The two most important days in ones life is the day you are born and the day you find out why?’ ??

Ram is brought to the important point of his life. This is the moment from which his path towards birth motive will commence and the moment when Kaikeyi ma sacrifice will get its meaning. Looks like a Ramayan solar system now where Ram as sun and Sita,Kaikeyi, mantra,Dhasarath,Lakshman,Ravan,surpanakha and hanuman are like 8 planets that revolve around sun and they together form the source of existence of human. ??

As the lake is eagerly waiting for Siya, they are surprised to see Ram walking towards them. Their excitement reached to peak and they move here and there not knowing what to do!! With full happiness, they all rush to Ram. And it looks there happens a mini competition within them, like who will get that blessing of being plucked by Ram?? Their happiness is seen in their face as they become RED??❤️?

With all love, Ram started plucking flowers. Carrying unachievable dream, there comes surpanakha. She misinterprets game of destiny. Without knowing that she is going to be get paid for all the sins, she silently admires Ram.??

One’s action will reveal who the person really is ! Ram’s head can turn only for his Sita – his love. No need words or sound, Ram’s head will automatically turn to the way where Sita is, he will never turn for any other woman in the world. Ram is very keen in the work given by his Sita and doesn’t even feel of being noticed as he becomes one with Sita’s love – nature and conveying all love of Siya to them. This shows how his ideal way of living ??

So it is no way possible for destiny to divert Ram. Thus, it gives an idea to surpanakha – because whatever is meant to happen will happen somehow. A true warrior can never see anyone in danger. Knowing this surpanakha acts like getting drowned to somehow get Ram’s attention. ???

Yes!!! Finally as planned by destiny, Ram turns. Now the every single being, nature which is witnessing the play are frozen in curiosity to know how Ram is going to save surpanakha. No wonder !!! He didn’t move a bit, instead he moved all the water away to save her. Ram’s hand an only hold his Sita and to people with pure heart. Just a single glimpse is enough for Ram to understand a person and their motive. He could differentiate the voice who is in real danger and who is willingly put themselves in danger. ???

But, still she is an woman and he is an ideal man of respect. Thus, saves her in his own way and indirectly telling surpanakha that her dream can never be achieved. Wrong calculations in life can lead to wrong results. Without knowing this, she approaches Ram and asks about him. It is very evident that there is a difference in the way Ram handled surpanakha. ??

Before, when people bowed down and praised him for saving their life, he comforted them with all his love. But, when the same way surpanakha praises his valour, Ram stood unmoved and stern. He knows the difference between heart of innocent people and heart of greed ??

It’s not love, all she wanted is to prove that she got someone who is fearless and strong like her brother Ravan. Her intention was very clear when she questions about Ravan. But, Ram doesn’t give any chance to make her intention win. ‘What do you think about Ravan? ‘ asks surpanakha… ‘Nothing’ replies Ram… Such an epic reply?????

‘Warriors do not win victories by beating their heads against the walls, but by overtaking the walls. Warriors jump over the walls, they do not demolish them’ – Ram proves to be the great warrior, but respecting Ravan and doesn’t bad mouth about him. Ram indirectly warns surpanakha in two ways – one explaining about deeds – one’s deed gets their reward and second warning about jungle problems. ?????

Surpanakha touches ram’s feet when picking up flowers that were fallen – guess!! This will reduce the reward that is awaiting for her Sins.?????

Ram comes back to his Sita. Sita can understand every minute change in nature and has strong bond with them. Nature, which witnessed all the play would have hinted about it to her. Now, Siya knows something is wrong and enquirers Ram. Is the woman so beautiful ? Asks Siya, not out of possessiveness, but to figure out the intention and future challenge that is going to approach him. As a woman can only understand another woman’s heart. Siya almost figured out the real intention just by hearing the situation, that woman has fallen in love with Ram and alerts Ram about it in a intelligent way – ‘I don’t have any problem till she remains in Limit’????

Nature again signs Siya about future mishap through dry flowers. At every instance of their life nature has always been a strong support for her. ‘ love nature and nature will love u back’. It is not the lotus which Ram loves. It’s love for Siya that brought him to lake – a compete misinterpretation. Lakshman accompanies Siya to take lotus from lake. Surpanakha too approaches there. Now, the natures daughter is going to face demons daughter.
What awaits them? Let’s wait and watch… Jai Siya Ram ???

Credit to: Shruthi

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