‘Righteousness is the status achieved through divine intervention and human obedience ‘

It’s water Dharam to sink the one who enters into it. It’s fire Dharam to hurt the one who touches it. So as its woman’s Dharam to burn the one just by eyes, as it is more powerful than any weapon, if being disrespected and Sita does that.???
“Desire for soil… Desire for woman… Desire for wealth…” – when these desires takes over in ones mind, then no force in the world can save the ones life from being ruined. Desire for women – prevents Jayant from seeing the real power of Ram and Sita. If a person stands by holding heaps of courage and determination, even without holding a single weapon, then he must be the one who is stronger than all weapon, which Jayant failed to understand???

As the saying goes, ‘Anything could be a tool for good craftsman’ . Ram takes little grass in hand. He closes his eyes and opens everyone’s eye by indirectly telling – ‘ A wise man can make tools what comes in hand’. It’s the power of love, power of truth. Now, it is no more a grass. Like the way Ram strings the bow in his hands, he strings the grass in his palm and releases just by air from mouth. Wonder!! Is his every nerve, parts of the body is weapon itself?? It is as powerful as the arrow that comes out of Ram’s bow and chases Jayant.Only nature has power to stop its own-self. Likewise only Ram can stop his own arrow and finally Jayant understands power of woman and righteous man. ?????

Lakshman will not allow even air to reach Sita, without his permission. Such disrespectful act by Jayant to his bhabhi, who is equal to his mother – he erupts like a volcano. ‘ Anger, does not solve anything, it builds nothing, but it can destroy everything’ – Sita understands this truth and thus tries to calm her son Lakshman, each time his anger overtakes him. Her voice has that power. Once stringed the arrow, it has be to be sent and Lakshman aims in different direction and release it. ?????

Jayanth finally takes correct decision and seeks forgiveness, uses his second chance in proper way. So, Ram has promised his Siya that he will never attack the one who changes their mind when given second chance. Therefore, he decides not to punish by his own hand. But, the action which jayant did can’t be forgiven so easily. ?⚔

Ram knows, if this is forgiven without any punishment then it will create wrong impact in the minds of people. As men can take women for granted, disrespect her and finally covers it up with an apology. Ram, who stands as light house for guiding the ships – we people in correct path, knows this and asks Jayant to punish himself. It’s the eyes which did the crime. So, the remedy for this crime is his eyes itself. Ram – Paradigm of JUSTICE ???

Now, Ram started sensing danger for Sita. He knows only shield of love can hold her. So, he builds his own shield of love by her own thought – ‘ Man and women are equal’ and thus takes all responsibility of house. Both ram and Siya are equally Intellectual and oratorical. Sita promised Ram that she will not create any sense of worry for him. She is Ardhangani of man who stands for the promise made and how can Siya be different? She nods her head..❤️❤️

Here, surpanakha gets into unachievable dream. As, she wears her ornaments, she thinks of Ram.??.
NECKLACE: Ram wears people’s love as neck chain, whereas Surpanakha wears people curse and mourn as necklace.
EARRING : Ram wears it to the ear which opens only for Dharam and truth. Whereas, surpanakha wears it to the ear which opens only for Adharam and falsity.

SMILE : Ram wears the smile that brings calmness to stormy mind. Whereas, Surpanakha wears it to agitate storm in calm mind.
TILAK: Ram’s Tilak stands for truth, love and compassion. Whereas, surpanakha’s Tilak stands for greed, ego and callous.
Her reflection in water symbolises that lotus eyed man Ram’s life is going to be changed by the greedy eyed woman – surpanakha ??
The challenge is just one step away for them – Jai Shree Ram ???

Credit to: Shruthi

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