As long as greedy is stronger than compassion. There will always be suffering” ??
Nature trying at its best…
To alert Ram and Siya about the future test..
Knowing vigilant nature of Ram…
There comes asur to divert Ram to life changing storm..
Came is the moment which is going to bring world out of darkness…
As a sign of that, Diya shines in brightness ???
“External beauty is more valuable when it covers inner beauty” ?
Not knowing this surpanakha walks to Ram,beautifying herself externally..??
As she approaches Ram, he could sense…. ‘ Negativity from anklet sound… Misfortune from Bangles voice.. Discomfort in movement of ear ring… Greedy in eyes.. Impure thoughts in heart..jealousy in mind’ . Finally, revealed her unachievable dream. Shocked is Ram to see his Sita’s words coming every time. ?

Garland which walks before Sita, to adorn Ram, each time Siya brings is moving back, as it doesn’t want to reach Ram from hands responsible for many sins.???
Broad shoulders of Ram – can carry garland from Siya and hearts carrying pure love and innocence. But, the heart standing before is responsible for mourning of many innocent hearts.??
Dreamt of flying in air in Ram’s love. But, witnessing her dream flying away in the form of garland, in front of her eyes. Ram and Siya are integral. Though seems to be appearing separately in two different forms, they are one in other. His every cell is made of Sita’s love.
As, whole universe survive by breathing Ram and Siya’s love. Ram survive by breathing his Siya’s love. Ram can stop breathing, if any one tries to get into in to his Siya’s love which he his taking in as life line. Ram tries his best to open her eyes envisioned wrong dream and aiming wrong path.????
‘Waking up one who is sleeping is easy. But, waking up one who is pretending to sleep is impossible’. Knowing this Ram walks away with final warning ??

‘One’s character is symbol of their brought up’ – it’s Ram’s brought up that is letting him giving chances to surpanakha. But, it is surpanakha’s brought up that is not letting her see the truth. Worries in Ram’s face, all because he has promised Sita, that he won’t hurt her at any point. Surpanakha incident worries him as it can hurt her.?
Ram thinks that he has stopped the storm that was about to trouble them. But, he doesn’t imagine that surpanakha will be like waves in ocean, which comes back again and again. If surpanakha is like ocean waves, marching forward to them to break their love, then Ram is like sands of ocean who sticks to Siya and stay throughout her journey life.???
Now, to show herself as good, she makes first attempt to call as Raghunanthan instead of Ram as a sign of giving respect and secondly, understanding greedy and jealous can never win over Ram, she tries to throw ring of love to get his love ???
But, Ram is like swan. Swan has ability to separate water from milk. Likewise, Ram has ability to separate pure and greedy love. Thus, failing her attempt. ?

‘Rise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers not the thunder’. By trying to prove her heart is pure, surpanakha is again and again proving her impure and disrespect nature. Ram even though fights with Ravan, he neither insults him nor bad mouth about him. But, surpanakha being his sister is ready to even kill him. This shows her true colour and intention to Ram. ?
‘Love is not a thing to be bought. It should come out naturally not forcefully’. For a person, who thinks love as thing and not as feeling – this is the right lesson given by ram. Failed in all tries and surpanakha goes in despair. ???
Sita… Sita… Sita.. What is so special about her, that makes Ram sink in her love completely? But, the answer given by Siya is unreachable for surpanakha. ‘TRUST’ – which she has lost before itself. ??
‘ clarity in thoughts, honesty in every cell, compassion in each Nerve, truthfulness in soul’ – can all these be obtained by dressing up like Siya ? True colours can’t be hidden by wearing any coloured dress. Given is her final warning by Ram. ‘Respect is one who deserve it, not for the one who demands it’???

Let’s wait and watch the next play by destiny in Ram’s life..??
Jai Sita Ram…???❤️

Credit to: Shruthi

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  1. AWESOME ONE ! loved it 🙂 Jai Siya Ram

  2. wow shruti di its awesome….

  3. I didn’t get it
    Shocked is ram to see Sitas words coming every time

    Impressive analysis???

    1. Sorry Sanjana… Small correction
      Thanks for pointing it out..??

      1. Thanks for clearing my doubt Di
        And most welcome
        So u mean Sita predicted this will happen and it happened as shown in Skr

  4. Yea.. If u had observed each time the nature will indicate her the future happening…this time also Sita gets indication when seeing surpanakha in lake

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