“Emotions- one which rules human. If one knows how to rule it, one can easily conquer the world” ????
As humans, we are all bound to emotions. Keeping emotions within oneself will give much burden to heart. Emotions are to be poured out. But, one must know to have control over it and must be able to come back to stability even after facing such devastating moments of life. A very important lesson to be learnt from Shree Ram’s life. ????
Only person in the world, to whom one can share all their feelings without any sort of inhibition is their other half – pati/patni. One doesn’t have to hold back emotions that originated deep inside heart. Their hearts are open for each other, it doesn’t expect any formality. All it requires is understanding and respect for each other’s feelings. Ram and Siya are paradigm of such ideal couple.
It is said that ‘ dreams do come true’. But, at times when bad dreams come true, one must really have courage and determination to come out of it. A strong pillar of support is also needed to heal the pain that penetrates deep within heart. Ram has all courage and Siya stood as his pillar of support. God is imposing all tests to them at once, to show the world how one can rule the world if has control over emotions.????
Ram breaks down…. To reduce the burden that he holding in his heart for a long time….
Those tears are not because of fear, but because of guilt that didn’t stand alongside his family. As they move the ladder of life, it is Ram who always pulls them forward when they skid by the game of destiny. When destiny played at high, their Ram was not with them. This was the core reason behind shattered Ram tears. He knows that his family will bear neither a single drop of his tears, nor hear his broken voice. So, Ram kept all his emotions within till now. Hmm.. He is also human, as his heart got overloaded with emotions it just burst out in tears. ?
Sita, can’t see her Ram experiencing even a little burn, how can she see his heart breaking breaking down. Sita holds him strongly with her energising words and brings him back from the hands of grief with her ring of love. She reminds him the presence of his pita everywhere????
Now, Ram has become even more stronger as his pita’s power is added to him. Ram fulfilled his sons duty and now it’s Bharath’s turn to fulfil his duty as brother. As ram got Mukti for Dhasarath, Bharath also wants to get freed from his guilt and that is possible only if accepts to step into Ayodhya back again..??
This entire instance is show the importance of keeping up ones word and if ones path is chosen, one should never step back and brothers selfless love. Ram’s Dharam path is chosen and the way is laid by God. He is nowhere in thinking to head back to Ayodhya, as it is about his pita’s promise, beloved ma wish and kul tradition.
Dharam Sabha- it’s ram’s wish. He can’t hurt Bharath anymore by directly objecting his demand, which was never done before. It is another instance, where the world can understand the real reason behind ram’s objection to come back Amidst all request. Future generation should be clear that righteousness is required for stubbornness in decision. Also to show the Dharam behind ram’s decision.??
The main member of Sabha is Janak, who is apt for this as he sticked to the path of Dharam throughout all instances of his life. Sita’s pitaji has come!!! Must needed shoulder for Siya during this tough time. Her energy is now getting doubled. Gathered all–Bharath all determined to bring ram back at any cost. Each word of him reveals the amount of love he has for his Ram bhaiya. ?
Both Ram and Bharath are extremely oratorical and are placing strong reasons for their side. Ram’s sole reason is to fulfil his promise, follow the path of Dharam and purify world with his warmth and presence. He is apprehensive about the core reason behind this path. Swan is a bird, which has power to separate water from milk as they consume milk. Likewise, Ram has ability to perceive and separate right from wrong that is the sole reason behind his ma decision.
What is the need to serve the world being at van ? One strong question….
What would Ram answer ?? Let’s wait and watch..
Jai Siya Ram???????

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  1. Jst loved wot u said.u described so deeply n simply.wot we cudnt undst frm episode i learnt frm here.n abt emotions u said rite.thx.

    1. Thanks for your time… It means a lot… Jai Shree Ram

  2. Nice analysis dear sruthi
    Can u introduce urself if u don’t mind
    Check out my analysis too

    1. Hai Sanjana.. I am Shruthi from Tamil Nadu.. I have read Urs too.. It was awesome…. Thanks for sharing… I Used to write down in words that I have felt when viewing the episode and thus it came as habit. I thought of sharing with all.

      1. Oh u r from Tamil Nadu dear even I am from Tamil nadu

  3. Wow Shruti its awesome…. I have no words for it…..your writing skills r superb….. The way you convey the hidden meaning is just too good….plz continue writing the analysis for all the episodes…

  4. U r really Making my day dear the words in ur ff is really true father is a composing shoulder for his daughter in tough time i am waiting for ur analysis dear

  5. Thanks a lot.. I am humbled.. I am not sure whether my writing are so good.. But, will try my best for all.. Jai Shree Ram

  6. awesome analysis . keep writing . JAI SHREE RAM 🙂

  7. shruti dear it was amazing, loved it to core , ………………be happy dear……….

  8. Very true di…i loved your analysis 🙂

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