Stepped in to earth as light…
To make the lives bright…
To set path of humans right…
To fill the world with delight…????
ASHWA – he provoked minds to have thoughts with dignity
TADKA – he taught us intrepidity
MAREECHA – he taught even evil heart can be changed with benignity
MATA AHALIYA – he taught us to have sense of humanity ??❤️
Ploughing fields – he reminded our rich tradition
Lifting Dhanush – he showed power of true devotion
Respecting women’s feelings – he lights up path of women’s Liberty
‘SIYA KE RAM’ moment – he redefined equality????❤️?
Together, filled every corner of world with love.
His arrow which Overtakes light in speed,
gives life for one with heart of purity and takes life of one with heart of filthy??
Took father’s promise with allegiance
Mother’s words as his life guidance
Stepped into the world of challenges and hardship…
Keeping Siya as his source of breadth and Lakshman as source of strength..????
Carried only truth and determination as possession
Crossed all life demanding intervention
Changed lives of people with his affection
And now, the land gets its rejuvenation ??❤️
People get either Mukti or sink in their Bhakti…??
This moment, he stands in core point of his existence
With staunch persistence????
Holding all learnings and blessings in abundance
Here, comes Ram to Ravan… It’s Ram’s play..
Huge step where ‘ Truth and devotion’ is going to get its rebirth over ‘Falsity and greedy’
With eyes of hope …
By Standing one among people, who dream to be under Ram’s realm
Here, I pay my salutations to you
Jai Shree Ram??

Credit to: Shruthi

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  1. Nice one.

  2. As usual u rocked shruti di i really love the way u write hatsoff to u continue writing……suprrrrr analysis

  3. Sorry dearies..
    It’s Sita breathe,.
    Just now noticed

    1. Can I ask u something are u saishruthi and ur analysis was posted in Skr official Twitter page na
      Di great work I always read urs but never comment nowadays but today it’s really good
      It’s shows true devotion and ur English use of vocabulary is really good
      Pls cont whenever possible but never quit and Di I hope ur in chennai ila and how is work it’s all good I hope
      God bless u keep smiling?
      Loads of love sis ❤️❤️❤️
      U are really good at this u are really an asset for us
      Jai siya ram and
      Hats off for ur humility too Di
      Ur life will be colourful

      1. Thanks Sanjana … Yea it’s me who post write up in Twitter..?..
        Yea in chennai and work is going well..
        Humbled by all your love and it’s the motivating factor fr me nothing else..
        Let Lord gives all happiness to all beautiful souls like u here
        Jai Siya Ram

      2. Thanx Di and yes Skr itself it’s a motivation but I have stopped analysis due to studies not getting my time but will continue to read yours
        Hope u see my comment

  4. Shruti di its awesome….. according ro me the best one till now…. plz continue writing such analysis…..

  5. awesome one di you are the best 🙂 JAI SHREE RAM

  6. Awwweesome di…plz continue writing …the best analysis i have ever read

  7. Thanks for all the wishes…it motivates me…??

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