mind, but when they get to see such divinity, even wicked mind will forget that it has to think in wicked way. This happens with Akampana too. Went thinking about Ravan’s greatness but came back celebrating Ram’s greatness. Telling about ones greatness and potential will never have power to drag Ravan to Ram. Because, unable to hear this praise, Ravan will kill the person rather than facing the one about whom the spy is praising about. ?

‘To admit defeat isn’t failure, it is courage’ and Ravan has not got this courage. This is the point where God brings Sita as instrumental for the meet of Ram and Ravan. The one who is not intrigued by hearing Ram’s greatness is now vigorously triggered by hearing his own defeat – Dhanush swayamvar ?.

Ravan can never accept any defeat and this point has been used against him. Ram and Sita birth motive have been joined together. Ram’s strength has been disguised as Ram’s weakness in front of Ravan’s eyes. Ravan march towards Ram’s strength not Ram’s weakness. For Sita, Ram can turn universe upside down, his strength doubles when there is a trouble for his Siya.Such is their bond.❤️????

Now, Ravan took his life changing decision and his pay back time has commenced. Let’s wait and watch how Ram is going to give Ravan’s karma back
Jai Siya Ram??❤️?

Credit to: Shruthi

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  1. We should never try to change our destiny as it can’t be avoided. This akampana thing made me thinking Di ravan sends a spy and ram sends hanuman can u tell me the difference.
    A spy should find the greatness of enemy but ravan cannot digest the truth
    I really felt like sympathising for him as he calls Sita daasi. Does he think Mahalakshmi can become his daasi?

    1. Akampana is a spy,..Hanuman is not a spy, he was sent to Look for Sita. Thats what since Ravan cannot digest the greatness, that why God has planned to turn his focus on his defeat, as he cannot digest that. Ravan doesn’t know he is bringing Mahalakshmi, as his eyes was covered with greed and power.

      1. Thanks Di I realized hanuman was a messenger

  2. awesome one di ! post next one soon 🙂

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