One who wants everything every time will be losing everything anytime’ ??
Kindness, righteousness and politeness are alien to surpanakha. Her pain of being lost and fear of losing again is dragging her to the wrong path and making her stubborn even if right path is shown. She wants to show Ravan her man’s power than enjoying her man’s unconditional love shower. And that’s where she fails in life. \

Moon can never shine brighter than sun. Sun can never be cooler than moon. And surpanakha can never be equal to Sita. Unable to understand these worldly truth, here comes surpanakha in Sita’s avatar. When the entire universe is hypnotised by Ram’s charisma and valor, surpanakha takes fruit to hypnotise Ram. ???
Still ram’s heart has drops of compassion left out for surpanakha. It is not her actions that is gaining Ram’s patience. It is the form she is in – ‘ woman ‘, which is gaining her all chances to change. ??
‘Raghunanthan’ – comes the call. First time, Ram’s waves of love is moving backwards hearing this sound. Her smile fails to calm his heart. Lakshman’s eyes can forget to blink. But, it can never forget to follow and protect his bhabhi’s path. That’s the true bond and devotion. And, Ram knows this!! Ram questions disguised Sita about Lakshman.

‘Face is the index of mind’. Brightness in Sita’s face which has power to brighten the entire universe is missing. Blushing of flowers is not visible. Birds, which rush to get Sita’s love is now remaining silent. All these signs Ram about something fishy happening around. The hands which fasten itself to hold Siya is now frozen and his heart is reluctant to react to her loving words. Confused is Ram!!! Not knowing reason for this unnatural feeling ???
Till now, Ram never questions anything given by hands of his Sita. But of all sudden, he questions her about the fruit, which she is urging to give to Ram. Sita is like smooth waves, but the one here is like rough waves formed due to abnormalities. As Ram’s investigation goes in one side. Ram Ke Siya is rushing even bearing heavy pain to her Dhasarathnanthan. She feels something which is more painful than her wound is going to happen. She can never let any strain on her Ram. Demolishing all her hurdles, comes Ram’s Siya.?

‘Dhasarathnanthan’ – comes the voice for which Ram is yearning. Stunned Ram to see unexpected truth. Wah!!! What a play by destiny. Gloom (surpanakha ) on one side, glow(Siya ) on other side with creator in middle.??
Like a magnet Siya pulls her Ram from the trick of surpanakha. Like the water that gushes out with at most speed when reaches its limit, Ram’s emotions gushes out with fire in both eyes and words. He gets little relief as his Siya is with him, who is known for melting even hard stone. ‘Speak only when you feel that your words are better than silence’ . Finally, Siya breaks her silence and gives her last try, holding ram’s last hope. ????
‘Education is ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity’ . Ram and Siya’s education is making them handle the situation with at most calmness and patience. Whereas, surpanakha’s education is shadowing her mind to accept the truth and take the most wrong step of her life. Ram was shocked to hear surpanakha’s intention to kill his Sita. Even the cruel animal will bend before Sita on hearing her loveable words but surpanakha is becoming more cruel than before. This shows how cruel surpanakha is !!!

As Ram rushes to save his Siya, Lakshman who fumes in anger looking at trouble given by surpanakha to his bhai and bhabhi, took out his knife which has all this anger in it and throws towards surpanakha. It chops her nose off and she screams in pain.???
He cuts her nose as it was the one which tried to take Ram’s breathe from him – Siya. It is said that anger always resides in nose. Anger, which is out of wrong intention with motive to destroy the beautiful nest of love formed by Ram and Sita, resides in her nose and that was being chopped off by Lakshman.⚔????
‘A person who has lots of anger(right intention) inside, definitely loves people more than anyone else can. Because, if red colour indicated anger – then it indicates love too’ . It’s Lakshman devotion and respect for his bhabhi that made him react in this way. Like a shell which protects a pearl, Lakshman protects Ram and Sita. A shell can bear all the heat, but it can never let the pearl inside to experience any heat. ????

‘The supreme act of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting’. According to Sita, a blood can never be an answer for another shed of blood. Like a mother, who worries for well being of the child. Sita worried for the outcome of Lakshman’s action. There, Ram smashes out all the asur with ease. Here, alert of surpanakha that bad times head towards Ram and Lakshman, is troubling the Sita’s heart. ??

‘I can do things you cannot. You can do things that i cannot. But, together we can do great things ‘. Like mothers voice which has all power to bring calmness to heart. Only, Ram’s voice has all power to heal broken Sita. Asur or fear, only Ram has ability to smash it out. Ram’s warmth cools her heart and brings her smile back.?

PEOPLE WHO CREATE THEIR OWN DRAMA, DESERVE THEIR OWN KARMA. Surpanakha who got pay back for her karma is now provoking Ravan to go to Ram, to get pay for his karma.
Here starts Ravan’s journey towards Ram!!!??

Jai Siya Ram???

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    I loved that line
    And I love ur comparison with nature
    Jai siya ram
    Cont Di and when it is once in 2 epi it is too good and many people had doubt in comments page if ram coudnt identify that it was not Sita and am sure ur detailed analysis will clear their doubt
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